Women's Necessary Makeup Essentials for Face

Everyone wants to have trendy and best makeup products for themselves and create a new glamour look. Most women worldwide are fond of makeup so much that they shop it on a large scale. There are different makeup products for young women nowadays.

Even makeup puff manufacturers are manufacturing different puff for applying every product to have the best skin looks when using other makeup products. Most makeup beginners face problems while using foundations and face essentials as they are not aware of the skin tone, and things needed to be applied before the foundation and after the foundation.

This article will help the makeup novice know about makeup products and apply them first when applying makeup. Here you will look at all the makeup essential for the face. Moreover, the makeup puff and beauty blender make your work easier and are best for applying bb cream, foundation and concealer, and bronzer.

So, continue reading and learn about your face’s makeup products and the tool needed to apply those products.

Makeup Essentials for Face

Face primer

Face primer is necessary to apply before applying the foundation. Usually, people skip this step, but it is an essential step to be followed. when they use foundation directly on the skin, it will not look smooth and damage your skin.

They give us the exact tone and effect we want on our skin. The face primer gives skin a fresh and smooth look and also adds glow to the skin. Nowadays, there are multiple types of primers depending upon the skin type.

Different primers can control face oil for oily skin and keep the skin smooth and moist and reduce the uneven color, tone, and texture. For normal skin, there are different primers. Even now, some primers have highlighter added, which gives a glow t the skin. It is applied easily with the have of the beauty blender.


Foundation is probably the second step of applying makeup and the essential part. As if the base is not smooth, the face will look unnatural and uneven. There are different types of coverage in foundations. People who have skin with pimples and rough skin with dark circles prefer to have heavy coverage, and young girls usually prefer light and natural range.

So, foundations vary depending upon your skin type and undertones. There are different undertones as well light, medium, and natural to different skin tones.

BB cream

BB cream is preferable rather than the foundation for daily use as it gives a natural look and is best for regular use. It is the best option to keep your skin moisture and primer without applying the foundation as the BB cream contains a primer built-in and has no side effects if used daily.

Also, it feels lighter and easy to remove, and even you don’t need any brush to apply it, you can use it with the help of fingers and have a balanced skin tone. So, in the makeup world, they are preferred more than foundations daily.

However, they have some drawbacks, like limited BB creams’ shades as they don’t carter darker skin tones. However, the foundation is readily available for every skin tone. These little shades make women choose foundations more than the BB cream.


Concealer is necessary for uneven skin and added to your makeup if you have dark circles, acne, and discolorations. It provides full coverage to the skin and hides all the uneven skin tone. It has sheerer-coverage formulations, which vary depending upon the coverup you want.

Moreover, when you want a concealer for your skin and have discoloration, acne issues, always choose a concealer close to the BB cream and the foundation. It gives a natural and smooth look and balances the uneven skin tone.

On the other hand, dark circles are challenging to cover as variations of shade vary on skin tones. Usually, most people prefer to use concealer with pink and peach shade as they give an overall natural look to the skin and hide the dark circle to a greater extent.


Blush gives final touch up to your skin as it impacts the overall effect. It comes in various shades depending on the skin tone and type. If people wear heavy foundation, they should always apply blush to enhance their makeup look; otherwise, it will make your face flat.

A blush came in various forms in a cream formulation, gel, and powder. Powder blush is the most famous blush among them, but nowadays, gel and cream foundation is also in use more because of their long-lasting property.

Always pick a natural flush when choosing a color. Skintone also matters over here; never go for a bright blush as it will make you look fake rather than realistic and give a clownish look. Also, don’t apply a lot of blush. It will also make an unnatural look.

Sometimes blush gives shape to the face as well. If you apply it to the bottom of your face, it will work as contour, and if you use it diagonally up towards your hairline, it will give an apple face look. Also, it emphasizes the cheekbones and provides a perfect look to your face.


A highlighter must add to your makeup bag as it gives a glowing look, enhances your features, and makes an eye-catching look. The highlighter also comes in various varieties, such as liquid, cream, and powder. Liquid and powder form a mostly prefer, and for beginners, powder or stick are preferred as it is easy to handle and apply.

Usually, a highlighter is applied on top of the nose, cupid’s bow, and below eyebrows and top of cheekbones to enhance the features.


Some people love to have a brownish look and pale look, so they prefer bronzer. Also, for people who want a sun-kissed look, the bronzer is ideal.

It gives shape to your face. Further, before applying bronzer, it is necessary to check the tone and shade as high shade will make you look sharp and bold and will give an uneven look if not perfectly blend. Apply bronzer on high points of your face or your cheeks’ hollow cheeks for a more molded look.

13 easy steps to do makeup like a pro

Makeup is an art to which every woman on the earth love. But makeup is not a mask so always keep it simple. In fact, if done by skilled hands and the right products, it can do magic not only for your look but your confidence level also fly to the next level. It is not always convenient to look for a professional makeup artist or you rush toward salons to get your desired look, so what to do then?
Here are 13 easy steps to follow and you can enhance your glam and can look gorgeous on every occasion either in-office or picnic or even for parties and weddings.

1-Moisturize your skin.

Moisturizing is crucial for the preparation of skin before putting makeup on, it is necessary for all skin types. Choosing the right moisturizer, according to your skin type is key. A most common type of moisturizer is in lotion form but creams and oils are also familiar in persons having dry skin.
Apply the moisturizer with the correct technique is the way, you can get maximum benefit. Put a small amount on hand and massage gently in a circular way in an upward direction.
2- it is time for primer
Primer is used for making the makeup long-lasting and smooth all day. Primers work by filling the lines and pores of the face. Primer is applied by tapping with fingers on the face, unlike moisturizer. now, wait for 2 to 3 minutes to go to the foundation. primer with SPFx should be preferred for day makeup.
3- apply a foundation of the correct shade
The perfect foundation is one that exactly matches your skin tone and according to your skin type too. The color of the foundation is checked on your jawline for best match and for skin type there is a basic guide below
For oily skin, a matte non-shiny foundation is best.
For dry skin, radiant finish foundation with hydrating formula is best
For makeup-like pros picking the right foundation is crucial. After choosing the right one applies it either with fingers or can go for a brush or blender. Whatever you use, the blending must be perfect.
4- apply concealer on problem areas
Concealer is used for dark circles under the eyes or on other blemishes or scar which is not perfectly covered by the foundation. Concealer is used under the eyes for making the skin tone more even and natural. some people prefer to wear concealer before foundation however it is not the best order in general.
5-contour to achieve the desired features look
Hence at this stage face is like an empty canvas so you can draw lines of your choice for your desired picture. You can define your nose, jawline, and cheeks. In a general rule you apply contour in the shape of 3 on both sides of the face starting from forehead to cheeks then jawline to the lower tip. Contouring is mostly done with a darker shade than your skin tone. bronzer is also used to get the task of contouring as well as to get the suntan glow.
6-highlighter and blush
Makeup is incomplete without a highlighter because it complements all makeup looks either natural or bold.
It is applied on the cheeks and forehead or any other area wanted to be highlighted. But some beauty experts encourage its use on the nose tip.
Blush gives a healthy look if properly applied in the right direction and right shade. Peach and pink shades are best for a natural look and go with any sort of makeup. Liquid or powder both type of blush is available so check the ease of application and go for which suits you.
7-check for your eyebrows
Eyebrows are often neglected while doing makeup, but according to some makeup experts after moisturizing and primer next step must be to check the eyebrows for shape and volume of hairs. Use a brow gel to lift the brow hairs and to give a defined shape. Eyebrow pencil can also be used. Most important is to go for the right shade of gel or pencil same as your eyebrow color. Do not go for black shade if brow hairs are brown and vice versa.
8-apply eyeshadow and rock
Whichever look you are going for, 2 shades are used for eye makeup, one lighter shade which works as the base for eyes and is applied evenly over the whole eyelid, and the second darker shade to give shape. The darker shade is applied on the corner of the eye and then blends towards the inside for an intense look.
9- use eyeliner to define eyes
Eyeliner needs the practice to wear properly and without any mess so mostly skipped by beginners. however, eyeliner defines the shape of the eye. It is something that can be used to make eyes look wider and more prominent if is in hands of an expert. The eyeliner comes both in the gel as well as pencil form however pencil is easy to use hence more convenient for beginners.
10-let’s make magic with mascara
Having no time for makeup? Mascara alone can make a difference. It is a magic spell for brighter eyes. So how to spell this magic? First, curl your eyelashes with a curler then apply mascara. The best way to apply is to start from the roots of lashes and move towards the tip, a full dark lash line will be achieved by this technique.
11- define your lip boundary with a lip liner
Lip liner not only defines the shape of lips but also has some more than it. Its contour the lips and make the lipstick stay for longer. If a lipliner of natural color is used it can give a fuller look to the lips. Apply eyeliner slightly on all the lips for best results.
12-lipstick or lip gloss or both
Mostly either lipstick or lip gloss is applied but most professionals prefer to use both. For lips, makeup eyeliner is followed by lipstick either matte or semi-matte and finally, lip gloss is applied in the middle of lips. Avoid dragging lip liner above the natural lip line. Choose the color of your gloss or lipstick wisely according to the event and time because you can change the whole of your attitude by just changing your lipstick shade.
13-finish with a setting spray or powder
For getting a fresh flawless natural makeup look all day long, search and spend on a good setting spray or powder. Setting sprays are designed for all skin types and their use is also a bit easy. Hold the spray bottle 8 feet away from your face and spray generously especially in the T zone. No need to run as it is formulated to absorb immediately.
Makeup finished so ready to go
With these simple steps, you can get every desired look and enjoy unique ways of your look and beauty.
Let me know what do you think about putting on different colors and create a new look? Isn’t it interesting?

Makeup is a word with the meaning of making arranged, beautiful use of products to enhance the beauty of the individual, add confidence to personality, and hide the imperfections due to aging or other factors.
For a professional and complete makeup look, all the above-mentioned steps are important but for a daily casual look, you can skip some steps. For example, for a simple and no makeup-like look foundation, a light, and natural shade lipstick, mascara, and blush are enough.

Is primer really makes a difference in look if used?
The basic function of the primer is to close the pores and increase the foundation stay time. Due to the closeness of pores skin looks more even hence improve the look if the primer is applied before foundation.
Does the brand of makeup really matter?
Makeup is an art, art of painting faces, how good you paint mainly depend on your expertise but at the end of the day quality of products matter at all. Makeup products have direct contact and are so effective on the face so no compromise can be made on quality products that are assured by leading well-known brands.
How makeup look differs for different people?
Every individual has unique features, unique personality, so it is not always necessary that one makeup look that suits one person will always go the same for everyone.
Do makeup tools make a difference in the application of makeup?
Of course yes, the main tool in makeup are brushes and blenders which have core importance for good blending as well as proper application of powder products.
Which is best for foundation blending?
A dense foundation brush or a blender, it merely depends on personal comfort and choice. even some people prefer to use fingers for even blending.
Hope you find this helpful. What is your favorite makeup step and how do you apply it to enhance your glamour? Let me know in the comment section