Definition of Hold:

  1. Hold is an analyst's recommendation to neither buy nor sell a security. A company with a hold recommendation generally is expected to perform with the market or at the same pace as comparable companies. This rating is better than sell but worse than buy, meaning that investors with existing long positions shouldn't sell but investors without a position shouldn't purchase either.

  2. A hold recommendation can be thought of as hold what you have and hold off buying more of that particular stock. A hold is one of the three basic investment recommendation given by financial institutions and professional financial analysts. All stocks either have a buy, sell or hold recommendation. Often, a single stock may have two or more conflicting recommendations given by different financial institutions. In these cases, it's important for investors to look at the advice provided and decide which is more accurate for their specific situations.

  3. Temporary unavailability of specific sums in a bank account to the accountholder. A hold may be placed on uncleared checks, or on funds that are pledged, for example, as collateral.

  4. Space below the deck of an aircraft or ship for carrying cargo.

Synonyms of Hold

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How to use Hold in a sentence?

  1. A hold recommendation means that the analyst making it doesn't see the stock in question outperforming or underperforming comparable stocks in the near term.
  2. A hold is sometimes considered damning with faint praise, but stocks that are hold can still perform long-term.
  3. A stock can have conflicting recommendations, so investors need to dig into the details before making a decision one way or another.

Meaning of Hold & Hold Definition

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How Do You Define Hold?

  • Waiting An analyst recommends that they buy or not sell security. In general, companies with retention recommendations are expected to grow with the market or at the same rate as competitors. This rating is better than selling but worse than buying, which means that investors with current long positions should not sell, but investors without positions should not buy either.

    • The retention recommendations mean that the analyst who made them does not see that the stock in question is performing better or less than the comparable stock in the short term.
    • Moderation can sometimes be overcome with a modest definition, but repressed processes can last a long time.
    • Stocks can have conflicting recommendations, so investors need to make one or the other decision before making a decision.

  • Used to indicate that a certain amount of a user's balance cannot be refunded unless an item is redeemed or a particular check or debit is posted. See related questions about the availability of funds.

Meanings of Hold

  1. Grab it, take it or hold it in your hand.

  2. Save (someone) or save

  3. Safe, stable or in place without breaking or breaking.

  4. Contains or may contain (some quantity)

  5. Has its own power

  6. To save or save someone else.

  7. Prevent it from happening.

  8. Organized and attended (meetings or discussions)

  9. The act or method of holding something.

  10. Power or control.

  11. A castle

  12. A large luggage compartment at the bottom of an airplane or aircraft.

Sentences of Hold

  1. She has a brown leather briefcase.

  2. Police arrested him on murder charges

  3. Can't catch ship anchor

  4. The tank holds 24 gallons

  5. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company

  6. Bookings can be made 24 hours a day

  7. Keep your fire burning!

  8. There was a meeting in the church.

  9. He grabbed her arm

  10. Knowing that Tom has some control over his father

  11. The price of each unit varies and takes up a certain amount of space in the hold of the ship.

Synonyms of Hold

intern, retention , grip , have a capacity of, clench , put aside, put in jail, be in possession of, have room for, keep under constraint, have space for, summon, have to one's name, clutch , occupancy , clout , lay aside, clinch , sway , have in one's possession, influence , lock up, keep under lock and key, clasp , purchase , dominion


What is The Definition of Hold?

ID is a recommendation not to buy or sell securities. In general, companies with LD recommendations are expected to grow at the same rate as companies with or against the market. This rating is better than selling but worse than buying, which means that investors with existing long positions should not sell, but investors without positions should not buy either.

  • The suggestion is that the first author does not see the title in question as better or worse than the comparable title in the short term.
  • LDs are sometimes viewed with a moderate definition, but the actions that make up LDs can work for a long time.
  • Stocks can have conflicting recommendations, so investors need to study the details to make a decision in one way or another.

Used to indicate that a certain amount of the customer's balance cannot be refunded until the item is redeemed or a check or remittance is issued. See related questions and availability.

Meanings of Hold

  1. Pick it up, grab it or hold it in your hand.

  2. To save (someone)

  3. Stays safe, intact or in place without breaking or loosening.

  4. (A certain amount) or contains.

  5. That's the power.

  6. Saving or saving for someone else.

  7. Organize and attend (meetings or conversations)

  8. The act or method of catching something.

  9. A large compartment or room at the bottom of an airplane or cargo where cargo is stored.

Sentences of Hold

  1. He is holding a brown leather suitcase.

  2. Can't anchor ship

  3. Bookings can be made for 24 hours.

  4. Tom has some kind of control over his father.

Synonyms of Hold

put behind bars, be the owner of, organize, stranglehold, put away, seat, have in one's hand, have seats for, officiate at, put in prison, put inside, incarcerate, fit



  • Meaning of Hold: James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of John Wiley & Sons' books on trade and technology trade and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

    • The implication is that the first author does not find the title in question to be better or worse than the comparative title in the short term.
    • LDs are sometimes viewed with a moderate definition, but the actions that make up LDs can work in the long run.
    • Stocks can have conflicting recommendations, so investors need to study the details to make a decision one way or another.

  • Definition of Hold: Used to indicate that a certain amount of the customer's balance cannot be withdrawn until the item is redeemed or a special check or re-mail is issued. See related questions and availability.

Meanings of Hold

  1. It stays safe, intact or in place without being broken or loosened.

  2. Organize and attend (meet or chat).

  3. The act or method of catching something, to catch.

  4. A large compartment or space under a plane or plane where cargo is stored.

Sentences of Hold

  1. Can't stop ship anchor

  2. The CEO still owns about fifty shares of the company.

  3. Reservations can be made up to 24 hours.