Definition of Document:

  1. Something tangible that records communication or facts with the help of marks, words, or symbols. A document serves to establish one or several facts, and can be relied upon as a proof thereof. Generally speaking, documents function as evidence of intentions, whereas records function as evidence of activities.

Synonyms of Document

Adduce, Affirm, Anatomize, Archives, Article, Atomize, Attest, Authenticate, Autograph, Back, Back up, Bear out, Blank, Bolster, Brainchild, Buttress, Call to mind, Certificate, Certify, Chirograph, Chronicle, Circumstantiate, Cite, Cite a particular, Composition, Computer printout, Confirm, Copy, Corroborate, Demonstrate, Descend to particulars, Describe, Detail, Docket, Dossier, Draft, Edited version, Engrossment, Enter into detail, Essay, Evidence, Example, Exemplify, Fair copy, Fiction, File, Final draft, Finished version, First draft, Flimsy, Form, Fortify, Give a for-instance, Give full particulars, Holograph, Illustrate, Instance, Instrument, Itemize, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Letter, Literae scriptae, Literary artefact, Literary production, Literature, Lucubration, Manuscript, Matter, Monument, Name, Nonfiction, Official document, Opus, Original, Paper, Papers, Parchment, Particularize, Penscript, Personal file, Piece, Piece of writing, Play, Poem, Printed matter, Printout, Probate, Production, Prove, Quote, Ratify, Reading matter, Recension, Record, Reinforce, Report, Roll, Screed, Scrip, Script, Scrive, Scroll, Second draft, Specify, Spell out, Strengthen, Substantiate, Support, Sustain, Testimony, The written word, Transcript, Transcription, Typescript, Undergird, Uphold, Validate, Verify, Version, Warrant, Work, Writ, Writing

How to use Document in a sentence?

  1. I uploaded the required document to the website, now I am waiting for it to be confirmed,I should receive an email soon.
  2. I uploaded the required document to the website, now I am waiting for it to be confirmed,I should receive an email soon.
  3. Rupert knew he had to destroy the evidence pertaining to the fraudulent land deal, so he stayed up all night frantically stuffing every last incriminating document through the shredder.

Meaning of Document & Document Definition

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