Ecommerce Website

In today’s digital era it is important to have a website where viewers can visit and find the information, products, or services they need. A website is a mirror of the company. A company builds its website for providing information to its viewers. The website represents the company and its workings. In the case of an e-commerce website where buying and selling of goods and services are the priority, it is necessary to have a website that is fast and secured.

A good website loads within 3 seconds which gain positive points in the mind of the viewer. On the other hand, slow loading websites can impact downfall in search engine rank, and also users will leave the website and surf another website if it is slow which leads to loss of customers.

Benefits of having a fast website.

User Interactivity

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow running website. A website loses its viewer’s if it’s not productive in user interaction or slow. The most common and highlighted benefit of having a fast website is that it attracts and holds the viewer which reduces the cost of the website.

Prevents from downfall of Search Engine Ranking

Anyone who builds a website and hosts it over the internet wants someone to visit it. But only a few websites succeed in attracting visitors. The content and graphics over a website plays an important role for attracting viewers. A good website should have a good user interface and fast loading capacity.

Search engine ranking can be easily increased. If your website provides good browsing experience to the visitors.

Gaining Huge Traffic

Traffic of a website ensures its effectiveness in terms of number of person visited at your website. The more the traffic the more number of growth opportunity you will secure. There are number of websites doing same work over internet that means there is huge competition in market.

To overcome competition and gain more traffic it is necessary to get social and have a clear vision of SEO. Make sure your website isn’t slow and can load within few seconds.

How to make e- commerce website faster and better .

Traditionally the buyer use to travel miles for purchasing a particular product by the help of E- Commerce it is now possible for the buyer to buy the things in one click by visiting a website. E- Commerce website have now become an essential part of human life. People are now becoming aware of online commerce. And there is a wide scope of having an online store. But having an online store is not only enough.

A website should also be productive and should lead to various advantages. Here are some ways by which you can make your website more productive.

Check Current Performance of Your Website.

Performance of your website can be checked by various alternatives available online Google Page Speed Online,, Website are some of the best websites to check the current performance of your website. Check for the variances where the site is lacking and the places which need to be fixed for increasing the performance.

There are a lot of ways by which an E-commerce website can be converted into a fast and better website. Essentially any website can become an e-commerce website with the products/service listed on it having a feature of buying/selling the product with the suitability of a payment gateway.

Beginning with the right platform

The most important thing you can do to make your e-commerce site fast and better is to use a reputed e-commerce platform. You can use some good platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, Go Daddy, and so on.


A nicely built website runs smooth and is very pleasant to the eyes. Whereas a badly designed e-commerce site causes several problems. Loss of traffic is the most harmful of all those consequences. A site that loads very slowly, a site that appears dead, or a site that’s difficult to navigate causes a downfall in search ranking.

  1. Design should define Your Site’s Purpose and Strategy.

  2. Latest Web Design Trends looks better than orthodox designs.

  3. Design should tell about your Branding.

  4. Design should be able to handle the add-In and Optimization of your Content.

Work on site speed

Site speed is a topic every site owner is concerned about. Generally, ecommerce sites take longer to load than typical sites, not the whole site is slow but there are some pages that tend to load slow.

A slow site is one of the worst mistakes because most often a customer will leave the site if they couldn’t access your site quickly. This is common for new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand and your site.

Use a quality host and upgrade accordingly

The better hosting services you opt the better is for your website. A lot of people use shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are very attractive to new site owners because they are affordable, but the cost shouldn’t be the only thing you’re concerned about, especially when it comes to hosting e-commerce sites. Once the sales are up and your business is growing you can upgrade your hosting plan to a better version which improves the quality of a website.

Take help of CDN

Content Delivery Network is a platform which helps in a loading web page at a good speed. It reduces the space present between the visitors and the server. CDN helps in minimizing the time taken by the website to load which ultimately attracts the visitors and makes your website better and faster.

Make effective use of Images:-

Images are the best way to communicate something. In the case of an eCommerce website, images play an important role in the success of a business enterprise, but using too many uncompressed, high-quality images can slow down your website. Optimize images of your website by reducing the file size, choosing the right type of file, naming the file in plain language, etc. there are also many sites that provide free services for optimizing the images.

Using a quality host and good CDN helps in increasing performance.

Make your site mobile-friendly

It’s 2020 and having a smartphone is a compulsion. Most of the online buyers visit the eCommerce websites via phone and it’s very important to have a website that is mobile-friendly. A mobile friendly helps in generating sales for your business and improves user experience which ultimately makes the website better.

Multiple payment methods

A customer should experience a hassle-free checkout process ideally, they should be provided with ample payment gateways for the customers which includes Cash on delivery, Credit Card Payments, and Debit Card Payments. Payment gateways allow e-commerce websites to accept payments from customers without Storing and encrypting customers’ payment details. Also, it is necessary to have a safe and secure transaction method on the website.

Showcase your best-selling products on the homepage

Featuring best-selling products helps in increasing your sales. Browsing a shop’s best-selling is a simple way for customers to shop for products they know other customers are interested love, Customers while visiting an ecommerce website have large number of choices and its difficult to choose some of them and here comes the role of top rated products which helps the customer in making buying decision.

Creating Wish lists for the Customers:

Wish list provides customer a personalized space for saving the products a customer wishes to buy in near future. Whenever the customer will revisit the website it will remind them of the products they wished to buy but haven’t purchased yet. This allows user to get alerts about sales to customers which helps in gaining traffic.

Creating Support Service

Customer is the king of the market hence it is necessary to create a support system for providing them assistance if they are facing any problem. The main goal of customer support is to solve the problems or issues faced by the customers while purchasing or browsing the website.


This support service provides a sense of convenience to the customers and helps in building the brand name of the company.