How to Make A Logo

Logos are an essential part of any website or a social platform. They represent the title tag of your company. They might seem daunting, however, considered as a must for any business. Every business wants the logo to explain their merchandise in one word, so you do.

A good logo needs to be:

:orange_circle: Eye catching and unique

:orange_circle: Timeless

:orange_circle: Memorable

:orange_circle: Working well either small or bigger

:orange_circle: Encompassing the brand vibe.

What is a brand vibe, how to figure one?

A brand vibe shows how your brand makes the people feel; brand personality may be. This vibe needs to be consistent across your content and logo setting out the brand guidelines clearly. Check Custom Logo Design Service targeted work to see how the things work at their end and you might have an idea of what the brand vibe means.

Just the way we want the law firms to feel respectable and trustworthy, we want the yoga trainers to be gentle and calm, and the party planners to be fun and organized. Similarly, the logo making procedure becomes so much easier once you get to know your brand vibe. You can start by jotting down some words encompassing how you want your brand to make the people feel about it.

Keeping the brand vibe in your mind, think about how every logo makes you feel.

Logo design tips and tricks

Following are some of essential factors before you check out the tips and tricks:

:black_square_button: A logo portrays several emotions

:black_square_button: Keep the logo design clean by using some empty space

:black_square_button: Make use of several shapes to think out of the box to bring unique content

:black_square_button: Think about your logo in situ

:black_square_button: Choose the color combination wisely

:black_square_button: Be literal with your logo to define it properly

:black_square_button: Being authoritative with your logo will help you define it in a refine way

:black_square_button: With a pop of color, make visual salience

:black_square_button: Never reinvent the wheel while making your logo

:black_square_button: Never hesitate to rejig the wheel.

Here are some tips and tricks by Custom Logo Design Service that will change the game:

A logo portrays several emotions: A logo shows and represents your brand. Henceforth, instead of telling them what you do, show them. The simpler your logo is, the easier it will be to understand and attract audience. But before that, keep the brand vibe in your mind so it can be shown in your logo.

Keep the logo design clean by using some empty space: According to Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. Similar thing is applied in the designing. Make sure that people can read your logo from far away by keeping it clean; according to the designers it is known as “lots of blank space”. Blank space in logo is helpful while designing brochures, posters, and painting t-shirts along with other marketing collaterals. Henceforth, the logo is feasible in integrating seamlessly into different formats and designs.

Make use of several shapes to think out of the box to bring unique content: Shapes help the logo to stand out easily because it gives a professional look. Besides, it helps in cross platform branding because a logo in a box works quite well digitally, presentations, letterhead, and merchandise like lanyards or pens. Shapes with unique textures or gradients are used for pushing the designs to the next level.

Think about your logo in situ: Think about the intended usage of the logo while deigning it- is it for a uniform or just for the website design? Use Mock Up Generator to check out how the logo looks in situ. Besides, it is good to think about the promotion methods while creating your logo. Make a logo, which looks good on a business card if you are up to doing a lot of networking.

Choose the color combination wisely: Talking about monochromatic, it does not always mean white and black. Sometimes these two colors look harsh on eyes, especially when it comes to making a feeling of zen. You can also use multiple shades of the same colors for creating subtle contrast in the logo.

Be literal with your logo to define it properly: Do not beat about the bush, be literal. Have you ever seen people putting electricity in a box? No! therefore, clear your mind and be literal. Note that many brands protected themselves from the competitors infringing their registered labels because the words on their logos were not easily understandable by local people.

Being authoritative with your logo will help you define it in a refine way: Being literal does not mean that everything fits in your organization. Consult yourself first without being biased, can you trust your company? Subtle colors and serif font is the key here, making the logo less unprofessional.

With a pop of color, make visual salience: Color combination is one of the essential elements in designers’ toolbox, no different while designing a logo. In designing, it is known as “visual salience”. Besides, it the best term for using in the casual conversation for impressing the designer friends. Moreover, it is one of the best ways for creating and impressive logo. However, one of the easiest ways to make visual salience is to use the “pop” of color. Perhaps, this is the trick that the designers use by adding small pop of colors to stop the design from looking flat.

Never reinvent the wheel while making your logo: If it toils, it toils. Many a time, a merchandise needs a logo with its basics on it. Go for it, if it looks appropriate. However, check your competitors and compare your logo with others to check if there is anything in common, i.e. colors or theme.

Never hesitate to rejig the wheel: Being bold and trying new things is okay. Use overlapping shapes, patterns, and contrasting shades of colors for making a unique and modern logo. For instance, blue and purple will look good if brought in contrast giving an impact of forward thinking and bold merchandise.

:point_right: It does not matter if you are a beginner, just follow the tips and tricks by Custom Logo Design Service to see how making a good logo works.


You do not need to carry modernization in your face to work. Custom Logo Design Service chooses to use and overlapping box effect. Their subtle geometric pattern on the top box helps in bringing the logo best ■■■■■■■ to your merchandise. Besides, it makes your merchandise feel unique and fresh. Lastly, they use sans serif font to avoid the logo to look dated and stuffy. They never give you only one option when it comes to work professionally. You can also give your suggestion for an add up.

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