Best Historical Fiction Books

Historical Fiction Books are the ones that depict stories of the past that contains in them some stories that need to be reminded to every person in the present and future. So, are you a book worm or a novel person? If you are a book lover type person then here, I am giving you some really best historical and fiction books that will make you feel like you are in the book playing some character. Historical books sometimes are considered as Life Changing Books. Fictions mean imagination, so combining history and fiction means that the story contains a place in the past and it is the purely an imagination-based story. Historical books are best as a Bedtime Stories
best historical fictional book


There must be some key elements included in the historical and fictional book that can make it different from other historical books. Usually, historical books contain elements that revolve around real and author’s imagination story to which the author puts words into. Here in the following article , I will tell you How to Write a Best-Selling Fiction Book?

1- Character :writing_hand:

The characters can be genuine, anecdotal, or both, yet they should all look, talk, and act in manners that precisely mirror and perfectly tells about the customers of that era. This is the most important part of any book because no proper character set means the book will fail to achieve its popularity.

Dialogue :speech_balloon: :speech_balloon: and Themes: :dizzy: :dizzy:

This is another important thing in writing a fictional and historical book because if dialogues are perfect and according to the storyline then it will add beauty to the historical fictional books. The dialogues show the status of the characters who are talking. Special efforts are paid by the writers of the book to excellently deliver the dialogues in accordance with the characters. There are different themes in historical fiction books including survival, fantasy, evil, happiness, sad , history, individuals, prejudice, hatred, friendship, love and many more. So work hard and make yourself better in making aesthetic themes then thinking that How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush? :wink:

Plot :cd: :dvd: and Turning point :prayer_beads:

The plot is a blend of genuine, true, and anecdotal occasions included in any historical fictional book. It includes and develops characters and occasions.There is always a turning point in the book because without this the suspense will no longer be in the book, the effectiveness of the turning point depends on the excellent delivery of characters’ dialogues.

Summary:Writing a historical fictional book is sure a difficult thing to do , but once you start it you will know how it will become one of your favorite hobby to do. Just remember to keep paragraphs short and long according to the scenrios.


If you want your child to spend their free time in some brain exercise games alongside reading and writing creative stories then they can start writing a book of history at the early age. As a parent you will understand the How to improve the memory of your child by these tricks.Write your ideas conceptualize thoughts. In case you don’t know where to start then first thing first, is to brainstorm hard and write your every thought on the notepad or notebook. Start by choosing a topic in history or create your own imaginable fictional book that will help you to write your book. Note the important points that you need to include in your book like plot, characters, dialogue, themes, and conflict. Spend at least 15 minutes in brainstorming and writing these ideas. Write each and every supposition you have about the period, social portrayals, and what explicitly interests you about this crossroads ever.

How to write a historical fiction book? :pencil2:

  1. Read a book related to history and fiction.

  2. Pick a specific time span for your book (i.e., 1938, not “mid 20th century”; Paris, not France).

  3. Do thorough research and avoid silly grammatical mistakes. Make proper paragraphs and you will understand [How Long Is A Paragraph?](https://How Long Is A Paragraph?) in any fictional book.


The following includes some historical and fictional books that help you cut your time in the most creative way and will make you involve in the book. After reading these books you will feel like you are in the book performing one of the characters.


This story revolves around=d two french girls that struggle during world war 11 and help their country, France, in leaving the German occupation. According to some critics, this story was somewhat the same as the story of the Belgian women Andrée de Jongh, who helped its army to free from the NAZI territory. The popularity of the book can be should by the fact that this book approximately has sold over 2 million of its copy and the numbers increases by the growing year. It is also published in languages like French, Persian, Korean, Chinese ,and more than 43 other languages. With the growing times, the popularity of the book increase ,and fans requested the directors to make a movie on it. The director that agreed to work on this story is Michelle MacLaren who is the Canadian director. This movie is free and you can Download Free Movie Online legally of this book from youtube.

2- All the Light We Cannot See :flashlight:

This is another potboiler type of book that indulges you in it and will not let you leave the novel before completing it. The story includes a girl who is blind and lives with her only family member father. This story revolves around world war || . Her father builds up a neighborhood that helps her in visualization. This book won the award of 2015 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and for wonderful fiction in the book it was awarded the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal

3-The Twentieth Wife :dancing_women:

This book involves a story is about a widow named Mehrunissa, a girl of Persian exiles and spouse of an Afghan authority, that becomes Empress of the Mughal Empire under the name of Nur Jahan. Nur Jahan was considered one of the most controversial wife of the Mughal emperor. This book was written by Indu Sundaresan who was born in India but later moved to the United States of America.

4- The other Boleyn girl Philippa Gregory

This story revolves around a prince who saw a girl by the name Mary Boleyn. She was called in the ort when she was only 14 years old. She immediately was caught by the dazzling personality of Prince Henry VIII, but later found that she is just a puppet that will be used by the prince’s family.

5-Wolf hall Hilary mantel

This book revolves around the boldness of King Henry VIII who declared his marriage with Queen Katherine. He wants to marry Anne Boleyn. In obtaining what he wants he used different means to complete challenge, he also crossed paths with Thomas Cromwell, who was a bully. This book includes the years from 1500 to 1535. This novel has won various awards like the Man Booker Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award.. This award is one of the Cash awards

5-The Color Purple

This story includes a black woman who was poor, leading her to a very hard life to earn the bread. She was also raped by every other man. She has two children that were taken away by the authorities. She has only one the sister that was also taken away but then she meets a woman that completely changed her life.


This book is written by James Clavell. During the years of 1185 to 1868, the Japanese dictators were called shogun. The stories include an English man who was defeated in the sea and when wakes up the next morning then he saw himself at a new place. Critics have made a positive review of this book and told that ‘when you read it you will feel like you are playing one of the character of the book’. This book also include many Chinese Girls

7-Sarah’s Key :old_key:

This book was written by Tatiana de Rosnay. It includes a girl’s story that caged his brother for years. The poor little brother got escape from his sister-made cage when police came to rescue him. This book also includes a journalist, who out of curiosity started searching for Sarah and her family. By the end of this book I am sure you will be excited to choose your future career as journalist , so are you up in becoming How to Work as a Freelance Journalist ?


It tells the story of the roman emperor; this story was told by a roman empiror who was born in 24 BC and died in AD 54. This book discusses the story of s parents who finds difficulty in choosing the person that can replace the emperor, the father, emperor, was adamant to find a new heir while his wife was trying to find ways that can make his own son be the next emperor… The emperor’s wife, Livia, convinces the grandfather of his son to make take control of the government. This book is unique in a way because it is written in autobiography form, which can make you feel like someone is telling you a story. The book won** Hawthornden and James Tait Black Memorial prizes.

9-A Tale of Two Cities :earth_asia:

This story tells about a doctor that spend his 18 years in prison, but after he releases, he met his daughter whom he had never met. This historical fictional book was written by Charles Dickens, it was first published in 1859. This book tells about the issues concerning with revolution, and resurrection. The name of the book was given the ‘a two tales because it revolves around two cities, London and Paris. This book is one of the Haunted Movies Based on Real Stories type book.

10-Girl with a Pearl Earring :small_orange_diamond: :small_blue_diamond:

Sixteen-year-old Griet needs to leave her family home in Delft in 1664 after her dad lost his eyes in an accident. He works in a rich family where her work was of a maid. A Movie Premiere was also made on this book and it was 2003 drama film directed by Peter Webber.

11-The Book Thief :speaking_head:

This historical fiction book revolves around the story of the parents, Geoffrey Rush and Rosa, that were the foster parents of the girl Liesel. The kindness of the parents was further shown by the fact that they also provide shelter to a Jewish boy. When the parents Geoffrey Rush and Rosa found that Liesel has difficulty reading then they tried to teach the girl the reading skills. By this book you will know that how to yeach your kid to read? a historical fictional book.

12-The Thorn Birds :bird:

It was Colleen McCullough best selling historical fictional book. This historical fiction book is about the deep-rooted love between the Catholic minister, Father Ralph de Bricassart, and Meggie Cleary, the niece of a sheep station proprietor in the 1920s, that was Australian Outback. The proprietor use sheep as food because it has Lean Meat

13- The Scarlet Letter :love_letter:

This historical fiction book tells a story about Puritan New England. Roger Chillingworth, a male lead discovers his married wife who was compelled to wear a letter named The Scarlet Letter on her dress as a punishment for the adult act. This historical fictional book wins the People’s Choice Award.

14-The Name of the Rose :rose:

In the fourteenth century, William of Baskerville (Sean Connery), a famous Franciscan priest, and his student, Adson of Melk (Christian Slater), travel to a convent where they witnessed the death of their closest partner but the death was suspicious. Utilizing their deductive skills into the case , William starts examining the case and found that the case turned out to be a murder case. This book will surely remind you about Sterling Roses.

15-The Historian :man_office_worker:

The Historian is the 2005 historical fictional book of an American named Elizabeth Kosovar. The plot includes scenes of experiences and fables of Vlad Țepeș, and a character named Count Dracula. Kostova’s dad told everything about her anecdotes to Dracula when she was a kid. This historical fictional book won Bancroft Book Prize.

16-Snow Flower and the Secret Fan :sunflower:

This historical fictional book narrates the story of Chinese ladies and their relatives who battle to keep up their relationship with each other in the midst of the 21st-century.Lily, an 80-year-old Chinese lady, was widow women and mature enough . The specialty of this character is that she always makes decisions that solve their family problems. This **historical fictional book, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan , wins the Southern California Booksellers Association Award for Best Novel of 2005. This is one of the best Bedtime Story

17-The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society :potato:

In 1946 a London-based essayist starts trading letters with the residents on the island of Guernsey, and at that time the Germans were involved in WWII. Feeling constrained to visit the island, she begins to get an image of what it, the island, would resemble to during the occupation. This book was written by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and was published in 2008. This historical fictional book wins The Reading List. Year award. This book contains some really dangerous and merciful murder acts. After reading this book you will surely get to know HOW TO BECOME A VAMPIRE

18- Roots: The Saga of an American Family :mushroom:

This historical fictional book includes the story of an African man who was young but was sold in the name of slavery to Africa, but his life does not come to halt as he was again transported to North America and then to Haley. This story also includes a blacksmith family having tom and Irene in their family .this historical book wins** Pulitzer Prize. This book is also available in pdf format so if you are a parent then by this book you will know How to Teach a Child to Read PDF?

Summary: There are a lot of more historical fiction books that will let your time pass freely in a good way. The more important thing is that you will gain a lot of interesting knowledge from reading this book.


In the end I know you must have some questions roaming inside your head, but you don’t know where to start from. If yes, then the following questions may help you.

1-Can be fictional history book be funny? :rofl:

It is a well-known fact that history book must be of the past events. So , the fictional books sometimes contains humour in them but they are not purely base oh humour genre.

2- What time should be mentioned in the historical fictional book? :timer_clock:

Normally, fiction books tells story about 30–50 years . Some historical fictional books are about imagination but very little are real-life based events.

3- Can kids read the historical fictional book? :green_book:

Well , while some Parent corporation is necessary in making their children to read the fictional books and reaserche ahs found that fictional books passes the time of your children in the most good way. By this you as a parent will also know How to Teach Your Kid to Read? some fictional books.


The book reading is including in a Brain Exercise Games so parents should use this trick to make their children minds sharp. But if you want to know how to improve the memory of your children then you can make your child read the best historical fictional book as much as you want.