Definition of Label:

  1. Classification phrases or names that apply to people or objects, especially incorrect or limited phrases.

  2. A narrow horizontal band, usually with three protrusions at the bottom, was marked by an older son in his father's life.

  3. A small piece of paper, cloth, plastic or similar material is pasted on something that provides information about it.

  4. Another term for stalactites.

  5. Explicit, descriptive or informative (such as trademarks, brands or labels), affixed, engraved, printed, marked, printed or stamped (or as part of) the product and / or its packaging.

  6. Add tags to (some).

  7. Specify categories, especially those that are incorrect or limited

Synonyms of Label

Trademark name, Description, The likes of, Marshaling, Designation, Nature, Marker, Type, Race, Describe, Stripe, Quarter, Set, Crescent, Escutcheon, Wreath, Rank, Lozenge, Logo, Description, Spread eagle, Griffin, Mold, Characterization, Subordinary, Earmark, Torse, Define, Attach labels to, Stamp, Armory, Motto, Pigeonhole, Difference, Inescutcheon, Docket, Letterhead, Running title, Line, Estate, Class, Peg, Impalement, Check, Strain, Gules, Nomen, Identification, Binomial name, Grouping, Gyron, Canton, Hallmark, Designate, Grain, Genre, Feather, Tab, Masthead, Brand, Government mark, Book stamp, Clan, Lion, Scientific name, Annulet, Quartering, The like of, Sept, Section, Dub, Tab, Chaplet, Character, Tautonym, Argent, Mascle, Categorize, Crest, Heading, Manner, Nomen nudum, Ticket, Sable, Pale, Tab, Docket, Denominate, Phylum, Crown, Yale, Fleur-de-lis, Class, Characterize, Denomination, Tag, Cryptonym, Tally, Tenne, Counterfoil, Species, File, Pean, Lot, Rose, Designation, Fret, Or, Signet, Coronet, Cockatrice, Metal, Caste, Orle, Flag, Tag, Tressure, Billet, Bookplate, Field, Epithet, Empty title, Azure, Number, Nickname, Cognomen, Shield, Kidney, Ermine, Proper noun, Make, Proper name, Persuasion, Ordinary, Ilk, Fusil, Helmet, Colophon, Cachet, Christen, Bracket, Form, Tincture, Identifier, Chit, Achievement, Classification, Classify, Armorial bearings, Chief, Entitle, Call, Cross moline, Registered trademark, Branch, Countermark, Hyponym, Scutcheon, Predicament, Coat of arms, Trademark, Put labels on, Sigil, Token, Charge, Bar sinister, Broad arrow, Blazonry, Price tag, Erminites, Rating, Stub, Term, Specify, Put stickers on, Mantling, Purpure, Tag, Characterization, Sobriquet, Identify, Identification, Billhead, Appellation, Honor point, Pheon, Genus, Style, Logotype, Rubric, Handle, Binomen, Classify, Eagle, Bar, Kin, Suborder, Seal, Blazon, Station, Head, Hatchment, Imprint, Identify, Breed, Sort, Impaling, Baptize, Mark, Heraldic device, Government stamp, Title page, Vair, Marker, Stratum, Moniker, Status, Octofoil, Sticker, Cadency mark, Namesake, Falcon, Bearings, Tag, Erminois, Group, Describe, Baton, Position, Nominate, Categorize, Level, Chitty, Title, Denomination, Ticket, Bordure, Shape, Nombril point, Unicorn, Flag, Fur, Docket, Designate, Bend, Martlet, Stamp, Cast, Alerion, Garland, Color, Plate, Grade, Name, Running head, Trade name, Subgroup, Variety, Fess point, Bend sinister, Bandeau, Vert, Order, Saltire, Chevron, Kind, Device, Mullet, Arms, Byword, Eponym, Paly, Division, Trinomen, Cross, Portray, Fess, Appellative, Trinomial name, Ermines, Mark, Flanch, Secret name, Euonym, Stamp, Category, Ticket, Tribe, Blood, Differencing, Characterize, Honorific, Sticker, Animal charge, Subdivision

How to use Label in a sentence?

  1. According to the label on this bottle, only 85 grams of this medicine should be taken at a time.
  2. Critics call him a loser.
  3. He carefully labeled the packages and capitalized them.
  4. You should always have clear, easy-to-read labels on your products so that people know what they are buying.
  5. My reluctance to label myself politically.
  6. The alcohol content is clearly indicated on the label.
  7. He opposed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlabeling someone else because he knew that labels could determine a person's behavior.

Meaning of Label & Label Definition

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