Prompt Note

Prompt Note,

Prompt Note Meanings:

Prompt Note means: Someone has been sent to send a document stating that payment for the purchase is due.

Literal Meanings of Prompt Note


Meanings of Prompt:
  1. (An event or reality) to create or provoke (an action or feeling)

  2. Help or encourage (hesitant speaker) to say something.

  3. Hesitant speaker support or encouragement.

  4. Deadline for receipt payment, as stated in writing.

  5. Done without immediate delay.

Sentences of Prompt
  1. His ■■■■■ marked the beginning of an industry investigation into security breaches.

  2. "And photos?" He provoked

  3. Barbara spoke without pausing

  4. The owner will die without the immediate intervention of two paramedics

Synonyms of Prompt

induce, cause, swift, result in, spark off, call forth, on time, cue, trigger, give someone a cue, instant, give rise to, immediate, bring on, elicit, direct, help out, bring about, timely, punctual, quick, feed, fast, evoke, instigate, provoke, early, expeditious, occasion, in good time


Meanings of Note:
  1. Watching or paying attention (something)

  2. Enter (something) in writing.

  3. A brief note about a written event, topic, or idea.

  4. Informal short letter or text message.

  5. A bank note

  6. A specific sound that is produced by a musical instrument or a human voice.

  7. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

Sentences of Note
  1. Seeing your mother's extraordinary happiness

  2. Write the address on a piece of paper

  3. I will make notes in my diary

  4. I left a note telling me where I was going

  5. Ten pound note

  6. Symphony's last note is gone.

  7. There is a hatred in your voice

Synonyms of Note

missive, suggestion, inscribe, vein, take note of, entry, be mindful of, suspicion, indication, enter, mark, pencil, epistle, letter, communication, register, take into account, inscription, intonation, scribble

Prompt Note,

Prompt Note Definition:

Prompt Note means, The recipient sends someone to remind you that the purchase is too large.

Literal Meanings of Prompt Note


Meanings of Prompt:
  1. (An event or reality) causes or provocation (an action or feeling).

  2. Encourage them to say something.

  3. The work of encouraging the hesitant speaker.

  4. The term of payment of the bill, which is shown in the explanatory note.

  5. Done without delay.

  6. OK (for a while)

Sentences of Prompt
  1. Waves of people fled the country due to the violence.

  2. "And the picture?" He asked.

  3. Barbara spoke without stopping.

  4. He would have died without the immediate intervention of two paramedics.

  5. I left at half past thirty.

Synonyms of Prompt

precipitate, lead to, unhesitating, ■■■■ on, jog someone's memory, speedy, on the knocker, instantaneous, engender, remind, on the button, ready, rapid, on the nail, rathe, refresh someone's memory, sharp, willing, ■■■■ on, eager, ■■■■, produce, spot on, precisely, punctually, coach, exactly, on the dot


Meanings of Note:
  1. A brief note of ideas or points as a reminder.

  2. Short informal letters or text messages.

  3. A special sound produced by a musical instrument or a human voice.

  4. Observe or pay attention to (something).

Sentences of Note
  1. I will make a note in my diary.

  2. I left a note explaining where I was going.

  3. Symphony's last note has been deleted.

  4. There is hatred in your voice

Synonyms of Note

jotting, put down on paper, message, summary, put in black and white, details, sound, pay regard to, impressions, commentary, consider, greenback, email, reminder, mark down, memo, scrawl, flimsy, data, put down