Face Shapes

There are millions of faces in the world, that are not only different by features but they are also different in shapes. When we talk about the face shapes, there is much confusion everyone has in identifying the exact shape of his or her face shape. But indeed identifying your face shape is just as easy as A, B, C.


2 How To Know What Face Shape Do I Have?

Did you ever wonder that what is my face shape? So here you go! As said earlier that people mostly have much confusion regarding the identification of the face shape. But indeed identifying your face shape is just as easy as A, B, C that’s it. Everyone can identify the exact shape of his face by answering a few basic questions. Basically, there are 7 main face types. If talk about the different parts of the face, then there are basically three main parts of the face.

  1. The forehead including cheekbone width
  2. The Jawline
  3. The face length

Now it is the time that you start asking the questions from yourself while standing in front of the mirror. First, ask that which is the widest part of your face? If the answer is cheekbones, then you have a round face, but if the answer is the forehead then you probably have an oval face shape.

If the jaw line is wider, then the strong jaw line indicates that it is a square or a rectangular face. The next thing to look at is the length of the face. If the face is lengthier then it comes under an oval shape. The round face has a short face length usually.

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The criteria of the face shapes are equal for both male and the female, with just minor new additions of the technicalities.

3 Face Shapes Types

So guys, let us discuss which are those identified types of face shapes along with their names and the technicalities.

• According to the experts, your face shape lies in the round shape, if the face length is shorted and the cheekbones are wider.

• Moreover, this is the face shape in which the length and the width of the face are the same. In this case, the chin and the jawline are also round.

• The cheekbones are wider and are not prominent.

• In this category lies the faces that almost have a circular or round look without any prominent angularity.


2. Square Face Shape

• The main feature that defines the square face shape is the jawline.
• The jawline of the square face shape is sharp.
• In this shape just like the round face shape the jawline is also much prominent, but the difference is that here the jawline will be even more highlighted.

• There are very few curves in the square face shape.

3. Diamond Face Shape

• This is a face type in which the forehead has a narrow shape.
• The chin is also small.
• In the diamond shape, the cheekbones are the widest feature on the face.
• But the forehead is not that much wide just like the case with the heart-shaped face.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

• The heart face shape lie in the category of the heart shape have a prominent wide forehead.
• With the wide forehead, the face is more pointed or angular as it reaches towards the chin, just like the heart shape.
• There is some times confusion between the round and the diamond face, but in the later case, the forehead is wider.
• In the diamond shape, the jawline is slim, while the cheekbones and the forehead are wider on the face.

5. Oval or Oblong Face Shape

• This is the type of face shape that is more in its length than width.
• The oval face has a round chin and slight curves in the jawline.
• One tip that one can use to identify the oval face shape is that to judge the lower part of the face, if it is longer than the upper half of the face then you have an oval face.

6. Rectangular Face Shape

• For your understanding, let us tell you that this is the shape of the face that is a mixture of the oval and square face shape.
• This is the shape in which the face is longer with angular edges.
• This is the type in which the length of the face is greater in proportion than its width.
• The forehead is also high.

7. Triangle or Pear Face Shape

• It is the face shape in which the jaw area is much wider, while the wideness gradually starts decreasing in the size towards the forehead gradually. When the face has more angularity in the jaws that means it is more a triangular face shape, while the pears face shape is the one that has the more wideness in the jaws.

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There are certain apps available that can be installed on the computer or on your cell. That will after analysing your picture, explains your face shape type.

4 Face Shapes And Hair Styles

Well, when you finally get this know that in which category does your face shape lies, then after that the next step that you have to take is to bring change in the hairstyle accordingly. Like for example if you have a round face shape, and you make your hair too short, like a bob cut, then this is going to create more roundness on your face. So this short hair for round face is not recommended.To know which haircut is suitable or is best for which face shape is of great importance for shaping face.

Haircut For Round Face

As mentioned earlier, the round faces should avoid cutting the hairs in a short length. Then according to the hairstylist Michael Duenas, ‘ a centre part with pieces falling in front of your face will help slim your face.
Hair cut round faces should also go for the fringes. They also affect and create roundness on the face.
As far as the round face haircuts are concerned parting the hair from either side of the head is also too good. As the central parting makes the face look round. While the side parting gives it a lengthy look.

• Haircuts For Square Face Shape

As this is the square shape of the face so this try a more textured look of the hairs. Do keep the hairs at the length that is just below an inch or two of your jawline. The hair length of the square face must not end on the shoulders. Tousled pixies and side-swept bangs with a longer cut also look great.


• Haircuts For Diamond Face Shape

The people with the diamond face look have to opt for the hairstyle which can remove the angularity from the face. Mostly a chin-length bob also is great for the diamond faces. Moreover keep the length of the hairs longer, as this is the best option for you.

• Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Face Shape

Again for this face shape, you can try side-swept bangs and a shoulder-length ■■■■■ ■■■■. As they will help to define the cheekbone.

• Haircuts For Oval Face Shape

This is the only face shape, on which any of the hair cut goes really well, they can look great in any hairstyle. This is the more balanced face shape. So from ■■■■■ to the long hairs, you can select any style of your choice.

• Haircuts For Rectangular Face Shape

Oh yeah, this is the shape of the face where you just need to add as many layers as possible, to bring more flow in the face look.

• Haircuts for the Triangular/Pear Face Shape

For this type of face shape, more layering is recommended, to hide the wideness of the jawline.

5 Makeup and Face Shapes

After knowing the face shape and a suitable haircut for you, the last but not the least is the makeover, which with its magical power can alter the face shape all of a sudden.

• Round Shape

For the round faces more shading and highlighting is recommended. Highlighter should be done on the bridge of the nose, the central part of the forehead, and chin, as such more length will appear on the face.

To show more bone on the face you must apply the highlighter on the cheekbone.
Apply a contouring shade on the jawline and the cheek central part. Then apply the blush above the contoured cheek, to bring more finishing in the contouring.
The brows shape is also important in this regard. It must be kept long and straight, while an angled arch must also be there.

• Square Shape

On the square face the edges of the face especially the jawline must be toned down with the application of the bronzer or the blush. The apple of the cheeks must be applied with the blush in a way of the upward strokes.

• Diamond shape

The experts use to advise those who have diamond face shape, to add more fullness on two points of their face, one on the jaw and the other on the forehead. Like for example, you have to highlight the jawline and the forehead by using the foundation to create some light shade at that point.
Similarly, the brow shape will also play important role in decreasing the angularity of the jawline. Do try to give a bigger gap between the two brows; as such it will create a look of a wider forehead.

• Heart Shape

In such case, when the face has a diamond shape, it is a suggestion to reduce the wider appearance of the forehead with the help of the bronzer, do also apply it on the temple areas and also on the chin.
Then another important thing that you have to keep in mind is that do try not to make use of the dark eye shadows. Instead, select some ■■■■ range of colours.

Oval /oblong shape

This is a face shape that those who have this are the luckiest in the fashion sense. As they can adopt any kind of the makeover that they want to, as they look always great in any style.

Rectangular Shape

For this face shape, it is recommended by the experts to make use of the blush or toner on the jawline and all the edges of the forehead, including the two sides of the cheeks and chin. As such you can reduce the wideness on your face.


All the faces have different face shapes like oval, rectangular, square, round, diamond and heart shape. After knowing the exact shape of the face you can easily select any hair cut according to your face type. The fashion experts also suggest special makeup that suits that particular face shape.


Frequently Asked Question FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the face shapes.

1. What are the seven different face shapes?

There are 7 main types of face shapes.

  1. Oval shape
  2. Round shape
  3. Rectangular shape
  4. Square shape
  5. Heart shape
  6. Pear/triangle shape
  7. Diamond shape

2. Which face shape is the most attractive?

Among all the seven face shapes, the heart face shape has been accepted as the most attractive and photogenic.

3. What is the rarest face shape?

There are 7 different face shapes, but the diamond face shape is the one which is the rarest face shape on the earth.

4. Are round faces attractive?

Usually, people with round face shape look innocent and younger as well. If they maintain properly, with suitable markup tips and the haircuts selection according to the face type, then they may look even better.

5. Which face shapes make you look younger?

The round face shape is the best one as far as age is concerned. As the cheeks are chubby and have a bulk of fat within, so this is just the reason that they do not lose the mass from the face quickly as they age, due to which they look younger.


Whatever is the category, your face shapes lie in, but this is possible that your face, for example, if it is oval in shape, will also be having the characteristics of the other face shapes. The face shape also affects the overall personality. So that finding an exact hairstyle for your face shape type is necessary. After the consultation from your stylist, you can turn your look great.