How to calculate percentage decrease

Percentage Decrease

The Percentage Decrease Calculator finds the lessening starting with one worth then onto the next regarding a rate.

Enter beginning worth and last an incentive to discover rate decline.

Instructions to Calculate Percentage Decrease

  • Take away beginning worth short last worth

  • Gap that sum by the outright estimation of the beginning worth

  • Increase by 100 to get percent decline


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In the event that the rate is negative, it implies there was an expansion and not a diminishing.

  • Rate Decrease Formula

  • You can utilize the rate decline recipe for any percent decline estimation:

  • Rate Decrease=Starting Value−Final Value|Starting Value|×100

  • Model Problem: Percentage Decrease

You have a light with a 60-watt conventional light. Your light uses 60 watts of power for each hour. You’re thinking about supplanting the bulb with a LED light that utilizes 8 watts of power for each hour. What is the rate decline in the light’s hourly vitality use on the off chance that you change to a LED light?

Rate Decrease = [ (Starting Value - Final Value)/|Starting Value| ] × 100

60 - 8 = 52

52/60 = 0.8667

0.8667 × 100 = 86.67%

So in the event that you change to a LED light your light will utilize 86.67% less vitality every hour.
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