Pop-up retail

Pop-up retail,

Definition of Pop-up retail:

  1. The term "pop-up" refers to the short-term duration of the retail stores, which "pop up" one day and are gone the next. Halloween costume stores are a common example for October, as are fireworks stores leading up to the fourth of July.

  2. Pop-up retail is a retail store (a "pop-up shop") that is opened temporarily to take advantage of a faddish trend or seasonal demand. Demand for products sold in pop-up retail is typically short-lived or related to a particular holiday. Pop-up retail stores are found most often in the apparel and toy industries.

  3. The practice of setting up temporary retail establishments. Established companies like apparel makers use the method to test markets before establishing permanent stores. Enterpreneurs use pop-up retail for seasonal offerings, for Halloween or Christmas. Existing retailers use the method to sell excess inventory, or further the reach of their best-selling inventory.

How to use Pop-up retail in a sentence?

  1. Holiday markets, Halloween stores, and limited engagement experiential retail are all common examples of pop-up shops.
  2. Pop-up retail has a long history but has recently become a trend in and of itself.
  3. Pop-up retail refers to temporary retail stores that open for a short period of time in order to take advantage of a passing fad or seasonal demand.

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