Audio Tour Guide System

Tourism is exciting, especially for people who love traveling! A tour guide can be a person, and it can be your smart gadget, depending on what type of companion you chose; either for museums, tour groups on any vacation place, historic place, or while pilgrimage.

why to hire a tour guide?

If you get guidance from a smart audio guide system, then no doubt you’ll give you the liberty to explore places yourself. But, having a tour guide can further leverage the zest of your traveling experience as they’re experienced enough, what to do if you get misguided or lose track. They have more knowledge on which places are best to visit according to season.

However, this post aims to shed light on the uses, types, and basic cutting-edge audio guide system features. Once you go through an entire post, you’ll learn all about this handy and useful device. Let’s dive into insight into the audio guide system for the best tour experience.

What is an audio tour guide system?

The audio guide system is a portable and wireless one-way audio device that lets the speaker be heard clearly by a massive crowd of people. The tour guide uses a headset microphone to deliver a message to envoys who also wear headphones. This creates an inclusive, interactive, yet personalized, and conducive learning environment.

Though it can be used in multiple scenarios; nevertheless, the everyday use of a tour guide system needs to incorporate tours, travel tours, factory tours, university tours, trade shows, and language interpretation.

Generally, if we notice, educating and guiding a tour group in a factory or large crowd usually requires a loudspeaker, so they speak and hear in a loud and projective voice.

This results in the speaker’s straining voice, while many listeners strive hard to hear them. The tour regularly ends up with the speaker having a sensitive throat or lost voice and a gathering of individuals who missed the entirety of the data given to them.

Voice strain and message disarray are a relic of times gone by, as a local area expert framework ensures a more charming encounter for the two players.

What are the benefits of Rental’s tour guide system?

Instead of investing dollars just for a single event, or a few hours, the wise way is to opt for rent or buy audio guide systems on rent.

This can be time-saving for a buyer and prolific for a supplier who rent their tour guide systems. The main advantage of a rental tour guide system includes;

  • Long-lasting battery life with 10+ hours battery. It works all day and charges at night using the built-in charge dock.

  • Flexible enough to suit both small and large group.

  • Features environmentally Sound rechargeable batteries.

  • Deliver a message through headsets with high-quality digital audio.

  • The audio device is Strong, Durable, & reliable.

  • Portable framework – lightweight hard case, ideal for worldwide or homegrown travel.

  • Operates on a 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency – permit free and legitimate in all nations.

What is The Total Limitation Capacity of Audio tour guide systems?

The audio guide systems are widely used in group settings and speakers and listeners at a short distance from each other. With any advanced solution, there always comes certain limitations to learning, which can ensure which system will be right and useful for you.

The one-way and dual-way audio guide systems evaluated by some retailers don’t provide up to the mark quality for return audio and are often quite complicated to be operated by a guide; they’ll always need the assistance of a professional technician.

Then comes the range – representatives ought to stay inside a 30 m scope of the transmitter to get clear computerized sound.

Different uses for Tour Guide System

Following are some primary uses of tour audio guide systems;

  • Speakers can use one transmitter to deliver audio to the representatives with receivers.

  • Two or more speakers, each with a transmitter, can deliver separate audio on separate channels to delegates with receivers at the same time and location.

  • Two speakers, each with a transmitter, delivering audio, on the same channel, to all delegates with receivers.

  • Transmitters & receivers can operate 2043 ~ 2480.5 MHz.

  • The technical part of Tour Guide Systems.

  • Transmitters uphold up to 100 channels and utilize an electrical condenser amplifier and a dipole radio wire (used to impart and accept signs).

  • Transmitters and Receivers uphold 1 x Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries 2250maH.

What Things Audio Guide Kit Contain?

The complete kit of audio guide system (if buying rental) takes the least setup with all kits encompassing instructions. In the odd event, you have any troubles working the units or might want more data.

Using Wireless Audio Guide System TT122

The TT122 navigation transmitter is turned on by pressing the “o” key for three seconds. For one key mute; in channel mode, long press to “-” to lock frequency, unlocking still need to press “-”

Press the key once to press the “+” and “-” keys to increase or decrease the channel volume. Then press the key again to enter the channel mode.

Short press “o” to switch volume mode, then press “-” to decrease the volume. Press + to increase the work (the volume can be adjusted from 0 to 10)

Also, press “o” to switch mode keys; then press “+” or “-” to adjust the channel up or down.

How to Operate TT122 navigation receiver?

The TT122 navigation receiver is turned on by pressing the “ALT” keys for three seconds. Then press + in channel mode to adjust the channel size up or down. Press + in volume mode to adjust the volume up or down.

How to set one-click frequency matching TT122 wireless tour guide system?

In the state of unlocking channel: long-press the plus button of transmitter to match the frequency with one key.

TT122 wireless navigation system with one-key Mute & One- Key Shut down

In the unlocked volume state, long-press the transmitter “-” button, you can mute one key (repeat same steps to cancel the mute operation). Press and hold the transmitter “+” button to turn off all the receivers with one key.