Sports Brands

Sports brands are very popular among people related to sports due to their performance. There are hundreds of sports brand in a market but some of them are best because of quality and availability. Nike, Adidas and ASICS are the world’s biggest sports brands.

Sports Brands

Best Quality Sports Brands

Sports brands are fully interlinked with our daily routine, so it is important to know who is making the best quality sportswear. These fashionable sports brands are equally popular in sports world and fashion. There is a list of 15 best quality sports brands, rated on the basis of their style and popularity among clients.

1. Nike

Nike sports brand

Nike brand is from United States. Founded in 1971 by Bill Bowerman Phil Knight. Their headquarter is in Washington County, Oregon, US. It is the top richest sports brand of the world. They have perfect solution for every sport from soccer to golf. They earn 27 million US dollars yearly. They are rich financially as well as in terms of fans.

2. Adidas

Adidas sports brand

This is the German brand founded in 18th August 1949. Adolf Dassler was the founder of this sport brand. Their headquarter is in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Their products are sports wear, sports equipments and other clothing and accessories. It is the top richest brand of the world. Adidas is the official sponsor of the FIFA in world cup for the last thirty years.


ASICS sports brand

This brand is a Japanese brand, the founder of this brand was Kihachiro Onitsuka and founded in 1949. Headquarter of this brand is in Kobe, Japan. ASICS abbreviated from Latin expression ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ which means “You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body”. It is one of the best selling merchandise known for their footwear and sports products.

4. Champion

It is the brand of United States and founded in 1919. Champion brand is known for their clothing, sportswear and footwear. Their Headquarter is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US. In 2019 this brand celebrated their century. Champion is still one of the best.

5. Columbia Sportswear

This American brand is founded in 1938 and their Headquarter is in Beaverton, Oregon, US. Gert Boyle is the chairman of this brand. It is the richest company and have a revenue of 2.1 billion US dollars. It is known for clothing, sportswear and footwear.

6. Fila

Fila is an Italian brand, it is founded in 1911. Fila brothers in Biella, Italy are founder of this company. From 1911-2007 Biella, Italy was the headquarter but from 2007 Seoul, South Korea is the headquarter of this brand. This brand is known for their athletic shoes, Sportswear and sports equipments.

7. Kappa

Kappa is an Italian brand founded in 1967. Their headquarter is in Turin, Italy. This brand is more famous in Asian countries. It is known for clothing, sportswear and footwear. Their revenue is 111 Euros which makes this company the richest.

8. Lotto

Lotto is also an Italian brand, founded in 1973. Caberlotto family is the owner of this brand. Their headquarter is in Treviso, Italy. They are known for producing sports garments and footwear and distributed in more than 60 countries. They are also one of the richest brand.

9. New Balance

It is an American brand and made in 1906. William J. Riley is the owner of this brand. Their headquarter is in Boston, Massachusetts, US. They are known for hoodies, joggers and other athletic staples feature heavily, with bold branding, quality fabrication and street-friendly styling as standard.

10. Puma

Puma sports brand

Puma is a German brand, founded in 1948 by Rudolph Dassler. Headquarter is in Herzogenaurach, Germany. They are known for footwear, sports accessories such as travel bags and clothes. It is also one of the richest brand.

11. Reebok

Reebok is an American brand made by J.W. Foster in 1895. Their headquarter is in Boston, US. It is the subsidiary of the ADIDAS brand. They produce sports apparel, sport clothing and sports shoes. Their fan following is in millions and one of the richest brand.

12. Salomon

Salomon is a French brand. This brand is known for their hoodies, tracksuit and footwear. Trail running shoes are the new thing in high fashion, and Salomon makes some of the best around.

13. Under Armour

Under Armour is an American brand, made by Kevin Plank in 25th September, 1996. The headquarter of Under Armour is in Baltimore, Maryland, US. It is new among all of them. It is one of the biggest sports apparel selling brand. They produce clothing and Sportswear. It is one of the richest brand.

14. Umbro

Umbro is a brand of UK made in 23rd May, 1924 by Harold and Wallace Humphreys. Their headquarter is in Manchester, England. This brand is known for sportswear and sports equipments.

15. Quick

Quick is a brand of Netherland, founded in 1905 and Herman Jansen is the owner of this brand. Their headquarter is in Hangelo, Gelderland, Netherlands. It is also known for their sport equipment and sportswear.

Some interesting facts about brands

  1. Brand Adidas first named as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik which means ‘Dassler brothers shoe factory’. In 1948 Adi Dassler made Adidas.

  2. Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman used a waffle maker to make his first outsole, Original one was made in 2011 next to his previous home and it is now a Nike display item.

  3. The name of the brand ASICS is an abbreviated version of the Latin phrase “Anima sana in corpore sano”, meaning “A healthy soul in a healthy body”. The saying of the Roman poet Juvenal.

  4. Kevin Plank made the brand Under Armour in his grandmother’s cellar in 1996, and he wrote Christmas greeting cards to Nike co-founder Phil Knight with the message: “Dear Mr. Knight, you don’t know me yet but one day you will hear of me”. Since then he has become a billionaire and he mentioned in an interview that he now receives this kind of letter too.

  5. The brand name Nike is from the name of the Greek Goddess of Victory. However, this sports brand is not alone in this, during the Second World War the goddess decorated the victory medals and the Rolls Royce “Spirit of Ecstasy” is modelled on Nike.


Sports brands are popular among sports persons and other people who love sports. Nike, Adidas, ASICS, puma, underarmour, quick, umbro, fila and so many other brands are world’s biggest sports brands.


Sports are very important part of our life and the people who love sports are well aware of sports brands. Some of the brands are richest brands of world because of the quality of their products and innovation on a regular basis.

Nike is the top richest brand of world and their quality standardsmakes them richest. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Puma, Fila, ASICS, Columbia Sportswear, Lotto and Kappa are the top ten richest brand of the world.