Definition of Pandemic:

  1. An outbreak of a pandemic disease.

  2. Spanning a wide coverage area.

  3. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

  4. Medical epidemic that has reached large proportions in a short time period. HIV is one disease that has reached pandemic proportions.

Synonyms of Pandemic

Disease, Sickness, Widespread, Prevalent, Pervasive, Rife, Rampant, Epidemic, Ambulatory plague, Average, Besetting, Black death, Black plague, Bubonic plague, Catching, Cellulocutaneous plague, Common, Communicable, Contagious, Current, Defervescing plague, Dominant, Endemic, Epidemial, Epidemic, Epiphytotic, Epizootic, Glandular plague, Hemorrhagic plague, Infectious, Infective, Inoculable, Larval plague, Murrain, Normal, Ordinary, Pandemia, Pest, Pesthole, Pestiferous, Pestilence, Pestilential, Plague, Plague spot, Pneumonic plague, Popular, Predominant, Predominating, Premonitory plague, Prevailing, Prevalent, Rampant, Regnant, Reigning, Rife, Routine, Ruling, Running, Scourge, Septicemic plague, Siderating plague, Sporadic, Spreading, Standard, Stereotyped, Taking, Tuberculosis, Usual, White plague, Zymotic

How to use Pandemic in a sentence?

  1. Sars has revealed much about the way a pandemic illness can affect modern society - with massive consequences.
  2. The results may have been skewed by an influenza pandemic.

Meaning of Pandemic & Pandemic Definition

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