Definition of Necessaries:

  1. Needed to be done, achieved, or present; essential.

  2. Whatever is reasonably needed for maintaining a certain lifestyle, depending on ones age and status, and the norms of a particular society. In comparison, necessities are bare essentials required by all for subsistence or survival. See also need.

  3. The basic requirements of life, such as food and warmth.

  4. Determined, existing, or happening by natural laws or predestination; inevitable.

Synonyms of Necessaries

Bare necessities, Call for, Demand, Demand for, Desideration, Desideratum, Essential, Essentials, Indispensable, Must, Must item, Necessities, Necessity, Need, Need for, Occasion, Prerequirement, Prerequisite, Requirement, Requisite, Requisition, The necessary, The needful, Want, Obligatory, Requisite, Required, Compulsory, Mandatory, Imperative, Demanded, Needed, Called for, Needful, Inevitable, Unavoidable, Certain, Sure, Inescapable, Inexorable, Ineluctable, Fated, Destined, Predetermined, Predestined, Preordained

How to use Necessaries in a sentence?

  1. Not merely luxuries, but also the common necessaries.
  2. A necessary consequence.
  3. They granted the necessary planning permission.

Meaning of Necessaries & Necessaries Definition