Definition of Solicitation:

  1. The act of accosting someone and offering ones or someone elses services as a prostitute.

  2. The act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone.

  3. Act or instance of requesting or seeking bid, business, or information. Unlike an offer, a solicitation is not a clear indication of the intention to enter into a binding agreement.

Synonyms of Solicitation

Addresses, All-out campaign, Allurement, Blandishment, Cajolement, Cajolery, Campaign, Campaign button, Campaign commitments, Campaign contribution, Campaign fund, Canvass, Coaxing, Conning, Courting, Engagement, Enlistment, Exhortation, Grass-roots campaign, Hard-hitting campaign, Harlotry, Hortation, Hurrah campaign, Inducement, Jawboning, Lobbying, Media campaign, Pandering, Persuasion, Pimping, Preaching, Preachment, Prostitution, Sales talk, Salesmanship, Selling, Snow job, Soft soap, Soliciting, Streetwalking, Stump excursion, Stumping tour, Suasion, Suit, Sweet talk, Wheedling, Whistle-stop campaign, Whoredom, Whoremastery, Whoremonging, Wooing, Working on

How to use Solicitation in a sentence?

  1. Solicitation was on the mans mind as he walked into the textile firm, he was looking for information nothing concrete or binding.
  2. I was getting very preturbed at the sign builder that kept coming back and I threatened to report his solicitation to the proper people.
  3. He was a regular target for solicitation of funds.
  4. A woman arrested for solicitation.
  5. Many businesses have a no solicitation sign displayed, that means that they do not want people or organizations coming by and asking for money.

Meaning of Solicitation & Solicitation Definition