Phone numbers to call

Do you have an idea that there are numbers you can call when you stall exhausted or out at home? These are contacts that utilization redundancies or letters to be critical or enlighten a word. Such contact subtleties add a singular touch and make fascinating numbers to trick call to have a suffering impression. A few organizations have amusing 1800 numbers to trick call. There are various telephone numbers all around the world which shift in their essential employments. There are close to home numbers, crisis numbers, and computerized message numbers among other valuable ones.

Phone numbers to call

There are various telephone numbers all around the world which shift in their essential employments. There are close to home numbers, crisis numbers, and robotized message numbers among other helpful ones. In any case, there are additionally some lovely abnormal, weird, and interesting numbers to call when you really wanted to triumph when it’s all said and done, trick your companions, or carry a grin to your face.

Rundown is the list of dailing numbers for call as a fun factor:

Sr. Funny numbers to dail
1. 1-888-447-5594
2. 212-479-7990:
3. 605–475–6973
4. (914) 737-9938
5. 605-475-6959
6. 1-603-413-4124
7. (858) 651-5050

Where and how would you get these interesting numbers to call? Indeed, in this aide, you will find the top telephone numbers to call at whatever point you feel exhausted. The messages on the opposite side of the call range from hilarious brief tales to weird phone messages.

The best amusing numbers to call Here is a glance at some interesting telephone numbers to call.


Calling Santa Ever considered connecting with Santa months before the Christmas time frame? Indeed, this line permits you to converse with the man accountable for choosing who gets what for Christmas. By dialing 1-603-413-4124, one can reach out to Santa. Clearly, the telephone number doesn’t connect you to Santa, yet giving it off to somebody as a joke is the most ideal way of guaranteeing they don’t contact you once more.

Additionally, this is one of the most mind-blowing telephone numbers to trick call with your companions. Cause one of your pals to accept that you have their crush’s contact and have them call Santa’s line all things considered.


Harry Potter’s contact This one is for the Harry Potter Universe fans. In case you are looking for induction into the mythical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then, at that point, dial this line. From the principal digits of the contact, it appears to be that the confirmation office is situated in South Dakota, yet hello, the area doesn’t make any difference currently, isn’t that right?

The voice on the opposite side of the call will give you data identified with finding the incredible stage 9¾, just as your confirmation subtleties.

(858) 651-5050:

Excellent expressions When searching for irregular telephone numbers to call, it doesn’t get crazier than this one. Dialing this line permits you to pay attention to what in particular seems like the most very much idea sonnet at any point composed. The voices incorporate various expressions spoken by female and male speakers which all strong incredibly great.

The expressions’ excellence lies less in their implications and more in the progression of words. You will be astounded to discover that the sentences are known as ‘Harvard Sentences’ and that they were first presented in 1969 by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

The foundation suggested these expressions for discourse quality estimation when there was a need to test different sorts of commotion for military correspondences during the conflict.


Things could really be more awful This is one of the most incredible dial a joke telephone numbers. Do you think you are having a terrible day? You can take comfort in realizing that things could really be a lot of more awful. Call the ‘It could generally {} more’ hotline that will lift your spirits (or perhaps aggravate it?) by letting you know how it could generally {} more.


The awful breath notice hotline Have you at any point met somebody that, on first look, appears to be an optimal mate however when they open their mouth and start talking, a mind blowing scent comes from their mouth? While it is never encouraged to be impolite, giving them trick telephone numbers that let them know what you couldn’t is the most ideal approach.

By having them dial 605-475-6959, they will be coordinated to the terrible breath warning hotline. While this individual couldn’t score a second date with you, possibly that reminder could be what changes their breath until the end of time.

(914) 737-9938:

Comical declaration test This Westchester County, New York telephone line is basically worth dialing for the diverting message that says “This a CPTA declaration test. Uh, I don’t have a clue what it should say; I am not excessively worried about it. Along these lines, on the off chance that anybody gets this simply ignore it, alright, and hang up.”


How to choose whether you are calm Are you unfit to tell whether you are intoxicated or calm? (that ought to be a clue in itself.) Feel allowed to enroll the assistance of the Sobriety Test hotline. This apparently arbitrary telephone number will lead you to a bunch of exceptionally logical inquiries to assist with measuring your temperance.


Stop griping Do you know somebody who is unendingly grumbling with regards to their fashionable issues? Crying and moaning, discourteously? Do you know somebody who frantically needs some point of view throughout everyday life? This is one of those image numbers implied only for them.

The voice on the opposite side of this line assists one with liking their life by telling them that others are having it much more regrettable. The whole cycle is very comical as well, making this one of the most entertaining yet to some degree helpful trick numbers

212-479-7990: You have been dismissed

You met an intriguing new individual, requested their telephone number, and got it. In any case, when you called, it was not them on the line. It was the Rejection Hotline. Oof! Here is the message you’ll get, “Hi! This isn’t the individual you were attempting to call. You’ve arrived at the Rejection Hotline.”

The voice proceeds to clarify in terrible detail the numerous potential reasons you may have been dismissed. How remorseless, however shrewd. It began in Atlanta in 2001, and presently there are more than 30 urban communities with Rejection Hotline telephone numbers. Furthermore, the hotline is really occupied! Every city moves past 50,000 calls per month.

The site’s proprietors say they exist as a public help to both the rejector and the rejectee. For the individual who would not like to give their telephone number, it’s a simple way of escaping an awkward circumstance. What’s more, for the individual being dismissed, they are saved public embarrassment.

1-888-447-5594: Epic discourse

This keep going section on the trick call numbers list is one that is somewhat out of the container. These digits are an Easter Egg line for the closure of the computer game God of War. It contains an epic discourse with appearances from the game’s maker.

The above assortment of amusing numbers to call will without a doubt lift your mind-sets when you are exhausted or stuck some place. While a couple of them are fairly valuable, most appear to have been made for no reason in particular.


There are various telephone numbers all around the world which fluctuate in their essential employments. There are close to home numbers, crisis numbers, and mechanized message numbers among other helpful ones. In any case, there are likewise some beautiful unusual, weird, and entertaining numbers to call when you wanted to triumph when it’s all said and done, trick your companions, or carry a grin to your face.

Telephone number

A telephone number fills in as a location for exchanging telephone calls utilizing an arrangement of objective code steering. Telephone numbers are entered or dialed by a calling party on the starting telephone set, which communicates the grouping of digits during the time spent motioning to a telephone trade.

The trade finishes the call either to another locally associated supporter or through the PSTN to the called party. Telephone numbers are relegated inside the structure of a public or territorial telephone numbering plan to endorsers by telephone administration administrators, which might be business substances, state-controlled organizations, or other telecom industry affiliations.

Telephone numbers were first utilized in 1879 in Lowell, Massachusetts, when they substituted the solicitation for endorser names by callers interfacing with the switchboard administrator.

Throughout telephone history, telephone numbers had different lengths and arranges, and surprisingly remembered most letters of the letter set for driving positions when telephone trade names were in like manner use until the 1960s.

Telephone numbers are regularly focused combination with other flagging code arrangements, for example, vertical assistance codes, to summon exceptional telephone administration highlights.

The concept and philosophy of telephone number is given downward:

Concept and philosophy

At the point when telephone numbers were first utilized they were extremely short, from one to three digits, and were imparted ■■■■■■ to a switchboard administrator while starting a call.

As telephone frameworks have developed and interconnected to envelop overall correspondence, telephone numbers have become longer. Notwithstanding telephones, they have been utilized to get to different gadgets, like PC modems, pagers, and fax machines.

With landlines, modems and pagers dropping out of utilization for all-advanced consistently associated broadband Internet and cell phones, telephone numbers are currently frequently utilized by information just cell gadgets, like some tablet PCs, computerized TVs, computer game regulators, and portable areas of interest.

On which it isn’t even imaginable to settle on or acknowledge a decision. The number contains the data important to distinguish extraordinarily the planned endpoint for the telephone call.

Each such endpoint should include a one of a kind number inside the public exchanged telephone network – Most nations utilize fixed-length numbers (for ordinary lines in any event) and subsequently the number of endpoints decides the important length of the telephone number.

It is likewise feasible for every endorser of have a bunch of more limited numbers for the endpoints regularly utilized. These “shorthand” or “speed calling” numbers are automatically meant remarkable telephone numbers before the call can be associated.

Some uncommon administrations have their own short numbers (e.g., 1-1-9, 9-1-1,1-0-0, 1-0-1, 1-0-2, 0-0-0, 9-9-9, 1-1-1, and 1-1-2 being the Emergency Services numbers for China, Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Sri Lanka; Canada and the United States; ■■■■■■ (Police); ■■■■■■ (Paramedic); ■■■■■■ (Fire); Australia; the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates;

Morocco, Macao, Bahrain, Qatar, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Trinidad, Tobago, New Zealand, Kuwait, the European Union and the Philippines separately.)

The dialing plan in certain spaces licenses dialing numbers in the neighborhood calling region without utilizing region code or city code prefixes. For instance, a telephone number in North America comprises of a three-digit region code, a three-digit focal office code, and four digits for the line number.

In the event that the region has no region code overlays or on the other hand if the supplier permits it, seven-digit dialing might be admissible for calls inside the space, however a few regions have carried out compulsory ten-digit dialing.

Other extraordinary telephone numbers are utilized for high-limit numbers with a few telephone circuits, typically a solicitation line to a radio broadcast where handfuls or even many callers might be attempting to call in on the double, for example, for a challenge.

For every huge metro region, these lines will have a similar prefix, (for example, 404-741-xxxx in Atlanta and 305-550-xxxx in Miami), the last digits typically relating to the station’s recurrence, callsign, or moniker.

In the global telephone organization, the configuration of telephone numbers is normalized by ITU-T proposal E.164. This code determines that the whole number ought to be 15 digits or more limited, and start with a nation prefix.

For most nations, this is trailed by a space code or city code and the supporter number, which may comprise of the code for a specific telephone trade. ITU-T suggestion E.123 depicts how to address a global telephone number recorded as a hard copy or print, beginning with an or more sign (“+”) and the nation code.

When calling a worldwide number from a landline telephone, the + should be supplanted with the global call prefix picked by the country the call is being produced using. Numerous cell phones permit the + to be entered straightforwardly, by squeezing and holding the “0” for GSM telephones, or now and then “*” for CDMA telephones.

The 3GPP norms for versatile organizations give a BCD-encoded field of ten bytes for the telephone number (“Dialing Number/SCC String”).

The global call prefix or “+” isn’t considered it encodes a worth in a different byte (TON/NPI - kind of number/numbering plan distinguishing proof). Assuming the MSISDN is longer than 20 digits, extra digits are encoded into augmentation blocks (EFEXT1) each having a BCD-encoded field of 11 bytes.

This plan permits to expand the endorser number with a limit of 20 digits by extra capacity esteems to control network administrations. With regards to ISDN the capacity esteems were straightforwardly moved in a BCD-encoded field with a limit of 20 Bytes named “ISDN Subaddress”.

The configuration and designation of neighborhood telephone numbers are constrained by every country’s individual government, either straightforwardly or by supported associations (like NANPA in the US or CNAC in Canada). In the United States, each state’s public help bonus manages, as does the Federal Communications Commission.

In Canada, what has a similar nation code with the U.S. (because of Bell Canada’s past possession by the U.S.- based Bell System), guideline is basically through the Canadian Radio-TV and Telecommunications Commission.

Neighborhood number convenientce (LNP) permits an endorser of solicitation moving a current telephone number to another telephone specialist organization. Number versatility generally has geographic constraints, for example, a current nearby telephone organization simply having the option to port to a contender inside a similar rate community.

Portable transporters might have a lot bigger market regions, and can relegate or acknowledge numbers from any space inside the district. In many telephone organizations, phone telephone numbers are in coordinated in prefix ranges unmistakable from land line administration, which works on versatile number transportability, even between transporters.

Inside most North American rate places, neighborhood wireline calls are free, while calls to everything except a couple of adjacent rate communities are viewed as significant distance and cause cost expenses. In a couple of huge US urban areas, just as many focuses outside North America, neighborhood calls are not level evaluated or “free” of course.


History of Telephone numbers starts from united states of America, as written below:

United States

In the last part of the 1870s, the Bell interests began using their patent with a rental plan, in which they would lease their instruments to individual clients who might contract with different providers to associate them; for instance from home to office to processing plant.

Western Union and the Bell organization both before long understood that a membership administration would be more productive, with the innovation of the telephone switchboard or focal office.

Such an office was staffed by a the administrator calls by close to home names. Some have contended that utilization of the telephone changed the actual design of American urban communities.

The last piece of 1879 and the early piece of 1880 saw the principal utilization of telephone numbers at Lowell, Massachusetts. During a pestilence of measles, the doctor, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker, expected that Lowell’s four telephone administrators may all capitulate to disorder and achieve loss of motion of telephone administration. He suggested the utilization of numbers for calling Lowell’s in excess of 200 supporters so that substitute administrators may be all the more effectively prepared in such a crisis.

Parker was persuaded of the telephone’s latent capacity, started purchasing stock, and by 1883 he was one of the biggest individual investors in both the American Telephone Company and the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Indeed, even after the task of numbers, administrators actually associated most calls into the mid twentieth century: “Hi, Central. Get me Underwood-342.” Connecting through administrators or “Focal” was the standard until mechanical direct-dialing of numbers turned out to be more normal during the 1920s.

In country regions with magneto wrench telephones associated with partisan loyalties, the nearby telephone number comprised of the line number in addition to the ringing example of the endorser.

To dial a number, for example, “3R122” implied making a solicitation to the administrator the outsider line (if settling on a decision off your own neighborhood one), trailed by turning the telephone’s wrench once, a brief delay, then, at that point, twice and twice once more.

Likewise normal was a code of long and short rings, so one party’s call may be motioned by two aches and one more’s by two aches followed by a short. It was normal to have over twelve ring rhythms (and supporters) on one line.

History of Telephones onward from 1920

In the most spaces of North America, telephone numbers in metropolitan networks comprised of a mix of digits and letters, beginning during the 1920s until the 1960s. Letters were meant dialed digits, a planning that was shown straightforwardly on the telephone dial.

Every one of the digits 2 to 9, and now and then 0, compared to a gathering of typically three letters.

The main a few letters of a telephone number showed the trade name, for instance, EDgewood and IVanhoe, and were trailed by 5 or 4 digits.

The impediments that these framework introduced as far as usable names that were not difficult to recognize and spell, and the requirement for an exhaustive numbering plan that empowered direct-distance dialing, prompted the presentation of all-number dialing during the 1960s.

The utilization of numbers beginning in 555-(KLondike-5) to address anecdotal numbers in U.S. motion pictures, TV, and writing began in this period. The “555” prefix was held for telephone organization use and was just reliably utilized for registry help (data), being “555–1212” for the neighborhood.

An endeavor to dial a 555 number from a film in reality will consistently bring about a blunder message when dialed from a telephone in the United States.

This diminishes the probability of aggravation calls. QUincy(5–5555) was likewise utilized, in light of the fact that there was no Q accessible. Telephone numbers were generally secured to a solitary area; since trades were “hard-wired”, the initial three digits of any number were attached to the geographic area of the trade.

The North American Numbering Plan of 1947 endorsed an organization of telephone numbers that included two driving letters of the name of the focal office to which each telephone was associated.

This proceeded with the training currently set up by many telephone organizations for quite a long time. Customarily, these names were regularly the names of towns, towns, or were other locally critical names.

Networks that necessary more than one focal office might have utilized different names for every focal office, like Main, East, West, Central, or the names of neighborhood regions.

Names were helpful to utilize and decreased mistakes when telephone numbers were traded verbally among endorsers and administrators. At the point when endorsers could dial themselves, the underlying letters of the names were changed over to digits as shown on the revolving dial. Subsequently, telephone numbers contained one, two, or even three letters followed by up to five numerals.

Such numbering plans are called 2L-4N, or essentially 2–4, for instance, as displayed in the photograph of a telephone dial of 1939 (right). In this model, LAkewood 2697 demonstrates that an endorser dialed the letters L and A, then, at that point, the digits 2, 6, 9, and 7 to arrive at this telephone in Lakewood, NJ (USA). The main letters were typically bolded on paper.

In 1930

In December 1930, New York City turned into the primary city in the United States to embrace the two-letter and five-number arrangement (2L-5N), which turned into the norm after World War II,

when the Bell System organization planned the North American Numbering Plan to set up the United States and Canada for Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), and started to change all focal workplaces over to this configuration. This interaction was finished by the mid 1960s, when another numbering plan, regularly call all number calling (ANC) turned into the norm in North America.

In the UK, letters were relegated to numbers likewise to North America, then again, actually the letter O was distributed to the digit 0 (zero); digit 6 had just M and N. The letter Q was subsequently included to the zero position British dials, fully expecting direct global dialing to Paris, which initiated in 1963. This was essential since French dials previously had Q on the zero position, and there were trade names in the Paris district which contained the letter Q.

The majority of the United Kingdom had no lettered telephone dials until the presentation of Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD) in 1958. Up to that point, just the chief regions (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester) and the neighboring non-chief regions had the lettered dials; the chief trades utilized the three-letter, four-number configuration.

With the presentation of trunk dialing, the requirement for all callers to have the option to dial numbers with letters in them prompted the significantly more inescapable utilization of lettered dials.The requirement for dials with letters stopped with the change to all-digit numbering in 1968.

Intercepted number

In the center twentieth century in North America when a call couldn’t be finished, for instance on the grounds that the telephone number was not relegated, had been disengaged, or was encountering specialized troubles, the call was directed to a block administrator who informed the caller.

During the 1970s this help was changed over to Automatic Intercept Systems which automatically pick and present a proper catch message. Separated numbers are reassigned to new clients after the pace of calls to them decays.

Outside of North America administrator capture was uncommon, and as a rule calls to unassigned or separated numbers would bring about a recorded message or number-hopeless tone being gotten back to the caller.

Special component codes

Telephone numbers are once in a while prefixed with extraordinary administrations, for example, vertical assistance codes, that contain flagging occasions other than numbers, most outstandingly the star (*) and the number sign (#).

Vertical help codes empower or debilitate exceptional communication benefits either on a for each call premise, or for the station or telephone line until changed.

The utilization of the number sign is most much of the time utilized as a marker sign to demonstrate the finish of digit groupings or the finish of different strategies; as an eliminator it evades functional defers when hanging tight for termination of programmed break periods.

In mainstream society

Australian movies and network shows don’t utilize any repetitive configuration for anecdotal telephone numbers; any number cited in such media might be utilized by a genuine supporter. The 555 code is utilized in the Balmain space of Sydney and suburbia of Melbourne.

Albeit in numerous spaces being a prefix of 55 or more the thousand digit of 5 (for example 55 5XXX), would be legitimate, the numbering framework was changed so that 555 became 9555 in Sydney and Melbourne, and in the country, there are 2 new digits in front of the 55.

Notwithstanding, somewhere else, as in the United States, imaginary telephone numbers are regularly utilized in films and on TV to stay away from unsettling influences by calls from watchers. For instance, The United States 555 (KLondike-5) trade code was rarely relegated (with restricted exemptions, for example, 555–1212 for catalog help).

Accordingly, American movies and TV shows have utilized 555-xxxx numbers, to forestall a number utilized in such a work from being called.

The film Bruce Almighty (2003) initially included a number that didn’t have the 555 prefix. In the realistic delivery, God (Morgan Freeman) leaves 776–2323 on a pager for Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) to call in the event that he really wanted God’s assistance. The DVD changes this to a 555 number.

As indicated by Universal Studios, which delivered the film, the number it utilized was picked on the grounds that it didn’t exist in Buffalo, New York, where the film was set. In any case, the number existed in different urban communities, bringing about clients’ having that number getting irregular calls from individuals requesting God.

While some cooperated with the gag, others discovered the calls irritating. The number in the Glenn Miller Orchestra’s hit melody “Pennsylvania 6-5000” (1940) is the number of the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.

The number is currently composed as 1-212-736-5000. As per the lodging’s site, PEnnsylvania 6-5000 is New York’s most established persistently doled out telephone number and potentially the most seasoned consistently allocated number on the planet.

Tommy Tutone’s hit melody “867-5309/Jenny” (1981) prompted numerous undesirable calls by the general population to telephone endorsers who really were appointed that number.


A telephone number fills in as a location for exchanging telephone calls utilizing an arrangement of objective code directing. Telephone numbers are entered or dialed by a calling party on the beginning telephone set, which communicates the succession of digits during the time spent motioning to a telephone trade. The trade finishes the call either to another locally associated supporter or by means of the PSTN to the called party.

Telephone numbers are alloted inside the structure of a public or provincial telephone numbering plan to supporters by telephone administration administrators, which might be business substances, state-controlled organizations, or other media transmission industry affiliations.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Related questions are given below for further information about phone number for calls:

1. What number of digits is a telephone number?

Telephone numbers in the United States typically comprise of 11 digits — the 1-digit country code, a 3-digit region code and a 7-digit telephone number. The 7-digit telephone number is additionally contained a 3-digit focal office or trade code and a 4-digit supporter number. The nation code of USA is +1.

2. Do telephone numbers start with 1?

Maybe more significant, most cellphone transporters don’t need the “1,” and a few transporters even oddball a call that starts with “1.” So it’s better for perusers to simply utilize regular numbers, and exclude the “1.” If somebody needs it, the telephone organization will say as much.

3. What is 611 telephone number?

For clients of some telephone organizations in Canada and in the U.S., 6-1-1 is the curtailed dialing telephone number used to report an issue with telephone administration, or with a payphone. It is a N11 code of the North American Numbering Plan that are utilized for unique administrations.

4. Is Prankdial unlawful?

Trick calling can be unlawful in certain circumstances. While each state is unique, most states restrict settling on trick decisions to pester or hassle somebody. All states make it illicit to trick call 911. Recording a trick call can comprise illicit wiretapping in many states, remembering for California.

5. Is trick calling illicit in Canada?

You could confront criminal offense charges for trick calling somebody. trick calling can be characterized as a devilish call made to deceive somebody. Area 264 of the Criminal Code relates to the criminal offense of criminal badgering. Area 264 portrays conduct that can comprise criminal provocation.

6. How would you track down your old telephone numbers?

How to Find Old Phone Numbers?

1. Check Your Old Phone Bills.

2. Check Your Old Tax Records.

3. Check Your Online Shopping Address.

4. Scan All the Old Emails.

5. Power Up Your Old Phones.

6. Check Your Membership Info.

7. Check Your Credit Report or Bank Info.

8. Find the Old SIM Card.

7. When did telephone numbers start with letters?

The initial two letters of the name were generally promoted, and they compared to the initial two digits of the telephone number on a dial. This framework began during the 1930s and endured into the '60s. Before that, three letters and four numbers were utilized. The telephone trade was before region codes and prefixes

8. How old is a 5 digit telephone number?

Telephone numbers with standard 5 digits initially show up in the 1950 City Directory. Telephone numbers with a mix of two letters and five digits initially show up in 1958.

9. When did 7 digit dialing end?

This dialing plan was inconsistent with the presentation of region code 334 and region code 360, and was accordingly killed by January 1, 1995 in the United States, and by September 1994 in Canada.

10. What is the origin of Telephone number?

In the last part of the 1870s, the Bell interests began using their patent with a rental plan, in which they would lease their instruments to individual clients who might contract with different providers to associate them; for instance from home to office to processing plant.


There are various telephone numbers all over the world which vary in their primary uses. There are personal numbers, emergency numbers, and automated message numbers among other useful ones.There are numerous phone numbers all over the world which vary in their primary uses. There are personal numbers, emergency numbers, and automated message numbers among other useful ones. However, there are also some pretty weird, wacky, and funny numbers to call when you need to get a laugh, prank your friends, or bring a smile to your face.

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