Who is Anna Strout?

Anna Strout is the wife of the entertainer Jesse Adam Eisenberg. Anna has worked as a manager in many movies. Anna strout’s father was a writer. She is the first and last girlfriend of Jesse Eisenberg.

1- Full name Anna Strout
2-Height 5’4’’
3- Birthday May 13, 1983
4-Nationality American
5-Career Manager
6-Age 37
7-Children One
8-Zodian sign Taurus
9-Father Name Bob Arnov
10-Mother Name Toby Strout
11-Marital status Married
12-Weight 53 kgs
12-Ethinicity White Causician
13 - Show size(America) 6
14- Color of eyes Blue


Anna Strout, the wife of the great actor Eisenberg has always kept her personal life in secret. In spite of being the spouse of a superstar entertainer, Anna Strout always has kept a boundary between the showbiz and the personal life of her family. And that is the reason why all her fans are curious to know about her daily life and her personal lifestyles. Also, she gained thousands of fans in her circle when she married the entertainer, Eisenberg. Apart from being the wife of the famous actor Eisenberg. Her fans are also interested to know about the early life of the young lady. But unfortunately, her fans will just get disillusionment as there’s not a lot known to the people about her childhood and about how she met the great entertainer.

Anna Strout boyfriends:

Anna dated only Jesse Adam and is also the one whom he married to.

School life :

Anna studies from a school that was in her neighborhood . The college anme of Anna Strout is not known up till now.

Siblings :

It is not known to the media that how much siblings did Anna have.

Anna as a mother;

Anna was blessed with a baby boy in December 2016. The couple named their child Banner.

Who is Anna Strout

Anna Strout mother

Anna Strouth mother was excetive director at a company that dealt with domestic violence-affected people. Her mother is known for his marvelous work in the providing shelter to the poeple. A movie was also mad eby her son in law by the name of ’ When You Finish Saving the World’ . This movie includes a fictional story as well. According to Jesse, Anna’s mother was a role model to him. Anna strout mother has always worker and helped the people. The movie was being directed by Julianne Moore. She is a oscar winning director.

Movie on Anna’s mother

The movie revolved around two people a mother and a son that are living under the same roof. The son wants to do social work and wants to help people. But the mother of this child dosent agrees with him. The movie was directed at the different places of the world. The movies also had some 11 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Anna strout father

Anna father was a writer. He has written books “Education and Revolution in Nicaragua”, “Talent Abounds” . No doubt his books are marvelous but they are not included among Best Historical Fiction Books

Eduaction : :woman_pilot:t2:

The wife of the comedian, Jesse hold up a bachelor’s degree.

Social Media :

Anna being the person that kept his private life apart has never created a profile on any socail media site.


EARLY LIFE OF ANNA :revolving_hearts:

Very little is known to the fans about her life, but the little they know is that she is the only child of her parents. Her parents bought her up in a very loving way and her parents were also none other than the great writer Bob Arnone and Toby Susan Strout. Anna’s dad Bob was a writing geek , who has written a lot of books. Some of the famous writing of his work is Talent Abounds and Education and Revolution in Nicaragua. Moreover, her mom Toby was a social specialist who started working since anna Strout was 11 years of age. She , the mother of Anna Strout later started working as the chief overseer of Bloomington’s Middle Way House, an Indiana-based company. This company that works on providing shelter to the people that have been prone to the aggressive behaviors of the people and society. She was so known for her work in this company that one road in her country was named after her name that tells that how much people have loved the affection the great women have shown to the people and therefore her mom is still remembered today for the work and her commitment to the field of ladies strengthening and raising her voice against abusive behavior at home. After her death in 2017, a road in Washington is named after her name in her honor . This is all that is known to the fans about her family before she went into the spotlight with her profession in Hollywood and her relationship with entertainer Jesse Eisenberg.

Professional career of Anna Strout :woman_pilot:t2:

Anna has worked in some movies as the part of the crew member. She has made her name in this industry also. She has taken part in many of the movies and action movies mostly .In 2001, Anna has also given his duties in creating the drama by the name of ‘Don’t Say a Word’. Moreover, in 2002, she again filled in to give her services in the creation of the series with the name of “The Emperor’s Club”. Besides being this much active as crew member in the drama’s creation, her resume additionally incorporates the experience of functioning as an associate business administrator for the film Digital Man/Digital World in 2011. What’s more, she has additionally given her duties as a facilitator in the movie that was released by the name of “Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia.” Anna Strout was the true epitome of the hard work and she was well-known for her services in the industry. But she was more known after to the public after she met the actor Jesse Eisenberg. Jesse and Anna re the new age parents so if you want some Parenting Tips for Modern Fathers then you should consider them.

Anna loved the following: :revolving_hearts:

She said that she loves the acting of Ryan gosling and that her favourite actress is Emma stone. She likes blue colour the most and she wants to go spend time in London whenever she is free. She says that apart from being loving the acting, she loves to read books. She also says that she loves to eat Italian Cuisine.

Anna and Jesse Relation :love_letter: :love_letter:

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg have made a progress in their relationship since the pandemic hits. Their romance all began when they met during the creation of the movie that was released by the name of ‘The Emperor’s Club’ in 2002. Jesse was only 19 years of age when he met Anna. They became the real buddies in a very short span of time. Due to the fact, that they all and begun enjoying one another. Anna Strout and Jesse felt a sudden feeling among them, and they transformed their relationship into a real one after feeling this spark. Eisenberg has consistently been franking in telling the fans about how he got pulled in to Strout beauty. He said that Anna is always there to help the people that are surrounding with her. This was the main reason that make Eisenberg pulled to the Anna. In a meeting with Seventeen Magazine, he uncovered that feeling he has about her wife, Anna Strout. He feels acting is a childish work and he prefers being encircled by the people that inspire him to help the people that are in difficulty.

Anna and Jesse together :gift_heart: :gift_heart:

The couple dated for a very long time until 2012 . But that break up suddenly . But after the tree year they were seen to be together once again that tells us that they have patch up. They were again seen together in December 2015. And this patch-up was done before Jesse made a trip to London to show his acting abilities in the West End show. After that appearance of both of them together, their relationship has gotten deeper and they are now together for a very long time. But it was also under the rumors that the actor of the movie named ‘West End show ‘ has dated someone else named ‘Mia Wasikowska’ . But they both don’t stayed for a very long time. They both break up in 2015 . They both met in 2013 and stayed together for only 3 years. Anna Strout and Jesse were seen together in 2016. Although it is in a rumor that together in 2015. But they didn’t disclose their relationship. Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg were caught watching a match in 2016. And for this reason, the critics says that.
Subsequent to their patch up in 2015, they didn’t disclose any appearance until 2016 and that can be because they both needed a time. It was revealed afterwards by the actor that they are soon becoming parents.


Anna and Jesse child :baby:t2: :baby:t2:

As reported, the couple invited the first child in April 2017. The baby came in their life as a miracle. They after the birth of their child announced to be together for the whole life by marrying each other. Like any other couple that always keep their personal life part of their work, so is the case with these people. They both kept their wedding ceremony secret from the paparazzi. The picture of the baby of them were posted by Jesse sister who is also a celebrity. She told the pople in her post that it is unpredictable to see her brother did all the parenthood work.


Apart from being an amazing wife to Jesse Eisenberg, she also is a great manager. She provided her help in the following movies :

  1. Digital_Man/Digital_World - she worked in this movie as a manager

  2. Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia - this movie was a documentary . Anna played her role in this movie as a coordinator. She also brings the young talent that are rooming in the streets for acting. She did an excellent job in selecting all the side roles in this movie

  3. The Emperor’s Club - in this movie her now husband was playing a side role. While she was working as an assistant to Ms. Bruce

  4. Don’t Say a Word - Anna was a production assistant in this movie . Her work in this movie was to do every work for her team from getting coffee for the actors to bringing clothes for them.

Net Earnings of Anna Strout :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Anna Strout has always kept his personal life in secrecy from all the paparazzi. It is not known that how much earning has been of her . But still, we are sure that must be in millions. According to the few rumors that we have heard, the total earning of her is USD 1.5 million. His husband is also known to have a USD 2.5 million. His husband being the writer also has quiet good amount as his earning. Besides this much earning, Anna Strout loves to drive expenisve cars llike BMW and Audi.

Religion of Anna Strout:

Anna Strout was Christian by his birth. But there were no related news that whether his wedding was done in Christian or jewish styled weddings.

Some interesting facts of Anna Strout

  1. The couple appeared to be in relationship in 2002.
  2. Anna didnt date anyone after breaking up with Jesse.
  3. Anna loves to drive expensive cars like BMW, Audi etc.
  4. Anna worked as a person that creates music for the films. He created the music in the film ‘Fire and Ice’.
  5. She worked as an assistant in the movie named ‘Dont say a word’ that was released in 2011.

Anna Strout Husband

Jesse Adam Eisenberg was brought into the world on October 5, 1983 in Queens, New York, USA. He was first baby of Amy Eisenberg and Barry Eisenberg. His dad Barry was a teacher at a college. Additionally, he ran a taxi in his part-time. Moreover, his mom provided his services as an educator in an emergency clinic show. She was known for her services in the field. Earlier, she performed her duties as a comedian at functions and also as choreographer. Jesse has two sisters named Hallie Kate and Kerri Eisenberg, who both are into acting industry as well. He spent his half of the life in East Brunswick Township, New Jersey.

1- Full name Jesse Adam Eisenberg
2-Height 1.71 m
3- Birthday October 5, 1983
4-Nationality American
5-Career Actor, comedian
6-Age 37
7-Children One- banner
8-Zodian sign Taurus
9-Father Name Bob Arnov
10-Mother Name Toby Strout
11-Marital status Married
12-Weight 60 kgs
12-Education The New School

Jesse Eisenberg tension problems

While growing up, he experienced with mental health issues that made to leave the school for the time being. He battled also with stress issues. But as there are solution to every problem of this world, so is the case here, The young actor dealt with his mental health issues after the birth of his child. In an interview with the leading magazine, he uncovered the fact that being the parent has led him to deal with his tension issues. He says that it has realized him that you should always stress over the things that are real .He further says that he keeps most of his tensions to himself and that he doesn’t his tensions with his child. He thinks that he does this to help his baby keep out of all the real-world tensions and because all these are bad for his child. He said:

"As far as I might be concerned, there’s nothing you should prefer . But you should always prefer about the things that are real and that are important to you and your family. He further added that one should always care about the real matter in their life.

He also added:

“I oppose by the fact that one should never in their share their problems to the children if the children after hearing them become nervous.”

Jesse started his acting at an early age. At 7 years old, he worked his role as the OLIVER in the novel that was played in the theatre. After that he showcase his acting skills in man of the dramas gaining him the leap of the fans . He after 5 years played his part in ‘Summer and Stroke’. It was a drama that was being created by Tennessee Williams. He has additionally been the played his role in the plays Christmas Carol and The Gathering that were played in the theatre. Due to his continuous success in the plays. He tried his hands-on writing and documenting the screenplays, but those screenplays were not up to the mark by the writer and therefore he left this job of writing.

Jesse Eisenberg as an actor

Jesse Eisenberg started his acting in his early age at about 17 years. He first plays his part in the play that goes by the name of ‘Get Real.’ As of today, he has played his role in numerous TV shows and theatres. His one of the greatest works incorporates Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Social Network. In the film ‘The Social Network’, he was seen to be playing his part as of the Facebook originator ,Mark Zuckerberg. This was the best role being performed by the actor and due to this fact, the actor got many awards. He was awarded with numerous honors, including Academy Award for Best Actor(nominations), Golden Globe, and BAFTA grants.
Other than acting, he also has been a fan of writing and due to this fact, he has written a book. His book that goes by the name of ‘‘Breams Gives Me Hiccups’ talks about how much this lad loves to write. ’is a money manager and a creator as well. As of late, he has dispatched a book named ‘Breams Gives Me Hiccups’.


There a lot of things that needs to be come to our knowledge about this great wife of a star actor.

Who did Jessie dated after Anna ?

Jesse Eisenberg dated his mate for a very short time. After breaking up in 2015, Anna and
Jesse Eisenberg patched up in 2016 . They both married in 2017.

What is the net worth of Anna Strout?

The net worth of Anna Strout is assumed to be 1 million dollars. She gained these all money by working in different movies as a manager and assistant.

What is the name of her child?

The name of the only child of Anna Strout is Banner. Their child is now 5 years old. According to the father of the child, Banner has strengthened the relation they had between them.

How did Anna and Jesse met?

The couple net at the set of the ‘The Emperors club’ . They first started off with friends that turned into a relationship.


Anna Strout was a simple girl living in New York. But one thing that led his husband to become attracted to her was her will and desire to help the people around her. It was due to this reason , that Jesse was attracted to Anna Strout. Anna Strout like some people in the industry of buzz has kept their personal life apart from the main screen. Anna Strout married her husband in a private wedding in NewYork. Also not much about her childhood is known apart from her parents.


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