Who is Cindy Costner?

Facts About Cindy
Full name Cindy Costner
Children 3 (Joe , Annie , and Lily Costner .)
Education Bachelors of Science
Second husband name Kevin Costner

Who is Cindy Costner

Cindy - The wife of Kevin Costner

Cindy is the first wife of Kevin Costner. She carries 3 beautiful children of Kevin . As of 2021, She is 63 years old. They both were married for 15 long years. Cynthia “Cindy” Silva was brought into the world on 29 October 1956, in California, USA, and is an also actress . Yet most popular for her relationship with her husband Kevin . She was the first to marry KEVIN . The husband of Cindy took a break from his acting career after marrying Cindy. Cindy was Kevin first wife and the person to which Cindy was married last time was a producer. The first husband of Cindy has made some excellent movies for which he received various awards. He got the awards for his work in Hatfield’s & McCoys”, “Dances with Wolves”, and “Molly’s Game”. So when ever you are thinking that why I am so Bored. Then hop on your bed and start watching the Movie Premiere of all his films.

The Net Worth of Cindy

Although Cindy was also the actress like his husband. But it is estimated that her net worth was not much like his husband. Cindy Costner’s total assets count are still unknown to public. But it is also understandable that she was also the one to take advantage of his husband’s successful career. When Kevin and Cindy parts ways then Cindy got 50 million dollars. The husband of this actress is said to be having an amount of 500 million dollars under his name. This all money was made by his husband and her, Cindy, due to their long acting career in the film industry of America. Her net worth should be more than expected because why not? When she was doing one of the Jobs that Can Make you Rich

Life, Education, and Career :woman_pilot:t2: :man_cook:t2:

Cindy comes from a Portuguese family. According to her, it was completely not decided by her to join the acting career. She at a younger age was not much into acting. She admits that she likes acting in films in her free time only. She after completing her education till matric started preparing for California University tests. She enrolled in the marketing and finance department in this university. It was a miracle that he met his future second husband there in her university. Cindy started acting in short plays when she was studying at her university. Her husband Kevin later joined the film industry. Cindy usually works as an actress in small stage dramas. She showed herself on T.V in 1998 in a film called ‘LIGHTWEIGHT’. After completing university she worked in Disneyland- the movie, in which she was the Cinderella. So, what are you waiting for? Well, watching her movies are also included in THINGS YOU CAN DO,WHEN STUCK AT HOME

Marriage with Kevin : :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

They married after spending a long time together. After studying for consecutively three years with Kevin, the two tied the knot on 11 February 1978. During this era, the second husband of Cindy was having a rise in his acting career. During the last part of the 1980s, he was the one to achieve success upon success with no failures. The success of his husband also lends him a minor role in the movie that is called “Hits the dance floor with Wolves”. This movie was released in 1990. There were lots of Best Life Advice being given in his movie.

Cindy costner

Cindy film:

The film in which she works was basically a book with a similar name composed by Michael Blake. This movie was based on a book in which there is an of Union Army official . These Army officials were making a trip to the US to manage the Native American Lakota clan. She also played a role in a movie called ‘LITEWEIGHT’ in 1998’s “Liteweight”, on which she worked with Behue Serra and Jeffrey Garcia. Her movies include some 9 best places during Vietnam visit

First husband of Cindy :revolving_hearts:

Kevin was married to Cindy , She and Kevin both were American .Kevin spent his early life in Compton, California. Kevin- the first husband, was the smallest of all his siblings. He faced a simple yet beautiful childhood. The father of Kevin worked as an electrician while his mother was a welfare worker. His mother supports his father in making the budget of the house. Infant, except these two breadwinners there were none to have a job in the family. There was a rule in his family to go to watch movies at weekends. This habit of Kevin makes him take interest in the movies. From seeing actors on the screen to being the actor, he took various steps. His father was an electrician due to which there was no permanent house for the family. Kevin took his primary education from a school named Mt. Whitney High School. But the actor completed his high education at Villa Park High School. He then made himself enter the university with an interest in the marketing and finance fields. Like his wife, Cindy , the first husband of Cindy was also an enthusiast towards acting. He took classes on acting in the worst ways. He even took classes on acting on the streets. This was the time when the actor got into DEPRESSION a silent KILLER

Continuation of acting

After the marriage of Kevin with Cindy, she made him realize the skills of acting. First Kevin started his career in a marketing company. He later resumed acting by his wife, Cindy’s request. He started his struggles in acting when he first enters the industry with his film. He acted in a film that is called “Sizzle Beach, USA”. He got a chance to work in this film with Robert Acy. When the film was released then Kevin was already in stars. He also started working as a minor actor in a movie called The Untouchables. This movie was released in 1987. He also narrated many Inspirational Quotes About Life And Success in his movies

Kevin Costner – Success in Acting

In the last days of the 1980s, Kevin began his stardom to fame with his wife , Cindy’s advice. He was motivated to work in films by his wife. Due to his wife’s acknowledgments, he works in numerous films as a lead actor. He made sure to act well in all of these movies in this tenure. He was featured in “Field of Dreams”, “Bull Durham”, and “No chance to Get Out”. His work in “Hits the dance floor with Wolves” is viewed as one of his most noteworthy work .He won two Academy Awards for these works. There were numerous films in which he performed including “The Bodyguard”, and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. In 1995, he featured in “Waterworld” a film . He additionally co-delivered this film. Although his acting in this movie didn’t bring lots of people to the box office. But he was the one that gains a little benefit from the film. This film was considered somewhat an illegal film. His movies are not considered good for children. Instead, people say to let your children play Educational Games Online instead of watching films.

Marriage with Cindy :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

After his marriage with Cindy Costner, and during the last days of the 1990s up to the 2000s. He had experienced a small gap in his career. This career gap was due to his failed film at the box office. This actor then rose again to fame after playing side roles in movies. Due to the continuous break in the film. He then decided to go for the side role in movies. He did this to make a positive impact on himself in the industry. He works in many popular films and games that include “Man of Steel”, and “Molly’s Game”. He also picks up a role in “Hatfields & McCoys”. This role in “Hatfields & McCoys” was his best career time. He got his Emmy award for this role. We are sure that this ward is what the actor was living for. This award has also motivated the actor to continue his acting.

Kids and Cindy: :family_man_woman_girl_girl: :family_man_woman_girl_girl:

Cindy tied the knot with Kevin in 1978 and they had three kids together during their marriage of 16 years. Later on, he complimented her for being the most compromising in the relationship. According to him, she was more intelligent, sweet, and lovely. But it is having been rightly that in every relation, there are some problems also. He married Cindy by himself but separated their ways soon. So, in the case here, Cindy found some different and rude behaviors from Kevin in late 1980. This rude behaviour of Kevin was observed by Cindy in “Dances with Wolves”. In this film, Cindy, and Kevin both worked together. Kevin after the separation from Cindy admit the fact that marriage is difficult to marriage, He says that it is hard work required work for him.

Cindy separation from Kevin :x: :x:

During their separation procedures, he was blamed for being not the loyal one. During their marriage, there were some unpredictable changes that were observed by Cindy. So, supposedly left with $50 million from the settlement. After the separation of Cindy, we don’t know whether she has married again or not. It is not known that Cindy’s first husband is whether willing to come back to her or not. Furthermore, his first husband was with different actress related to media . These actresses include Elle McPherson, Bridget Rooney and Birgit Cunningham. He later settled with model Christine Baumgartner, whom he’s been hitched to since 2004.
Cindy costner dovorce

Summary; There are a lot of Life Changing Books type message advice we can get from this couple

1- First of all indeed did use some advice from How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You? to make Cindy fall for her

2- You need to make Priority to your family also besides the work.

CINDY – A talented actress :star_struck:

She also worked in an airplane marketing company. The airlines in which she worked was called Delta airlines. She also had a bachelor’s degree in science as well. She was motivated, young and beautiful at the time of her marriage with Kevin Corten

She’s a caring mother :cupid: :love_letter:

Kevin and Cindy may not, at this point be together, yet they make sure that their children are their first priority . They both are parents to supportive for their children also. Following their separation, someone close to them disclosed to People that Cindy and Kevin were making Annie, Lily and Joe their No. 1 need

"I figure their relationship as people with each other is complimentary. . These words are told by his friend called John McInnes. "They have a typical love, their children, who are the main thing for the two of them. I don’t think they’ll have those hurt type relations with each other after the separation. He also admits that this sad to see them apart. According to him they were the best couple in the town at that time.

Cindy After Kevin: :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

It is not known until now that whether the once beautiful actress in married now in 2021 or not. Further, nothing has been said from Kevin Costner part. Kevin further remarried and he is the father of 4 children. Cindy has 3 children with Kevin, whom she loves a lot.

Remarrying of Cindy first husband: :anger:

Cindy and Kevin parted their ways in 1994. The main reasons that are given in this there were lots of misunderstanding between them. According to a news report after settling an amount of 80 million dollars. Both of them separated their ways. It was indeed the best solution for both of them. After divorcing Cindy, he was seen with his new girlfriend Bridget Rooney. But they separate out after sometimes. Kevin is now with Christine Baumgartner.


There are much more you need to find about Cindy . She was no doubt the most beautiful and loyal to Kevin .

How did Cindy and Kevin Costner meet?

They both met in a California University. Kevin studies marketing while Cindy studied Science.

How long did the two were married to each other

Kevin and Cindy stayed together with each other for 16 years. According to Kevin, Cindy was the most loyal and caring in her relationship.

Who was the cause of their breakage of marriage

Indeed, there are not much known about what actually happens. But according to the reports, it was Kevin erratic and unpredictable behavior that led Cindy to leave him.


Thirty Signs That He Loves You were observed by Cindy from kevin. But instead there were a lot more in their relationship. Cindy was the one to do Long-term Care for the children . This was also confirmed from Kevin side as well. Also the two also didn’t experience any Long Distance Relationships. Despite of not having all the above acts, they broke their marriage.