Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all. This famous line from a poem was spoken by the Evil Queen, and was spoken by Lucille La Verne, in the movie Snow White, made in the supervision of David Hand et al in 1937. The Evil Queen in Snow White is so conceited that she always was seen to gaze at herself in the mirror , she sometimes asks stupid questions from her mirror and one day she also ask her mirror to reveal the one person that she can easily kill. She does this all communication to her mirror by conversing with mirror in the sweetest voice she ever had. Also do you know that mirror is the only thing that reflects the person action, but can the mirror of this wicked women tell her lies by claiming her the fairest of all?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Many people are confused that where they have heard this quote of mirror mirror on the wall so if you don’t know that in this article I’ll tell you the answer of this along with the complete background story in it. So, coming back to the question that where you have heard this, you have seen and heard this quote of “Mirror mirror on the wall” from snow white movie and the movie was directed by Julia Roberts’ 2012 Snow White-enlivened film. Also, almost everyone knows about the nineteenth century most famous show of Snow White and the seven people who she lived with. As you read this story you must have come across the event in this story in which the wicked women have asked her mirror that, “Mirror, reflect, and tell me , who is the most attractive of all?” but when she heard the answer that was against of the will of the woman ,then she decided to torture and hurt the prettiest ,Snow White.

Also, wouldn’t it be extraordinary to have a mirror that would respond to your inquiries? You could ask whatever you wanted from that mirror and make yourself happy. The mirror in the film was showing the wicked women her prominent characteristics and tells her what she would have in her personality to create her into the beautiful and “the most attractive people in all the world.” Snow White had all the characteristics the wicked women needed: thoughtfulness, quietude, and tolerance. But since the wicked women wasn’t willing to accept the fact and neither she tried to build up these characteristics, and instead of adopting all these, she became jealous of Snow White. She also didn’t even try to adopt the thoughtfulness and the kind nature that Snow White have. Mirror mirror on the wall tells us about the fact that anyone that is kind and happy is beautiful. This phrase tells us that world and fake beauty doesn’t matter, all that matters is you having inside beauty that can captivate you.

Song on Mirror mirror on the wall:

The song " Mirror mirror on the wall" was released in 2020 by Randall King. The singer of this song is a famous musician from West Texas, America. He released the song “Mirror mirror on the wall” while being in the mentor ship of Josh Abbott. Following is the song of Mirror mirror on the wall, listen and calm your souls.

Our Feelings as Mirror mirror on the wall:

Basically, we, human beings in this world at certain times of our life do actions that hurt people to some extent. The mirror can also be used to tell the significant other about its own faults and defects. Therefore, the mirror is sometimes called our defense mechanical system. For example, if there is someone that we are jealous off then the mirror will tell us to develop a part in our heart that will cover and tell us about the pain we are feeling because of the defect in us. Also, when there is someone that keeps you pissing and makes you angry with their words then the only materialistic thing that tells you that you are hurt from inside is the mirror. Basically, the reactions we gave to those people and actions are the signals that tell us that there is something in our hearts that needs healing. So, the Mirror mirror on the wall also tells us that we should always see our self in the mirror and ask the mirror what part in our heart and soul needs to be reconstructed and what must be done to have some healing in our hearts. Also, mirrors are also the one that tells us that whether we have any broken edges in our heart and soul. No doubt Mirror mirror on the wall is a magic proverb that can be used by us to self heal ourselves.

Use the proverb of Mirror mirror on the wall to change your lives:

Yes, you read it right. Mirror mirror on the wall can be used to ask yourself that what needs to change in your lives to have you happy and contented. Imagine that you are a gardener, and you always harvest the seeds of radish in your garden after 6 months you got the prepared radish in your garden. Now imagine the second scenario in which your friend tells you about the spinach she/he planted in his/her garden and from which they got huge benefits from selling it. These both scenarios are just like seeing yourself in the mirror and reflecting on what ideas must be good and better to change your whole life. So, if by asking the mirror that mirrors on the wall what is the prettiest of all then the mirror will always answer the qualities you must have to beautify your life. Even though some people might think that this thought is like a fairy tale. But seeing your own self in the mirror can help you in increasing the standards as well as help you in making yourself a better person. So, if you are willing to change yourself then always asks your mirror that “Mirror mirror on the wall” and then add mindfulness and attentiveness to all your actions and you will see your life getting better with each day. Also, by asking this “Mirror mirror on the wall” question s from our mirror we can make change into our lives. This will also have led us to have fun and make us grow in our respective fields. So, if you are willing to change yourself by asking your mirrors that “Mirror Mirror on the wall” then everyone in the world will happily tell you about the things that you need to have to change your lives into a better one and will also help you to understands that what things you must have to change and make yourself a better person. Also, according to the critics and the experts of emotional intelligence when we will ask our mirrors then we will get the answers from our minds and hearts about the changes that we need to have to make our selves into a better person. Then this will lead us to get better at leading our lives in a peaceful way. By asking the mirror that “ Mirror mirror on the wall” we can easily eliminate the thoughts and actions that we need to eliminate from our lives. So, hurry up and ask your mirrors that “ hey mirror mirror on the wall , who is the fairest of them all”.

A book on Mirror mirror on the wall:

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful of all is the name of the book also that have been written by Asiya in 2019. In this book Asiya have told that by asking the mirror that “ Mirror mirror on the wall “and getting the answers will help you in increasing the confidence in you and in this book the author, Asiya have told some tips and tricks that will help you in boosting your life. In this book Asiya have highlighted the ways in which you can alive a happy life while being gentle with you and the people around you. In this book, there are 10 chapters, and each chapter starts by the sentence of “ Mirror mirror on the wall” . In this all the chapter there are also some assignments that will help you to live your life with greatness and energy. In this book Asiya have told that there are many ways in which the mirror will help you in boosting g your self confidence, She furthers adds that this book helps you to stop you from being the only victim very difficult situation. In this book Asiya told that by asking the mirror that “ Mirror mirror on the wall” you will be able to choose your own comfort and discomfort and what will take you to move on from your past mistakes and bad actions. This book also helps you in choosing and asking yourself what actions might be helpful in forgiving your self and moving on from your won pain. In this book Asiya have also added some self-reflective exercises and these exercises are really helpful in transformation in your lives. This book is also available in amazon and you can buy this book for only $ 25.

mirror book

Magic mirror in Mirror mirror on the wall:

The magic mirror is the mirror from which the wicked woman that was also the mother of snow white would ask questions from. The magic mirror in Mirror mirror on the wall was a mirror that was attached to the wall. The Magic Mirror was kept in custody by the Evil Queen and each day the evil queen would ask the mirror that “ that mirror mirror that who is the fairest of all” to which the mirror always replied that my queen you are the most beautiful lady to ever exist in this world. But when snow white reach the age of 17 she becomes the most beautiful lady of the whole universe. So, one day the queen asked the mirror that mirror mirror who is the fairest of all?” To which the mirror replied that my queen you are the most beautiful in the world, but snow white is thousand times more beautiful than you, Hearing this confession from the mirror the wicked and evil queen becomes jealous and ask the huntsman to bring the liver and the lungs of snow white to her. To which the hunts men bring him the liver and lungs of the wild boar and wicked queen also eat those lungs. After eating the lungs of the wild boar, the queen again asked the mirror that mirror mirror who is the fairest of all. To which the mirror replied that my queen you are the most beautiful in the world but the snow white who lives with the seven dwarfs in the village is thousand times more beautiful than you. To which the queen asked his servant to kill the snow white by adding poison in the apple. The poison effect was lessening by the prince and he married snow white and become the queen. The wicked women thought that snow-white have died and therefore she then again asks the mirror that mirror mirror who is the fairest of all? To which the mirror again replied with the same answer that my lady you are the most beautiful, but the queen is the beautiful and kindest of all.

Mirror mirror on the wall in real life:

German scientist and parodist Karlheinz Bartels proposes in his best historical fiction book, that the German classic story “Snow White” is written in memory of Maria Sophia Margarethe Catherina von und zu Erthal, who was brought into the world in Lohr am Main in 1725. After the passing of Maria Sophia from this world in 1738, her dad Philipp Christoph von und zu Erthal remarried. Claudia Elisabeth von Reichenstein, the stepmother, was wicked and preferred only the kids that she have from her first marriage. The Queen’s magic mirror, popular for being the “The Talking Mirror,” is now placed in the can in the Spessart Museum in the Lohr Castle, where Maria Sophia was murdered. The mirror was a gift from Philipp Christoph to Claudia Elisabeth. It was made by the Lohr Mirror Manufacture (Kurmainzische Spiegelmanufaktur. The mirror talked to the wicked women for hours. The upper right corner of “The Talking Mirror” contains an Amour Propre). Also, this mirror was popular to tell the truth.

Magic mirror from mirror mirror on the wall in Disney shows:

The Magic Mirror was also seen in one of the Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie in which the voice engineer was Moroni Olsen. The Magic Mirror was shown in the film, and the Evil Queen was seen to talk with the samrt mirror and ask who is the most attractive from snow white and her. The Magic Mirror consistently told the Evil Queen that she was the most attractive every time. At one point in her life when asked who the most attractive from snow white and her, then the mirror after sometimes answers that, the Queen is lovely, and has more bright personality but still her beauty is less than the beauty of snow white. Then the Queen irately requests the mirror to tell her the name of the lady that is prettier than her to which the mirror says that snow white is the prettiest from everyone.

Although the magic mirror don’t have the eyes in it but it was used in the past to predict about the future weather conditions. Magic mirror was also used to judged the inner self of any person.The most important lesson that magic mirror gives that every person in this world is beautiful if they are beautiful from inside as well. So if you are beautiful from outside then try to be beautiful from inside as well. :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Magic mirror in the movie:

The Magic Mirror was included in the movie by the name of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep in which the voice engineer was Corey Burton. The Magic Mirror was also included in Terra’s storyline. According to the film, the magic mirror was responsible of telling the Queen that Snow White was currently a lot more attractive than her. Notwithstanding this truth by mirror , she (the queen) become jealous and also the mirror told the queen that snow white has the kindest heart in all of the world. The magic mirror was also included in the “snow white scary adventures” movie that was released in 1994. The voice of the magic mirror was done by tony jay. The purpose of the magic mirror in this movie is to answers the queries and give people the advice. In one of the episodes of “ house of magic” sue to the mistake of daisy, the magic mirror was vanished and then mickey that was forced to play the role of magic mirror gives the stupid answers to all the questions people ask him. The magic mirror was also including in the movie of fantastic and kingdom hearts birth by sleep. In kingdom hearts birth by sleep the voice of magic mirror was done by Corey burton. The queen in the magic mirror movie was seen to wear Accent Nail and some times Matte Nails.To add to the wickedness to the character of queen, there was a Finger Tattoo also of queen.

Appearances of magic mirror in different movies

1.The tenth Kingdom

In the TV mini series The tenth Kingdom, there include two heroes Tony and Virginia Lewis who travel from New York into the fantasy world through the use of the famous magic mirror, which if they lose then as the penalty they would have to stray in the same place for ages. The stepmother and the evil woman of the town have another magic mirror from which she would keep an eye on them. There were two travelling mirrors with the snow white, but one got destroyed due to the accident while other was kept in the oceans. The traveling mirror that helps the snow white to come back to their own world is called Gustavo mirror and this mirror was responsible to answer the queries asked by the people and also it was used for travelling purposes. The travelling mirror that brought the snow-white back to the world was kept in the ocean wile the other travelling mirror was with queen. After some time in the tenth kingdom the queen was defeated, and the magic mirror was kept in custody by the Virginia king, and he returned to his own homeland of new York by the travelling mirror.

2.Faerie Tale Theater

The mirror in Faerie Tale Theater role was acted by Vincent Price. In this movie the magic mirror has the face of the Vincent prince on its front side and when ever the queen asked the magic mirror about snow white then the magic mirror turned black.

3.Sesame Street

The Magic Mirror showed up in Episode 685 of Sesame Street in which the face of the jerry nelson was also the face of the magic mirror. Sounds weird? But to be honest it was the truth that magic mirror face was the face of Jerry nelson. In the episode of the sesame street the magic mirror was asked by the queen that who is the fairest have the beautiful Amber eyes and also the kindest and most jolly in the whole world. To which the magic mirror says that the Kermit who was the frog of the queen is the fairest of all in the world. After hearing this confession by the magic mirror, the queen gazes fierce fully at the magic mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall is not an just a sentence, but it has some deep meaning inside it.Not only external beauty is required in a person, but having your heart clean is also very important. Also the wicked womanend means that every person who is jealous of others and is wicked will have a very bad results in the end of his/her life.

Frequently Asked Questions :question: :question:

There are many things that a single mirror can do. Mirror can be used to tell about your physical appearance as well. According to some psychologist, mirrors can also used to tell about a person inner self. Many psychologists asks their patients to see themselves in the mirror for at least 1 hours.

1 Where does the saying of Mirror mirror on the wall comes from?

Mirror mirror on the wall was the dialogue the queen in the movie called “Snow white and the seven Dwarfs” comes from. According to some theories, the original dialogue that was asked by the queen from the mirror was “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all”.

2 Who was the listener and the speaker of the famous dialogue “Mirror mirror on the wall”?

The listener of this dialogue was mirror and the speaker was the queen who was also the step mother of Snow White.

3 What does it means to be fairest of all?

According to some critics the fairest in the eyes of the mirror was the one that was kind and humble and the one that has no jealousy. According to the mirror not only the physical appearance must be good but an individual inner peace and calamity are also important. Snow white was famous in the town at that time due to all the above characteristics and for this reason, the mirror always considers snow white the fairest of all.

4 Does fair means white for the talking mirror of the queen?

According to the mirror, the people having light pigmentation with beautiful heart and souls were considered as the fairest.

5 What is the another word for talking mirror? How can we make the talking mirror in the real world?

Another name for talking mirror is Smart mirror and it can also display on its front side the weather, calendar, calculator and social media updates. In the real world the talking mirror can be made from a transparent mirror with over a raspberry and tablet screen. The talking mirror was equipped with the latest voice and screen recognition technologies.

6 What was the real name of Snow white and how old she was in the movie?

The Snow white real name was Daisy and she was 14 years old in the movie.

7 Who is the inventor of the magic mirror in the real world?

Max braun , who is a software engineer working in Google decided to make a magic mirror in 2000. He utilized various things from his house and add them together to make a magic mirror. This magic mirror was capable of giving day to day weather updates.

8 How does the owner speaker of the “Mirror mirror on the wall” dies?

The owner speaker of the “Mirror mirror on the wall” dies when she was climbing the mountain. Basically when Snow white told the Seven dwarfs about her evil mom then in order to kill her mom they all ran after her. When trying to hide in the mountains the foot of Snow white mom slips and she fall and died on the spot.

9 Who was the singer of the song " Mirror mirror on the wall" ?

The singer of this song is Rndal king. This song was released on 3- july-2020 on Youtube and have 11k views from all the world.

10 When was the first Chinese magic mirror invented?

The first Chinese magic mirror was invented by Han dynasty in the time from 206 BC-24 AC. These magic mirrors helped the Chinese in predicting the future weather. The people of China would plan their day depending on the weather predictions of Magic mirror.

11. What are the names of the dwarfs living with snow white?

The names of the dwarfs living with snow white are Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleep, Bashful, Sneezy and Doopey. They were very kind and humble to snow white. Also due to friendly nature of snow white, the neighbours of the dwarf’s house also become his friend.

CONCLUSION :end: :end:

In the end the lesson we got from the magic mirror is that every person in the world is beautiful. Also it is not the inner beauty that will make you pretty in this world but the people who are kindest and are always ready to help the other people are the most caring and the most fairest of all the people.


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