Definition of Promotion:

  1. To take a person to a high place or position or to be so tall.

  2. The catalyst for action.

  3. In professional terms, promotion refers to the promotion of a position in a job status or ranking structure. In marketing, advertising refers to a variety of developments. Promoting sales involves the performance of certain products or services through advertising and / or discounts. It can also be categorized in terms of product promotion and sale.

  4. Activities that support or provide active incentives to promote a goal, business or purpose.

  5. Promotions are usually given to employees who have excelled in performing additional tasks or have developed skills and knowledge. In the latter case, the employee may need to work for the company for a short period of time to be eligible for promotion.

  6. Human Resources: Further development of employee positions in the organization.

  7. Promote products, organizations or companies to increase sales or public awareness.

  8. Marketing: Promoting a product, idea, or vision through advertising and / or advertising. See also sales promotion.

Synonyms of Promotion

Advertising, Ballyhoo, Plugging, Eugenics, Publicity, Boosting, Fostering, Stimulation, Helping along, Furthering, Ongoing, Poster, Selling, Hand-out, Promoting, Stimulation, Recommendation, Amendment, Progression, Onward course, Advancing, Leaflet, Mail-order selling, Support, Retailing, Acknowledgment, Publicization, Placard, Circular, Elevation, Recognition, Plug, Headway, Hoarding, Honorable mention, Aggrandizement, Advancement, Betterment, Low-pressure salesmanship, Marketing, Preferential treatment, Expediting, Special treatment, Upward mobility, Course, Forwarding, Rolling, High-pressure salesmanship, Forward motion, Aid, Preferment, Hawking, Ascent, Flier, Developing, Upping, Space, Furthering, Selling, Development, Soft sell, Sanction, Sanctioning, Merchandising, Contribution to, Hard sell, Publicity campaign, Uptrend, Assisting, Advancement, Fostering, Brochure, Advertisement, Step up, Facilitation, Appreciation, Blurb, Hype, Advocating, Melioration, Wholesaling, Consumer survey, Step up the ladder, Consumer preference study, Expedition, Public relations, Bill, Helping, Amelioration, Mend, Espousal, Consumer research, Revival, Pickup, Direct-mail selling, Encouragement, Restoration, Enrichment, Presentation, Travel, Puff, Upgrading, Aiding, Speeding, Good word, Rise, Handbill, Sales promotion, Inspiriting, Elevation, Flyer, Abetting, Affiche, Nurturing, Bruiting, Jobbing, Boosting, Assistance, Way, Advertising, Stimulating, Advertising campaign, Strengthening, Press-agentry, Great Leap Forward, Boost, Publicization, Championing, Furtherance, Mending, Publicity, Help, Improvement, Buildup, Peddling, Move up, Progress, Flack, Uplift, Billboard, Preferment, Backing, Commendation, Progressiveness, Huckstering, Upgrading, Upswing, Propaganda, Advocacy, Drumbeating, Fanfare, Rushing, Furtherance, Sales campaign, Upgrade, Cultivation, Marketing research, Encouragement, Puffery, Career, Broadside, Exaltation, Preference, Market research, March, Lift, Salesmanship, Rolling on, Enhancement, Marketing, Advance, Upbeat, Advancement, Forwardal, Sellout, Passage, Publicizing, Propaganda, Bettering, Recovery, Development, Inspiration, Improving, Advance, Go-ahead, Euthenics

How to use Promotion in a sentence?

  1. The term is used differently in different contexts, most notably job promotion.
  2. I got a new promotion in the workplace and because of that a lot of people treated me differently because they thought I was better than them.
  3. Sales company
  4. When investing, act to disclose lesser known stocks in anticipation of rising demand and stock prices.
  5. Everyone wants to do something different in their work, so some may want a promotion in the company, while others may be denied a promotion because they are considering leaving the job.
  6. The elders were nominated for the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel.
  7. A fourth goal on the horizon may be to promote the local synthesis of nitric oxide in the bone by statins.
  8. Promotion can be about improving an employee's status, posting an offer for a particular product, or attracting an unknown promotion.
  9. Disease prevention and health promotion.
  10. Promotion is widely used in the marketing industry.
  11. Nike is launching a new ad tomorrow: When you buy a pair of shoes, you will get another one for free.

Meaning of Promotion & Promotion Definition

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What Is Marketing?
What Is Marketing?


Promotion means,

In terms of career, one has to go to a position or place in the promotion-related ranking structure. In marketing, advertising refers to different types of advertising. Promoting sales includes certain features of products or services through advertising and / or low prices. Product advertising can also be classified as sales or promotion.

  • Promotions can be about improving employee status, raising awareness of a particular product offer, or creating lesser-known promotions.
  • Advertising is widely used in the marketing industry.
  • The term is used differently in different contexts, promoting the most popular job.
  • When investing, it helps to promote lesser known stocks in anticipation of growth, demand and rising stock prices.

A simple definition of Promotion is: Usually use marketing and / or advertising to raise awareness about a product, brand, service, business, etc. for the purpose of increasing sales. Raising an employee to a higher level in an organization

Meanings of Promotion

  1. Advertise a product, organization, or company to increase sales or public awareness.

  2. To elevate or elevate someone to a higher position or position.

  3. Catalyst advertising activities.

Sentences of Promotion

  1. Development Company

  2. Majors are promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

  3. A fourth goal on the horizon may be to promote local nitric oxide synthesis in bone through statins.

Synonyms of Promotion

preferment , ennoblement , upgrade , jump , backing , bump , hike , upgrading , furtherance , breakthrough , lift , jump up , exaltation , raise , elevation , rise , support , honor , aggrandizement , boost , betterment , break , improvement , move up , go-ahead


Promotion Definition:

Promotion means: Professionally, development refers to an increase in rank or position in the ranking structure. In marketing, advertising refers to a different type of advertising. Sales promotion consists of certain features of a product or service through electronic advertising and / or discounts. The UK promotion can also be called sales or promotion.

  • Promotions include promoting an employee's position, raising awareness of a specific UCT offer, or providing lesser-known promotions.
  • Promotion is widely used in marketing industry.
  • The term is used differently in different contexts. The easiest job to absorb is job promotion.
  • In terms of investment, promotions raise awareness of lesser-known and growing demand processes, e.g. B. and the stock market.

Promotion refers to Use marketing and / or advertising to draw attention to a product, service, company, etc., usually to increase sales. Appoint an employee to a higher position in the appointment.

Meanings of Promotion

  1. Activities that support or promote a goal, business or purpose.

  2. Promote a product, organization or company to increase sales or public awareness.

  3. To promote someone or something to a higher position or position or promotion.

  4. The process that promotes a catalyst.

Sentences of Promotion

  1. Promoting cultural and ethnic diversity.

  2. Promotion company

  3. Major is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Synonyms of Promotion

sponsoring, championship, kick upstairs, advertising/publicity campaign, urging, boosterism, endorsement


What Does Promotion Mean?

  • Promotion definition is: Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he was a senior author at Investopedia and Capital Wire, and holds an MA in Economics from the New York University School of Social Research and a PhD in Philosophy in English Literature.

    • Promotions can be about improving an employee's position, creating awareness about a particular UCD offer, or stirring up littlekno actions.
    • Promotion is widely used in marketing industry.
    • The term is used differently in different contexts. The easiest thing to absorb is to promote.
    • Through investment, the campaign creates awareness between growing demand and the growing stock of Little Nine shares.
    • Promotional materials can be in the form of T-shirts, postcards and key chains. In the world of marketing, these items are often called "withdrawals."

  • Promotion definition is: The use of marketing and / or advertising is usually to increase sales to attract the attention of ucto, na, service, company, etc. Raise an employee to a higher position in an organization.