Squared Symbol

2 squared symbol can be inserted in different ways in different devices. In an android smartphone, 2 squared symbol is inserted by long-pressing the "2” button from numbering keypad. On Mac, iPhone, and iPad, you can insert 2 squared by typing ^2. In Chromebook, you press “Control” + “Period” it will change the format to superscript.

2 squared symbol

1. What is 2 squared symbol?

  1. In mathematics, the 2 squared symbol that are represented by “2” is an arithmetic operator that exhibits the multiplication of a specific digit with its self. If there are some signs along with the digit, those signs are also multiplied.

  2. When a number is multiplied by itself, this function is referred to as squaring of that number. When you are dealing with exponential operations, you come across the squaring of numbers. It can either b 2 square, 3 square, and so on.

  3. In simple words, squaring off a digit or a number means that the number or digit is raised to the power of 2. Squaring is just the inverse of the square root. When you raise a number or digit by the power of 2, it means you have squared it.

2. Basics of squaring function

  • While getting into the basics of the squaring function that is an important part of geometry or trigonometry, squaring is simply the multiplication of the digit or number with itself.

  • When you multiply the number by itself, it means that you have squared it. For example:

  • The symbol 22 simply means that you are multiplying 2 with 2 (2×2). This is a general rule that applies to all. You can represent it like this:

n2 = n × n

  • While n is representing any number. An interesting factor associated with the squaring is that if you put in the additive inverse of that number shown by n, it will result in the same number. For example:

n2 = (- n)2

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3. How do you type 2 squared symbol?

  1. In the algebraic language, squaring means multiplying with itself. For instance, the square of 6 is 36 because it has been multiplied by itself, that is 6. Squaring is the most commonly used function in mathematics and there are different ways to insert it or write it on different devices.

  2. So, if you want to know that how to write 2 squared symbol, you will have to know that there is not a single function or key that is used. Depending upon the device that you are using, there are different types of keys and commands that are used to write 2 squared symbol.

Maths squares

  1. Just as with all other mathematical and especially complex algebraic functions, it’s a bit hard to find 2 squared symbol in the keyboards of different devices.

  2. You can learn to write the 2 squared symbol by getting into the details of this article. You will know to insert the symbol in different devices one by one in the most common and easiest possible ways.

  3. Mostly it is used in MS word or excels while doing some emails or assignments, so if you know how to add it, you will have no further problem regarding the 2 squared symbol addition.

  4. Moreover, to your amazement, it is not that difficult as it seems to be when you can’t find the relevant command or way to add the 2 squared.

2 Squared symbol using Keyboard shortcut

One of the most convenient ways to add the squared symbol is that:

  1. You have to hold the Alt key from the keyboard and while holding it, you will type 0178 by the numbers present in the number pad of the keyboard.

  2. If you want to add 2 squared by a keyboard shortcut, make sure you are not pressing the above-mentioned numbers from the upper row of shortcut keys.

  3. You will have to press the numbers from the number pad present on the right side of the keyboard side. Hence, the keyboard shortcut for adding the squared symbol is Alt + 0178 and it will result in (²).

2 squared symbol on Microsoft word

  • Most of the time when you are using a laptop or computer where you need to add symbols is the Microsoft word and also the google docs.

  • So, while using Microsoft Word or other word processors, you can come across the special supporting characters such as the subscript or superscript (x2 or x2 respectively).

  • Now, here is the method to add the square symbol while composing a document at the Microsoft window.

:white_check_mark: First method

  1. If you look at the front group just below the tab named “Home”, there are two buttons, one for subscript and the second for the superscript.

  2. If you click the superscript symbol that is represented by x², it will automatically appear as a squared form. Either you want to put 2 squared or 3 squared it’s in your hand now.

:white_check_mark: Second method

  1. Another way to add a squared symbol is that first, you write the number to which you want to add a 2 squared or any other square.

  2. Now, select the number that you have written and then click the superscript button to add a squared symbol. Now click it again to be in normal form again.

:white_check_mark: Third method

  1. There is yet another way to add the 2 squared symbol in Microsoft Word. In this method, you have to use the shortcut keys. It can be simplified as:

  2. Ctrl + shift + the sign of + i.e. press and hold the ctrl and shift and then press the “+” key present at the right side of the keyboard. It will result in the same squaring as was done by method 1 and 2.

  3. However, these ways are only applicable to Microsoft word. You will have to use different commands while composing the document at some other place on your laptop.

  4. For example, if you use these shortcuts at chrome browser, it will just zoom the window that is an entirely different thing.

:star: For google docs

For adding the “2 squared” symbol in google docs, just press the ctrl key and then the dot key (.). After that when you will press the number 2 from the keyboard it will appear as a squared symbol.

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2 squared symbol on Smartphone

  1. As compared to the mac or windows, adding the 2 squared symbol at the smartphone comes out to be the easiest one.
  2. If you have an android smartphone and you are wondering about the addition of the squared symbol, it’s a single step function.
  3. Long press the number 2 and it will result in the insertion of the superscript that is shown by (²).
  4. However, in the case of the iPhone, you can not apply the same method as iPhones don’t have an option to add the squared symbol. Yet, you can utilize the dictation feature of the iPhone.

:ballot_box_with_check: For iPhone users

  • To insert the squared symbol in a document on iPhone, you can tap the dictation microphone on the keyboard.

  • Now speak the words 2 squared or subscript two. When the required symbol appears, you can select the “Done” and it is added to the required place.

2 Square on smart phone

2 Squared symbol using the character Map

A character map is an application that is used to make the characters visible that are installed in windows. It is used to check the keyboard shortcuts to use those characters and also to copy them. If there is no number pad on the keyboard, one can utilize this tool to copy and insert various symbols.

  1. To use this, just go to window accessories by clicking the windows icon and click the character map.

  2. Select x2 and then copy it. It can be pasted anywhere according to your requirement.

  3. If it doesn’t work, simply copy the squared sign by pressing ctrl C and paste it by pressing ctrl V wherever you want.

  4. Copy and paste function can be proceeded by a simple right-click of the mouse if ctrl C or Ctrl V doesn’t work for you.

:white_check_mark: Summary
2 squared symbol is used in mathematics and it can be inserted in various ways depending upon the type of device. 2 square means that the number or digit is multiplied by itself.

4. How to type 2 squared symbol in excel?

Inserting the 2 squared symbol is quite easy and doesn’t need a complicated technique.

:star: 1st Method:

  1. Enter “a” in the excel cell and press Ctrl + 1.
  2. Now, select “Font” and then go for superscript.
  3. In the second last step, click ok and enter the numbers that you want to add.
  4. Now click enter and your required symbol will be there.

:star: 2nd method:

  1. Select the cell in excel where you want to insert the symbol
  2. Enter “a” in the cell and go to the taskbar.
  3. Search for the character map if you have it on your device.
  4. Copy the square sign and paste it into the cell.

Office Word Excel

5. How to copy and paste the 2 square symbol?

  • Whenever you are doing some mathematics or algebraic assignments, you may need to insert the squared or 2 squared symbol in the document.

  • Insertion of this symbol is quite easy if you go for the copy and paste method instead of any complicated and indirect technique.

  • However, it can be added by using the superscript button at the top of MS word just below the home tab.
    However, if you want to copy and paste it, you can proceed in the following way:

:ballot_box_with_check: Method 1

  1. Utilize the mouse for the selection of symbol
  2. Press Ctrl C to Copy the squared symbol.
  3. Press Ctrl V to Paste the copied symbol.

:ballot_box_with_check: Method 2

  1. Highlight the squared symbol that you want to add to your document.
  2. Right-click the mouse and click “copy”
  3. Go to the document place where you want to add the symbol
  4. Right-click the mouse and click paste
  5. Squared symbol will appear at that place.

In short :pencil2:
In excel, enter “a” in the cell and press Ctrl + 1, then select “Font” and go for superscript. Click ok and enter the desired number. Click enter and symbol will appear. Symbols can be inserted by the copy-paste method.

Frequently asked questions

There are several questions related to squaring that need to be justified. Some of those questions have been answered below:

1. What does 3 square mean?

  1. 3 squared is also referred to as a cube. It can be inserted similarly as done for 2 squared symbol.

  2. In contrast to the 2 squared in which is the number is multiplied by itself for one time, 3 square or Cube means that the number is multiplied by itself three times. The symbol for 3 squares is (³).

2. How do you type 3 squared on the keyboard?

  1. Press Alt key and simultaneously press 0178 in number keys and release alt.

  2. After releasing alt, superscript 2 will appear.

  3. Similarly, if you have to add 3 squared, then press 0179. A superscript 3 will appear.

  4. This process can be applied anywhere in the Windows or online and even in the Microsoft world.

3. How do you type x2 on a laptop?

To type 2 squared symbol or x2, you can proceed in the following way:

  1. First, you have to type “x” and then press Ctrl + Shift + P

  2. Now type 2 and the same keys (Ctrl + Shift + P) again.

  3. It can be added by simply clicking the superscript icon in the upper bar.

Mathematics Square symbol

4. How do you type a superscript (squared symbol)?

  1. For typing the superscript, you simply have to press Ctrl + Shift + + sign from the keyboard.

  2. It can be elaborated as, click and keep holding the ctrl and shift, then click + symbol from the upper line of the keyboard.

  3. Pressing the same keys will result in the normal text.

5. What does superscript mean?

:heavy_check_mark: A superscript is regarded as a number or letter that is lying slightly above the normal line of typing. Its size is comparatively smaller than the normal text.

:heavy_check_mark: It is used to represent the power of some number or letter such as 2 or 3 squared symbol that is used in mathematics or more precisely in algebra.

:heavy_check_mark: Opposite to the superscripts, the subscripts appear just below the line of typing.


2 squared symbol is used in algebraic mathematics most of the time. It can b inserted in different ways on different devices.

  1. In android Smartphone, a “2 squared” symbol is inserted by long-pressing the "2” button from the numbering keypad.

  2. On Mac, iPhone, and iPad, it can be inserted by typing ^2. While, in Chromebook, just press “Control” + “Period” and it will change the format to superscript.

  3. In Microsoft word, the 2 squared symbol can be inserted by simple copy-pasting or by clicking the x2 symbol in the upper bar just below the “Home” tab.


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