Lip scrub

Nothing can ruin your Beauty except dull and chapped lips…as other feature of your face lip care is essential for looking completely aesthetic. You must spend time to care of your lips. One of the fastest and ultimate way to cure your lips is to apply lip scrub on daily routine.

Benefits of Using Lip Scrub

Basically it performs two tasks firstly exfoliates skin, and supply hydration to your skin. Without it your all cosmetics doesn’t suit you. Lip scrubbing provides smooth and gentle lips for the application of lip colors. It diminishes many problems like chapped and cracked lips , dehydration, discoloration , dullness roughness , aging etc.… lip scrubs are easily affordable and can be made at home its necessary to look flawless

Ideal for Cleanse Lips.

Lips are very sensitive and thin layered part. So easily dirt and dust makes home on it. Lips become dry and rough and resulting no cosmetics suit on you in this situation lip scrub is perfect for your lips to cleanse , tiny chunks in scrub remove dead cells from your lips and washed off all dust . lip scrub removes discoloration and leaves textured lips for application of lip color.
Gives instant shine and glow.

Because of dehydration it looks completely chapped and boring and it is turning into aging problems. Lip scrub provides a layer of moisturizer by which it looks young and pink when your lips starts looking refreshing you naturally glow and shine completely .
Makes you naturally beautiful.

If your lips are naturally shine and glow there is a no need to apply lip color already your natural look is enough to appear flawless. But you must need lip scrub to enhance your natural beauty and stay away yourself from artificial colors.
Its inexpensive .

Beauty market is full of expensive products and brands but when it comes to Lip scrub its cheap and easily can be made at home by adding simple ingredients. Daily application of lip scrub is much needed to exfoliate your lip skin use toothbrush and gently scrub you lips after some minutes remove with Luke warm water.

Different lip scrub in market

There are unlimited lip scrub brands its often difficult to choose which one is best in all . All are unique qualities and flavors with exfoliating agents.

1 .Sara happy the lip scrub.

Its all rounder its commonly used in all over the world it contains grape seed and jajoba oil seed. it gets rid off dryness and flaky skin and completely hydrate your lips with even texture.

2.chap stock total hydration .

Its like its name totally hydration it leaves your lips hydrated it combined with touch of mint , coconut oil, and vitamin E that transform your lips to smooth and moist . its ore step formula for applying any cosmetics.

3.Burts bees conditioning lip scrub.

It has bees wax, honey crystal, and exotic oil. All these make your lips soft and beautiful, buff away all your dry and dead areas soften your lips with full moist.

4.Fresh sugar lip polish exfoliator.

We all know very well brown sugar can greatly exfoliate lips and gives fine and clean textured to your lips it has more like Shea butter and jajoba oil for maintaining tremendous lip health and fab look.

5.Pure sugar nourish and soften cocoa scrub.

It has multi ingredients that made it more powerful as compared to other lip scrub. It contains coconut oil, sugar, cocoa , that makes your lip Skin gentle. Dirt and impurities get vanished by using this product its an ultimate source of glow and shine.

All products are affordable and has no side effect but there is one more way to go without spending money on purchasing lip scrub you can make lip scrub at home by using normal ingredients which are easily present at kitchen.

Home made lip scrub recipes.

1.Mint lip scrub.


2tbs coconut or olive oil.
2tbs sugar
8_10 spearmint essential oil
½ tbs Grape seed oil


• Combine sugar with your chosen emollient then add essential oil in it blend it completely.
• Add grape seed oil
• Mix it well and apply it on lips by the help of finger gently in circular motion.
• Remove it with Luke warm water.

:arrow_right:Why it works???

Sugar provides natural exfoliant and essential oil helps to increase blood circulation. sugared lip scrub refreshes your skin as well it make smooth skin. Grapeseed works as antioxidant and grant moisturizer to your lips.

2. Chocolate lip scrub mask.


1tbs coco powder
1tbs brown sugar
1Tbs vanilla extract
¾ Tbs honey
2tbs olive oil


• Combine all ingredients in a glass or jar and mix it well.
• Apply it in circular motion of your lips gently for 5 minutes.
• Wash off scrub with Luke warm water.

:arrow_right:why it works ???

Chocolate smell is amazing additionally , coco powder is best for removing bronzed skin, vanilla extract controls aging problem and prevent lips from damage.

3. Cinnamon lip scrub.


1/2 Tbs cinnamon
½ tbs raw honey
½ tbs olive oil.


• Combine all ingredients and take it into jar then use it as a lip scrub daily.
• Remove it with warm water or wet cotton.

:arrow_right:why it works???

Cinnamon has ability to plumb your lips for perfect pout. Its also common for its exfoliating feature it soften your skin Like velvet . peel lip scrub.


2 tbs dried orange peel powder.
2tbs brown sugar
10 to 12 drops almond oil


• For making orange peel powder. Peel off orange and dried it, after grind it well until it turns up in powder form .
• After mix all together and Lil scrub is ready
• Apply it in a circular motion and wash away with Luke warm water.

:arrow_right:why its work???

Its best for those who have dark and discolored lips because oranges can solve these problems . almond oil sanitate full moist to your dry lips and ply your rough lips. Sugar renders exfoliation process .

5. Rose petal milk scrub.


5 to 8 Rose petals
2 tbs Milk


• Take some petals of rose and blend it with milk until it turns into paste which is easy to apply on lips
• After mixing apply it at your lips and wash it with Luke warm water.

:arrow_right: why it works???

Rose extract highly recommended to use as a toner it washes off dirt and brighten your complexion same as in lip . it gives instant pinkness and eliminates discoloration .

6.lemon lip scrub.


1tbs Lemon juice
1Tbs petroleum jelly
2Tbs sugar


• Mix sugar and petroleum jelly in a bowl or jar
• Add lemon juice on it and mix all gently apply on lips for some time then remove it with Luke warm water.

:arrow_right:why it works???

Lemon is used for bleaching purpose it wipes dead skins and cells , lighten dark areas instantly it makes shine and glow if you apply definitely you’ll notice change.

Its safe to put ho made scrub in old lip balm case or eye shadow case . store your scrub in refrigerator for lost lasting life . sterilizing the case by washing with hot water. Tips are important for preventing from any problem.

Frequently asked questions.

Here are some of the most interesting Lip Scrub frequently asked questions which every girl asked regarding lip scrub

1.What is a lip scrub good for?

Lip scrubs performs two main tasks firstly exfoliates your lip skin that is very thin and secondly it washes off dead cells that caused discoloration and makes your lips chapped.

2.How long should you use a lip scrub?

As all other skin care products you can use it daily for better results. The more regular you will use scrip the more beautiful your lips will appear.


Appear beautifully is everyone’s dream but it takes hard work and extra care it demands consistency and passion to transform yourself more beautiful from previous. Natural beauty is best thing and we should always work for it whether its using a lip scrub or other skin care task we must consistently perform it and make a habit to groom yourself it makes your skin healthier and you happy.