Definition of Weather:

  1. Environmental conditions such as cloud cover, fog, humidity, rain, sun, temperature, visibility and wind speed and direction vary from one hour to one hour and day by day.

Synonyms of Weather

The elements, Sidewards, Stormy weather, Forces of nature, Triumph, Head to windward, Come up smiling, Keep safe, Heave to, Persevere, Hold fast, Ablate, Haul the wind, Abrade, Haul to, Weather the storm, Rub off, Calm weather, Windward ebb, Sideward, Stick it out, Weather out, Ride, Be unflappable, Next-beside, Sidewise, Glancing, Haul, Tide over, Microclimate, Lateral, Get home free, Fret, Stay put, Sidelong, Side, Haul off, Climate, Uphelm, Live through, Not budge, Halcyon days, Ride out, Weatherboard, Stand pat, Sideway, Weather deck, Frazzle, Be safe, Wear off, Lee, Clime, Outride, Weather sheet, Weather side, Sail to windward, Win through, Haul up, Wear out, Wear ragged, Wear down, Flanking, Beat the system, Erode, Cold weather, Wear away, Come up fighting, Remain firm, Macroclimate, Ride it out, Fray, Beat the game, Stand fast, Stand firm, Bring to, Wear, Windiness, Windward flood, Win out, Sideling, Tatter, Rainy weather, Hot weather, Leeward, Skirting, Weather tack, Weather wheel, Make heavy weather, Hold out, Windward, Hold up, Good weather, Come through, Weather helm, Fair weather, Sideways

Meaning of Weather & Weather Definition

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