Outlander Costumes

Outlander costumes refer to the outfits that have been designed especially for the historical drama series “Outlander”. The complete set of suiting was designed by Terry Dresbach who worked on her outfits to an extent that she made this drama one of the difficult ones to define. Her costumes draw the focus of a fan to each pin, stitch, and display, and within the still only fan base of the show, her research has gained a loyal fan base. Within each selection, Dressbach integrates individual costumes into their important tenets and describes her justification. For Outlanders and costume history addicts alike, her timeline is a money box of information, and her more than 41,000 subscribers hang onto her each phrase.
Outlander costumes

The perfect costuming for the Outlander Show)

Designer best matched the costumes with the drama clothing with historical background, economy, characters, and practical match up.

Let’s start our description with Clair’s fairy tale wedding dress. Variation was claimed by Dressbach that she had about 5 000 pictures of any conceivable look that occurred in the 18th century. She needed a dress that would also be stunning in the light of a candle. And, even then, metal garments were made with real metal woven into the fabrics. They shine when you put them in a tea light space.

The plants and pine needles across the front have also been hand-embroidered and aged with metal threads. To add to both the glittering effect, Dressbach, and her team have incorporated publication scrapings of mica rocks. True dedication! Terry noticed that people didn’t wear bright outfits in the ‘dirtier’ 18th century - and marriage dresses were not standard - which explains the shades.


Let’s hover over to the classic Scottish riding dress for Claire. It is spot-on for the time, with its forest green hue, full skirt, and fur trimmings. This coat never was anticipated but born out of survival, as Terry states on her website, because it’s so bitterly cold, and the actress Caitriona Balfe was cold.

Her gloves being made of kid’s skin (the skin of a young goat) and they had stag antlers written and drawn into them in honors of the Mackenzie’s. Oh, and this style is becoming so famous that various real-life variants are sold at stores across the country.

Her conscience wardrobe (her own doing in the future) left something to be desired when Breen arrives at Lallybroch, so she receives Claire’s riding coat. And remember Claire’s green plaid dress in Season 1? It’s matched up and Brianna rock it along with the famous coat! Precise for the times when goods were indeed throw out but re-used and cross.

Flower Outfit for Claire

But in the 1940s, this stunning floral dress meant more explicitly, as a chintz fabric for curtains or paneling. Dresbach claimed that the fabric was originally reserved for a couch for this dress and found it in the lobby of a San Francisco, California store.

The outfit still suits Paris, which is stylish, and the outdoor location. It is a pleasant artistic input, we feel. Claire’s iconic red dress has been mentioned in books it was depicted that the dress was more iconic and stylish than 18 centuries dresses. Stress herself admired the dress and dedicated work of Terry.

Flower Outfit for Claire

Gowns are worn by Madame Pompadour and other ladies of the French Court.

Her Versailles gown is one of the outlander customers that are still in. The most blatant fabrics with highly expressive silk & beading are what this dress all about. There are incredible shades on it. The craziest thing about the gown was that it all consumed it no matter how much we placed on the dress.

The bows, the flabellum, the lace, the flowers, the gems, there is nothing too much for this dress. The designer says; I think we could have added far more, but at some level, we would have to stop. It’s indeed rare to have so many great pictures of one outfit, but it was taken from every angle possible by the main trend.

Interesting Facts about the Outlander Costumes

As in 18 century, there were no high-grade shop or specific store existed for the outstanding costumes of outlander. So some facts and hard work cooperated huge success in the dresses.

• All of the costumes are handcrafted, no matter how extravagant.
• For Season 2 alone a team designed 10,000 clothing.
• The team turned to hand-painting so they would instead have spent all their money expenditure on fancy textiles, costing around $200 per meter.
• And the outfits, either you have seen them in the movie or not, are full of small particulars.
• That was such a detailed job, even embellished buttons by the team
• The jacket of Master Raymond is a tribute to all the many diseases of the time. A different disease is dedicated to each panel.
• It gets a bunch of months" for each outfit to create.
• Not initially designed by Terry, the “signature piece” for the second season is a recreated Dior Bar Suit.
• In San Francisco, the fabric for the famous Dressage Dress arrives from a fabric store.
• For the cast, the workers had to create proper, bigger wardrobe doors, since the skirts of the 18th century were really wide that they’ll never fit through standard doors.
• Caitriona films so now they’ve built a 3D suit model of her to use for shaping the next version.
• Caitriona and her comforter were able to get her dress time down to 20 minutes and the Paris clothes did not take as long, unexpectedly.

Accuracy & Perfection in Outlander’s Costumes

outlander costumes

Terry Dresbach, the costume designer, is great at what she is doing. For the paranormal romance Outlander, she produced hundreds of garments throughout four seasons. When Trisha Biggar took over for season 5, despite lighter fabrics and patterns, she followed a direction similar to Dresbach, particularly as the Frasers and Mackenzies are now in America as contrasted to Scotland or France. However all the time, costumes couldn’t be true to the period.

Often, even though it doesn’t completely suit, the designer or actor just can’t help but put anything in. Therefore, here are five factually accurate Outlander costumes and five that aren’t. While discussing the factual context of Outlander, the accuracy of the Scottish clan tartans is something that everyone likes to pick apart.

Lovat tartans should be bright red and green, but they are presented as dark grey and blue throughout the film. By commenting that she didn’t think dyers would strive for perfection, specifically with such bright colors, and when there were so many other items to care about, Dresbach pleaded for her color palette.

Accurate army wears Placing Bonny Prince Charlie (Andrew Gower) on the crown during the revolt against English in season 2. These series are a good reminder that the Waratahs were weak. Their clothes are rough and they carry few weapons, even to war. All the men wear their clothing, and it is easy to see that they are not a combat force that is specially trained. These are all men fighting for a cause that they trust in, whatever they have to turn over.

Accurate Tracksuit bottoms of Dougal Pants, showing that during the 1800s they were still an acceptable choice for clothes. Dougal’s trousers also help distinguish him from the rest of the men. Since the outfit is the power of the Mackenzie clan, it helps to define him as a warrior. Trousers are one that you can around move in

outlander costumes

Trisha Biggar designed costumes for Outlander Season # 5

The opening credits of season five rolled out but with that, we have Trisha Biggar’s acknowledgment as Outlander’s fashion designer. To accommodate this new development, the title of this post has been changed. Outlander followers also know (or should know) that fashion designer Terry Dressbach resigned from the show for seasons one through four.

In season four, Nina Ayres was the co-costume designer with her On Twitter, Terry confirmed that Nina Ayres was not going to be available for season five, so there is a big hole in the show’s growth. The person who steps (or steps) would not be able to develop the costumes of the show from scratch, given that there is aesthetics already.

The presence on the website of her firm is still there and there is another description of her bringing the Outlander job back on The Informant in August 2018 about her Star Wars: Attack of the Clones outfit being used in a V & A Dundee show. Trisha Biggar is from Glasgow and has crafted outfits for all the star wars films of Star Wars, the original movie The Mom, as well as Ordeal by Morality, Da Vinci’s Demons, Emerald City, and Moll Flanders television shows or miniseries. People would like to embrace Trisha Biggar to Outlander if all that has been seen online is correct!

Summary: Trisha Biggar has been confirmed as Outlander costumes designer for season five. In season four, Nina Ayres was the co-costume designer. Terry Dresbach resigned from the show for seasons one through four. Biggar is from Glasgow and has crafted outfits for all the star wars films of Star Wars, the original movie The Mom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some interesting facts that we came across after probing the frequently asked question section. Hope you will enjoy this section too.

Are each Outlander outfit exact?

The first season sees the actors in Scotland investing the most time. As the shades are all very rustic and gloomy, the garments affect the landscape. The compositions of women are often a top priority in the 18th century age.

Who made the outfits for outlander?

For 6 years and four seasons, casting director Terry Dresbach has converted Outlander, one of the most complicated TV shows (a romance-epic spanning two centuries, several nations, and hundreds of paperback events in history, for starters) one of the most brilliantly designed dresses.

Why Terry left the Outlander?

As the major reasons for joining the company, Terry cites missing her family, seeing her kids grow up, and her fitness. … Her partner, Ronald D. Moore, will stay and will not leave the show as a show creator.

Who was the new Designer for outlander season# 5?

The creators recruited Scotland’s native Trisha Biggar to take on the very necessary role of styling up the good folks of Fraser’s Ridge after Terry Dressbach confirmed her intention to leave the Stars series after season 4. Here the veteran stylist and BAFTA nominee talk about joining the Stars drama in its new season, whose credits include the Movie Franchise and the NBC drama Emerald City.


The overall content depicts the brilliantly designed aspects of Outlander costumes. Despite the great achievements of the drama, the outfits are the key element in presenting the real and accurate show of the whole story. The whole credit goes to the designer Dressbach Terry and her team members because it was not an easy task to design dresses in 18 century way without having any outlet at that time. The facts behind the work are amazing like they worked with hand, paint, buttons, minor detailing, no substitutes. Awesome design leads to the growth of the serial. Season five was dressed by Trisha Biggar when Terry left the work because of family. The Outlander costumes will be remembered in fashion history for years to come.