Definition of Access:

  1. Point at which entry to a facility, contact with a circuit, or communication with a system is obtained. See also system access.

  2. Authority or permission to consult records or to obtain restricted information.

Synonyms of Access

Jacksonian epilepsy, Rasputin, Rolandic epilepsy, Svengali, VIP, Abdominal epilepsy, Accessibility, Accession, Accretion, Accrual, Accruement, Accumulation, Acquired epilepsy, Activated epilepsy, Addition, Adit, Admission, Admittance, Advance, Advent, Affect epilepsy, Afflux, Affluxion, Aggrandizement, Air lock, Aisle, Akinetic epilepsy, Alley, Ambulatory, Amplification, Aperture, Apoplexy, Appreciation, Approach, Approachability, Approaching, Appropinquation, Approximation, Appulse, Arcade, Arrest, Artery, Ascent, Attack, Attainability, Augmentation, Autonomic epilepsy, Availability, Avenue, Bad influence, Ballooning, Big wheel, Blaze of temper, Bloating, Blockage, Blowup, Boom, Boost, Broadening, Buildup, Burst, Cardiac epilepsy, Channel, Cloister, Clonic spasm, Clonus, Colonnade, Come-at-ableness, Coming, Coming near, Coming toward, Communication, Conduit, Connection, Convulsion, Corridor, Cortical epilepsy, Court, Covered way, Cramp, Crescendo, Cursive epilepsy, Defile, Development, Diurnal epilepsy, Eclampsia, Edema, Elevation, Eminence grise, Enlargement, Entrance, Entranceway, Entree, Entry, Entryway, Epilepsia, Epilepsia gravior, Epilepsia major, Epilepsia minor, Epilepsia mitior, Epilepsia nutans, Epilepsia tarda, Epilepsy, Epitasis, Eruption, Exit, Expansion, Explosion, Extension, Falling sickness, Ferry, Fit, Five-percenter, Flare-up, Flood, Flowing toward, Focal epilepsy, Ford, Forthcoming, Frenzy, Friend at court, Gain, Gallery, Gangplank, Gangway, Getatableness, Gettableness, Good influence, Grand mal, Gray eminence, Greatening, Grip, Growth, Gush, Gust, Hall, Haute mal, Heavyweight, Hidden hand, High words, Hike, Hysterical epilepsy, Ictus, Imminence, Import, Importation, Importing, In, Income, Incoming, Increase, Increment, Infiltration, Inflation, Influence, Influence peddler, Influencer, Ingoing, Ingress, Ingression, Ingroup, Inlet, Input, Insertion, Insinuation, Intake, Interchange, Interpenetration, Intersection, Introduction, Introgression, Intrusion, Jump, Junction, Key, Kingmaker, Lane, Larval epilepsy, Laryngeal epilepsy, Laryngospasm, Latent epilepsy, Leakage, Leap, Lobby, Lobbyist, Lockjaw, Lords of creation, Man of influence, Manipulator, Matutinal epilepsy, Means of access, Menstrual epilepsy, Mounting, Multiplication, Musicogenic epilepsy, Myoclonous epilepsy, Nearing, Nearness, Nocturnal epilepsy, Obtainability, Obtainableness, Occlusion, Oncoming, Onset, Open arms, Open door, Open sesame, Opening, Openness, Orgasm, Outburst, Outlet, Overpass, Pang, Paroxysm, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Penetrability, Penetration, Percolation, Perviousness, Petit mal, Physiologic epilepsy, Portico, Powers that be, Pressure group, Procurability, Procurableness, Productiveness, Proliferation, Proximation, Psychic epilepsy, Psychomotor epilepsy, Railroad tunnel, Raise, Reachableness, Reception, Reflex epilepsy, Rise, Rotatoria, Route, Sally, Scene, Securableness, Seepage, Seizure, Sensory epilepsy, Serial epilepsy, Sexual climax, Sinister influence, Snowballing, Spasm, Special interests, Special-interest group, Spell, Spread, Stitch, Stoppage, Storm, Stroke, Surge, Swelling, Taking, Tardy epilepsy, Tetanus, Tetany, The Establishment, Throes, Thromboembolism, Thrombosis, Tonic epilepsy, Tonic spasm, Torsion spasm, Traject, Trajet, Traumatic epilepsy, Trismus, Tumescence, Tunnel, Turn, Twinge, Ucinate epilepsy, Underpass, Up, Upping, Upsurge, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Very important person, Vestibule, Visitation, Waxing, Way, Way in, Wheeler-dealer, Widening, Wire-puller

How to use Access in a sentence?

  1. In order to review that clients records, I will need specific access . This will give me permission to view the records.
  2. To enter the building of my company, you need to have been granted access because otherwise the guard wont let you in.

Meaning of Access & Access Definition

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How Do You Define Access?

  • Availability of medical care. The quality of access to health care is determined by location, transportation options and the type of health facilities available in the area.

Meanings of Access

  1. How to reach or enter a location.

  2. Attack or emotional outburst.

  3. View or insert (place)

  4. Retrieve, search or retrieve (data or files)

Sentences of Access

  1. Stairs provide access to the upper floors

  2. I was suddenly angry

  3. One room has a private bathroom accessible through a balcony

  4. Information can be accessed and displayed simultaneously from multiple files

Synonyms of Access

means of entry, bout, outpouring, outbreak, blow-up, rush, retrieve, gain access to


What Does Access Mean?

  1. Availability of medical care. The standard of access to health services is determined by area, transportation and the types of medical facilities available in the area.

Meanings of Access

  1. Meaning or opportunity to reach or enter a place.

  2. Emotional attacks or explosions

  3. Approaching or entering (somewhere).

  4. Recover or Recover (computer data or files)

Sentences of Access

  1. Suddenly anger came and gripped me.

  2. Single room has its own bathroom which is accessible through balcony.

Synonyms of Access

splurt, welling up, outflow, examine, spurt, torrent, outflowing, ebullition, hurricane, effusion, gale, boutade, means of approach


What is The Meaning of Access?

  1. Access means: Availability of medical care. The quality of access to health services is determined by location, transportation options and the types of health facilities available in the area.

Meanings of Access

  1. Recover or retrieve (data or files from a computer).

Sentences of Access

  1. Suddenly anger hit me