Video Production

If there’s one thing that no professional content creator or filmmaker would ever compromise on, it’s their video production quality. And rightly so, after all, that’s what sets a professional filmmaker apart from a novice. Videos are one of the best ways to get your message across in the most creative, engaging and exciting manner. However, your content’s effectiveness in doing so clearly relies on its quality. People love to engage with videos more than text, given that the content either entertains or informs or offers some value to them.

Typically, the more the production value is, the greater its impact will be. This is why most brands and businesses prefer to hire the best production house for creating high-quality, professional videos for marketing or branding purposes instead of making them in-house. Nevertheless, the content your company puts out there also plays a vital role in building its credibility, attracting a large audience, and generating more leads. This means your production value does a lot for shaping how your brand is perceived by the outside world.

In this blog, we will discuss the top five video production tips to improve quality. However, keep in mind that a lot of time, effort and resources go into the process of achieving the desired results. So, if you feel like it’s too much work for you, you can always hire a professional video production company. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the details now!

Best 5 Production Tips to Improve Your Video Quality

Plan and Research in Advance

Before proceeding with anything else, you should first plan and research ahead of time for each video. And by that, we don’t just mean planning and researching the content topic; you need to consider the location and set as well. Doing so will help make sure you make the best out of every location. Note down all the other things you would require for producing videos and take care of them in advance.

Camera and Lenses

Although it’s just an expression, it is indeed true - you must have a professional camera for professional shoots. The information in the footage that can be modified and refined later is crucial for post-production. A sophisticated and professional camera will have more information which will, in turn, ensure better color depth in the output and retain important details in highlights. Likewise, camera lenses are equally essential. High-quality lenses not only ensure overall good image quality but also have an edge over other lenses as they offer less chromatic distortion, low light adaptability and shallow depth of light.


Ask any professional filmmaker or video production house or content creator about the most crucial aspect of making high-quality videos, and the majority of them will say it’s lighting! When it comes to video production, lighting is the heart and soul of the entire process. So, before anything else, make sure you invest in lighting pretty well.

Sound and Audio Effects

If truth be told, an average video with good sound quality is more likely to generate more leads than a great professional-looking video with poor sound quality. And just to make things clear - this is not an opinion; it’s a proven fact! Therefore, if you want the best results, be sure to invest well in your sound recording equipment and also, add suitable audio effects during editing to influence your viewers smartly.


During the editing process, various elements come together to form our final product, i.e., the video. When it comes to improving or enhancing any video, or audio clip, using transitions can give you much better results. The key is knowing what to add, and more importantly, what to exclude so that your video is accurate and can impact the audience the way you want it to. In addition to this, if you have used graphics in your video, make sure to use colors and text that are more aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall video.

Pro Tip: Besides these top five video production tips, using B-roll can also give you incredible results if used correctly. It is highly recommended that you shoot plenty of B-roll footage in order to have various options for editing. The more options you have, the better your output will be.

Video production service

In the beginning there were multiple video production services. Production team, editing team, actors, writers etc. All had to be managed and maintained throughout the development process, from pre-production to post production.

Video production company

Video production usually is involved in multiple aspects all related to video making such as scripting, location scouting, and logistics. A video production company produces all kinds of videos, whereas a movie production company produces videos for theatrical, streaming, or television broadcast distribution.

Animated video production

Everyone seems to be making videos these days, and that’s not surprising! Did you know that e-mail promoting companies with video saw a 96% increase in click-through rates?

Video is the most engaging content for brands looking to increase their web presence and attract more customers. The animated video is loved by big brands like Twinings and John Lewis for its eye-catching and magical appeal. But animated video is also widely used by beginners because it’s worth it!

What does animation have to do with video production?

Step One: Script

The first thing involved in animation video production is scripting. When you connect with a video production company, you will most likely discuss your opinion and the important message you want to convey in your video. Often times, you will be asked to support this with a short document that the script writer can refer to when creating your script.

In this first step, the length of your video and the type of characters to add will be determined. One minute of professional voice-over recording is equivalent to about 140 words to the text, so this is what most animation production companies do in Wyzowl. This time frame is ideal, so we recommend keeping your video between 1-2 minutes. For most engagement purposes, check out this short video blog from MD Matt for more information:

In Wyzowl, it takes us 3 days to create an initial draft script based on your brief documentation at each step of the process. We offer unlimited revisions, which means we will change your script until you are 100% satisfied and ready. to the design stage

Second step: design

After your script is complete, it’s time to design your graphics. This is the process of accomplishing everything mentioned in your episode, from the characters to the moon, to dogs driving racing cars! What you see on paper is actually taken through design. And since they’re all created from scratch, your customized video is one of a kind.

After eight working days you will get a completed storyboard so you can see how everything will be before you put them together in your animated video. When working out your storyboard for the first time, you should find out if the plot is what you expected as you read your episode. If not, it’s time to start asking your animation production company for editing, as the visual elements of a video are important to reflect your brand and the message you want to send to your customers.

Third Step: Voice and Music

Once you’ve gotten out of your storyboard, it’s time to clarify what kind of artist, voice actor, and music you want. This can vary greatly depending on many things, but ultimately the voiceover and song should always reflect your brand. For example, if your brand is B2B, you might want a serious ventriloquist with corporate music. However, if you are B2C, you may want to have more fun with your music and make your voiceovers look more intimate and relevant.

It is worth noting that the nationality of your voice actor should be shared with most of your customers. In Wyzowl, we can record multiple videos of you with separate voiceovers. (For a small fee) We can translate and hire voice actors abroad, this is what we usually do for our international clients.

Step Four: Animation

This is the last step in the video animation production process. This is where your videos really come to life!

The animation team takes all pre-created content (scripts, storyboards, voiceovers, and music) and puts it all together to create your complete and engaging video. Animators need to have sharp and enthusiastic ears because everything about the animation video must be smooth in order to sustain the illusion and immerse the audience in the world of stories. This includes making sure that even the finest details are taken care of, for example ensuring that the character’s footsteps are heard as he walks across the screen.

When you are satisfied with the animation, your video is complete!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What are the 3 steps of video production?

There are three main processes for merging videos: pre-shooting, filming, and editing.

Q: What is the video production process?

What is the video production process? Video production is more than just pressing the record button on your camera. The video creation process consists of three steps from idea to completion: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Q: What is the 3-step production process?

The three main stages of production are: Pre-production: Planning, Scriptwriting and Storyboard, etc.

Q: What makes a good video production company?

Any video production company worth it should be able to detail the time required to complete a project, as well as the warmth and patience when calculating the details.

Q: What is a video production company?

While video production companies produce all kinds of videos, film production companies produce videos for theater, streaming or television broadcasting, film production companies do a lot and the majority focus on pre-production.

Q: What is the difference between camcorder and camcorder?

The camcorder records the video on a flash memory card. While the camera can record on the memory card. However, it still stores the video on the internal hard drive.


Video production involves many elements that should perfectly be in sync with one another in order to achieve the desired production value and quality. These were the best five video production tips that will help you enhance your overall content quality and get the most out of your efforts. However, if you still feel uncertain about getting it done in-house, you can always hire a professional video production company.