Another Reason to live, Beautify your soul!

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough
diamond, and must be polished, or the luster
of it will never appear.”
(Daniel Defoe)

Everyday we look ourselves in mirror and take
an outlook of our physical appearance. Have
we ever noticed our soul? Is it alive or dead?
We never think about the needs of soul just
because we are just conscious about outer
beauty and always ignore inner beauty.
Actually life has converted into race where no
one has time to stop, think and reflect on what’s
going on? This world only instructs you to
furbish your outer beauty for the sake to look
everyone else. What attracts people is money,
materialistic approaches and physical wellness.

They set dreams on them and result we are
observing people possess luxuries but mess
relationships, on the other hand they have
money but less moral values, low spirituality
more depression and anxiety they don’t know
root cause of this dilemma. Theirs souls are
drowning. They are unable to feel themselves
as alive because they are not fulfilling soul’s
needs. To make your soul shine, give them
exposure of theirs needs.

There are aspects
related to soul needs and recognition by
understanding these aspects you can make
difference in your life.

1: Self actualization.

Everyone has different finger prints it means
God has made us different from others. We
have our own uniqueness, abilities, as well as
weakness then why people are living in
a myth that what we have is, only society will tell us
because we show dependency other views and
perception about us and rest of the world. It is
really crap! 10, 12 or 16 year of education did
not make us able to know who we are? And
what is right, wrong why does society or world
decide it? One reason is that people has been
suffering from Anthrophobia and Autophobia
this is medical term which means fear of oneself
and fear of people. People are afraid to put trust
on theirselves. Lack of confidence shows
inability to do or say something freely. They
prefer to go on the demands of society.

easily give up on dreams and aims of life. Many
individuals has seen who wanted to become
poet, singer, writer but now doing 9 to 5 job at
some place because they never actualized
themselves and struggled for their interest. I
can surely utter it they are not getting joy from
jobs. Well, some people feel frightened
to recognize their weakness don’t want to reveal
in front of others they keep grudges,
insecurities, jealously etc etc… and they can’t
cut it off because they even don’t know these
things are spoiling their soul. Feeling of
embracement making them gutless for example
women who harassed by men never want to
appear as a victim and never want justice they
are powerless to understand being a victim
never make you flaw full but not standing up
for your rights make you coward.

It declares
you’re not faithful for yourself. If you actualize
yourself you’ll stand up for your rights you’ll
be able to control your unhealthy emotions and
take decision by yourself and most important
you’ll define yourself on the basis of your
strengths. The fastest ways to actualize yourself
is to accept yourself as you are and same as
others. Accept your uniqueness your views and
thoughts and use critical thinking to judge these thoughts no one is perfect so how you’ll
be? Understand your weak points and try to
overcome them accept others, respect their
opinions but not allow yourself to follow those
opinion if It’s not right love others, appreciate
others and don’t judge them, everyone has
different perspective don’t compare your life
or journey to others if someone has greater
status than your it doesn’t mean you are
unworthy and no! you’ll get that at your time
according to your level of struggle.

Meditate as
much as you can it’s a small type of vacation
your body and mind needed. Pay attention to
yourself your health and soul, feel free to laugh,
play & exercise. When you actualize yourself
you’ll become free.

2: Self Discovery.

Self Discovery is a long life process and also
most entertaining, to taste it… you must start it!! let begins it with some question ask yourself.
Who I am? Why I sent to this world? What can I
contribute to this world find out these answers
because everyone comes with purpose and our
task should be to discover this purpose and
chase it, once you’ll get the purpose then set up
your goal upon them, & go along with
direction… but hold on!! this isn’t a piece of
cake this journey offers you some spice, truly
you must face numberless challenges like
hardwork, rejections, failure, financial,
disability, criticism etc.

In order to achieve your
goal you should sustain your desire and
passion it’s like fuel, load it high & open your
wings and fly to chase dreams, interest and
aims of your life. Furthermore be your own
mentor to check up your performance with
previous one. Be creative, generate new ideas,
know about your passion, google it, read books
about them, ask feedback from others, discuss ideas. Evaluate your flaws, face it, accept it and overcome it. Your biggest enemy lies within you!!! There is only you who has power to stop

3: Meet up with nature.

We can’t deny nature isn’t different from us we
know very well connection between nature and
us then why we are getting far from nature
actually it’s a big issue but come to the point
the most related aspect is we are spending
nature’s time in materialistic approaches we are
gadgets people 3G and 4G connections are
more important than nature. What consume
your mind control your life material are good
for status and eyes but not for soul, they have
no combo! Soul is alive and want something
that has vibes, nature is soul’s food, nature is
GOD’S Art. I mean the mellifluous bird
chirping, mesmerizing, lakes, sea, ocean, glorious sky, bold colors of sunrise the sweet smell of Petrichor, rustling of leaves and air glow of sunshine, soothing moon, multi colored Rainbows.

Oh my God numerous appealing
beauty of nature no artificial beauty offers this
kind of ecstasy still silence and observing… yet
people are unaware of this treasure God has
gifted to us, Nature itself a teacher it
communicates many grateful lessons like
everything has divine timings after every day,
night will come and afterward every season
serves it purpose, if one is shattering the next
one will be blooming, have patience and
observe. Let allow yourself to evolve your soul
from false happiness.

4: Beautify your deeds.

No one can survive alone otherwise we all can
die as we all know satisfied life is
better than successful life means in generally success comes
from social states and satisfaction is an inner
feeling it is allied with soul, it comes in
different forms. We have already discussed but
still one more aspect has left and that is your
deeds. Our actions finally reflects, who we
really are!!! It’s a signature of your personality
so in order to get fully satisfied from yourself
you must pay attention to your deeds. Do good
and good will come to you World is expanding
means in population but humanity is reducing
because of narcissistic mindset, lack of moral
values, in humane behavior.

Most people have bruises of brutal behaviors of someone’s……

start it with those people who have none love
ones… visit to orphanages and give charity, be
eager for them they hardly needed you, stay
with them listen to their stories, views and
you’ll feel different. Show kindness to others be
humble to them, spend time with
animals they can’t express be there for them, forgive others,
do something great for mankind and most
importantly sincere with your professions
because through your performance you are
indirectly contributing to your world. If you are
a doctor your task should be to detach health
problems from society not to make money from
medicines. As well, politics has spreading all
over in your homes and workplace too
backstabbing, corruption, spreading rumors
these are unethical it will ruin your overall
personality. Curtail these cheap habits and do
what is actually right make yourself happy by
your good deeds. Wrapping up this article
with this quote.
“Food for the body isn’t enough
These must be food for the soul”
(Dorothy day)

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