Definition of Affiliate:

  1. A person or organization officially attached to a larger body.

  2. Commerce: Two parties are affiliates if either party has the power to control the other, or a third party controls or has the power to control the both. Affiliation also exists in (1) in interlocking directorates or ownership, (2) in identity of interests among members of a family and, (3) where employees, equipment, and/or facilities, are shared. Affiliates are subject to greater than normal legal prohibitions and requirements to guard against insider trading. See also subsidiary.

  3. Officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.

  4. Electronic commerce: Firm which sells other merchants products at its own website. Visitors to the firms website may order merchandise from there, but the sale is transacted actually at the principals site who passes on a commission to the website from where the order originated.

Synonyms of Affiliate

Associate with, Be in league with, Unite with, Combine with, Join with, Join up with, Join forces with, Ally with, Form an alliance with, Align with, Amalgamate with, Merge with, Coalesce with, Federate with, Confederate with, Form a federation with, Form a confederation with, Team up with, Band together with, Cooperate with, Office, Bureau, Agency, Americanize, Anglicize, Greek, Accept, Acculturate, Acculturize, Act in concert, Act together, Admit, Adopt, Affiliate to, Affiliate with, Affiliated, Allied, Ally, Amalgamate, Approve, Arm, Assimilate, Associate, Associated, Band, Band together, Be in cahoots, Be in league, Belonger, Bound, Bracketed, Branch, Branch office, Brother, Bunch, Bunch up, Cabal, Cabalistic, Card-carrier, Card-carrying member, Cardholder, Carry, Cement a union, Centralize, Chapter, Charter member, Club, Club together, Clubber, Clubman, Clubwoman, Coact, Coalesce, Collaborate, Collateral, Collude, Combine, Come into, Come together, Committeeman, Comrade, Concert, Concord, Concur, Confederate, Confederated, Confer citizenship, Conjugate, Connected, Consociate, Consolidate, Conspiratorial, Conspire, Conventioneer, Conventioner, Conventionist, Cooperate, Corporate, Correlated, Couple, Coupled, Creep in, Derive from, Division, Do business with, Dues-paying member, Embrace, Enleagued, Enlist, Enlistee, Enroll, Enrollee, Enter, Espouse, Father, Federalize, Federate, Federated, Fellow, Filiate to, Fraternity man, Fuse, Gang, Gang up, Get heads together, Get into, Get together, Go in for, Go in partners, Go in partnership, Go into, Go native, Go partners, Guildsman, Hang together, Harmonize, Hold together, Honorary member, Hook up, Hook up with, Implicated, In cahoots, In league, In partnership, In with, Initiate, Insider, Interlinked, Interlocked, Interrelated, Involved, Join, Join forces, Join fortunes with, Join in, Join together, Join up, Join up with, Join with, Joined, Joiner, Keep together, Knotted, League, League together, League with, Leagued, Life member, Linked, Local, Lodge, Make common cause, Married, Marry, Member, Merge, Naturalize, Of that ilk, Of that kind, Offshoot, One of us, Organ, Organize, Pair, Pair off, Paired, Parallel, Partner, Partners with, Pass, Play ball, Pledge, Post, Pull together, Put heads together, Ratify, Reciprocate, Related, Sign on, Sign up, Sister, Sneak in, Socius, Sorority girl, Sorority woman, Spliced, Stand together, Stand up with, Take out membership, Take up, Take up membership, Team up, Team up with, Team with, Teamed, Throw in together, Throw in with, Tie in, Tie in with, Tie up, Tie up with, Tied, Trace to, Twinned, Unionize, Unite, Unite efforts, Unite with, Wed, Wedded, Wing, Work together, Yoked

How to use Affiliate in a sentence?

  1. The college is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin.
  2. My friend Dustin worked on the web and was heavily successful with affiliate marketing, which allowed him a lot of financial freedom.
  3. The television station ABC, has a huge network of affiliate stations, that bring our local and regional news and television programming to us.
  4. Sometimes if you want to get on with a new company you have to go through an affiliate that will get money for referring you.
  5. The company established links with British affiliates.

Meaning of Affiliate & Affiliate Definition