How To Sharpen Your Shopping Skills During Clearance Sales?

Don’t want to miss out on the designer clothes sale? Or whenever you step in the store you don’t see the shirt you liked and saved on your phone?

How To Sharpen Your Shopping Skills During Clearance Sales?

Find below some cool tricks and tips to ace your shopping skills from the same mania during any season or campaign for the brands you love! So get ready to fill up your wardrobe this winter season with fashion sale.

Don’t hesitate to ask around

We are often not able to find the right size of the article that we are looking for in a store. With winter clothes sale, we usually assume that the stock is limited to what has been displayed on the racks or hung at the front. What usually happens is that if you are not able to find the desired size of the dress you have been searching for, you leave the shop or go to the next one.

We suggest you don’t hesitate to ask around from the storekeeper or the manager to look it up for you in their backend stores, or warehouses. You could even ask them to check the availability at any other branch. Turns out they mostly do have the clothing item you had wanted. So it’s always good to inquire and then make your decision.

Know when is the right time to buy formal dresses on sale

Formal dresses are usually a little hefty on the pocket. The trick to getting one of your favorite formal dresses is to wait for the end of season sale. All leading brands launch their season end winter clothes saleat the end of the winter season.

So if you had been wanting to buy that formal dress for a very long time, like the one from the Luxury collection available at So Kamal, then it’s the perfect time to head out to one of their stores and get your formal dresses on sale.

This is why we often regret buying some clothes earlier in a campaign which later turns out to be affordable in their winter clothes clearance and promotions. So it is advised to wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks after any new campaign is launched by a brand.

Shopping Skills

Stock refreshers

When you step into a clothing store, you often like clothes from what is displayed on the racks. But at times they run out of stock in the stores or even online. However, some stores rotate and refresh their articles in their stores and websites after a few days or weeks.

To get the best clothing deals, you may visit the So Kamal stores for their latest winter campaign, or right after a few weeks during sale season to finddiscount designer clothes for yourself.

Return and exchange policies

Almost all brands, including our favorite one right now, i.e. So Kamal with its exclusive collection on sale right now, also have its return and exchange policies in existence for its customer’s awareness. Some stores and brands have clear policies stating that their product can be returned only after so and so many days of purchase.

This allows a safe turnover rate for the stores to keep fresh stocks coming up rather than the previous ones piling up. So always ensure that whenever you purchase any clearance clothes, try them on in order to get them exchanged in the given time frame.

How To Sharpen Your Shopping Skills

Shop during weekdays

An ideal time to shop during sale mania is during weekdays. This is because most people are free during the weekends and plan to head out shopping. As a result, the stores are fully crowded and you often don’t get what you want.

So in order to grab discount designer clothes from the full variety available at the stores, it is recommended to visit the stores, especially during the weekdays in order avoid crowds and get better clothing deals.

Shopping Skills During Clearance Sales

Wrapping Up

Use these tactics and get your favorite unstitched or stitched clothing article from So Kamal’s Luxury collection, khaddar and linen unstitched collection. They all are available for sale of up to a whopping 70% discount.