Thirty Signs That He Loves You

Being loved by someone is a great unparalleled feeling, when it is “He” then the need of this feeling even more. How to know he loves you?? We have gathered thirty signs that he loves you

30 signs that he loves you

  1. • Complete ignorance in front of others.

  2. • Silent in front of you.

  3. • Avoid direct eye contact.

  4. • Secretly stares at you.

  5. • Receiving anonymous gifts.

  6. • Active on your social media.

  7. • Often accidental meetings.

  8. • Confused when you see him.

  9. • Silent, when you are angry on him.

  10. • Wishing you birthdays at night.

  11. • Try to approach you.

  12. • Hand made gifts for you.

  13. • Become jealous when you’re with your friends.

  14. • Defends you.

  15. • Would never bear , tears in your eyes.

  16. • First one to make you relax.

  17. • Would say sorry,even if it is not his fault.

  18. • Soothing conversation with you.

  19. • Avoid controversies or gossips about you.

  20. • Shyness in front of your friends.

  21. • Picnic plans with you.

  22. • Trust your saying

  23. • Wear clothes of your liking.

  24. • Making coffee specially for you.

  25. • Remembering little memories.

  26. • Oftenly trays to visit your home.

  27. • Increasing friendship with your siblings or friends.

  28. • Discuss future plans with you.

  29. • Explain your behaviour,in front of others.

  30. • Try to participate in your happiness.

So these were the signs of a men’s now we will see them in is a simple but very complex sentiment.for some people it is very difficult to show and expose their love.Variation in human nature compelled them to express their emotions in quite different ways.Study shows that one who say “ Love you” all the time are less intented to be serious in love matters.

Best Men love signs that he loves you

So here we present some signs to show wether someone is showing interest in you.These simple signs will help you to fine your love.Its a very precious sentiment never lose this.One should have keen observations to never let their love go.These simple syptoms are as below….

Complete ignorance in front of others

One who loves you, would probably ignore you in front of others because love is such a strong emotion that some people fear of depicting it by their attitude.That’s why ignorance in the love is much commonly seen observation.He would rather give you short answers of your question and would avoid talk in initial stages of love.

Silent in front of you

One who love you may behave like a less talkative person in front of you.He would probably remain silent in front of you because again a lover oftenly has a fear of being caught by his eyes full of emotions.Ignoring and silent behaviour are mutually related.

Avoid direct eye contact

Fear of being caught a lover would least the contact of eye,may be he sees at you when you’re seeing something else.On direct eye contact he may not question your answer properly.

Secretly stares at you

He might secretly stares at you ,when you are busy or doing anything.Love is an emotion in which other would also notice the changes in someone behaviour.For example he is your best friend and start to loving you ,the frankness in the behaviour may gone and he might behave awkwardly some time ,like possession attitude or misbehaving when you’re busy busy with your more friends for a long time.

Receiving anonymous gifts

If you started to receive some anonymous gifts,where no address and name is give.You might be curious , your lover wants your attention to be noticed by you, hiding himself from you.some people have no courage to say things very directly so they take a support of such gifts and mysterious way to seek you attention.

Active on your social media

A person who loves you will more oftenly visit your social media sites and would take keen interest in your day to day life like your status, pictures,videos etc and would comment positively on your things.

Often accidental meetings

He will meet you oftenly and would show that this meeting was a coincidence.On happening of such coincedents oftenly,now it’s time to notice such people.One who loves want to take your attention with different lovely task.Such meetings are very important for him.

Confused when you see him

It is the most common sign of all times, usually it is shown in pictures or dramas but in real life if may exist.reason is that your heart beat goes lied when a change activity takes place.You have given a signal to your heart about a specific person that why confused behaviour on meeting is common.

Silent ,when you are angry on him

Since love is about behaving in different situations with love ones so another symptom of love is ,that he might remain silent when you are angry on him or even blame him for any reason.Due to let ve he would get tolerate your inappropriate bahviour in a specific situation.In other words he would give you margin.

Wishing you birthdays at night

On your birthday everyone at least wishes you,it is very normal in society but if he loves you ,he would remember your special days and occasions and let you remind about his concern about you.wishing you birthday at night ( may be on 12 am) would be his style.Some people like family ,parents and dear ones oftenly wishes us soon on birthdays but in this queue another person is added now it’s time to give attention.

Trys to approach you

A person in love cannot stay far from you,he would try his best to approach you through your friends, neighbors or siblings.He tries to find out a link that would help him to tie with you in a connection.If you see an out sider everytime near you.Try to focus him about his wants.

Hand made gifts

No doubt you are really special for your dear ones,friends, family,but some times it may happen that an outsider in a school or college come with a handmade gift for you.Dont judge this gift on the money point of view rather see what are the emotions if you are intellegent enough to know about his emotions .Let the love penetrate in your soul like a fresh breeze after rain.

Jealous when you unintentionally ignore him

You can’t see in the heart of anyone yet there are some signs of love that should be observed.If he is from your friends or from your family like cusion etc he would become jealous if you are ignoring him in any party,get to get her or some outside or indoor plan where all are invited.

Defends you in unfavorable situations

Not only the friends that defends friends but some secret people with love in their heart has a quality of defending their love ones in front of other. No matter this attitude cause problem for them.

Would never bear tears in your eyes

He would not bear tears in your eyes,it is even more hurting sentiment to saw weeping your beloved.Thats why he would be the first to wipe out the tears from your eyes.He trys to make you laugh with lame jokes etc.The purpose behind is just to relax you.

First one to make you relax

In a situation where you are blank and confused.Or even about to cry the person that approaches you first besides your friends is person with golden heart.He would consume his energy to relex you in other words he would not feel relaxation until you are not relaxed.Would offer you water or something you need.

Would say sorry,even it is not his fault

It more painful to blame a person , if it is not his fault. So he would say sorry to relax you if you are in a relationship, then he would show himself a weak one just to assure you that you are important and this relationship is important. He would say sorry , even if it is not his fault. He don’t hasitates to admit that going back from his point view is not important than you.

Soothing conversation with you

It is the world’s best feeling that someone really cares for us and keeps us like a precious thing.He would take care of your emotions and sentiments.If you’re not in good mood or just have a riot with someone,he is the one to whome you can say all,he wouldn’t blame you but will try to relax you with his soothing conversation.After that may be you realised that it was your fault but he will not let to feel you.

Avoid controversies and gossips about you

One who really loves would not be a part of controversies of any kind about you.Respect and love go side by side in a relationship.If you don’t respect your love ,the love in you is impure.So he would not take intrest in gossips about you, everyone is a center of people’s gossips but if he don’t defends your character and your actions then it’s time to revise your relationship.

Shy in front of others

One who really cares about loving you, would be a shy person in front of others.In this context I remember the jonna jinton of sweden that is an artist.she is married with such a person that is so shy in front of camera but really a gentleman in real.He soothes, protects and loves his wife.All these signs are found in him.

Picnic plans with you

He would invite you on any occasion like picnic,his birthday or any special occasion that is really important for him therefore he will prefer your existence in other words he will feel complete when you are present.

Will trust you,no matter what happen

A real man will trust you in any case no matter how the things are against you,your saying is important for him even in a crowd he would value your saying.Trust is the second name of love.Where there is love there is immense trust be happy if he trusts you.

A special coffee or tea invitation

He would make it possible to invite you to take coffee or tea with him without any intruption and if you are in a relationship he would make coffee for you to see a beautiful smile on your face.Or to see the happiness on your face just to assure you,that you are the only one for him.

Remembering little memories and special occasions

A person who is caring enough to remember little memories of you and special occasions for you are special for him too.If he is your fiance he would definitely remember your engagement date,your first meeting and both of you love to talk about that specific day.

Increase visiting your home

A person that visits you now and then,if started to visit you more oftenly then it could be a sign of his love for you.In love one always want to be near the beloved ones.And if you know about his likeness he would try to engage you with him.

Increasing friendship with your near ones

If new friends are entering in your group ,try to close with you by their conversation.The person who loves with you would try get nearer ,just to approach you.And if he has some emotions for you to say on proper time.
And if you are in a relationship he would own your friends and family too.This sign clearly shows about his love.

Discuss future plans with you

He will discuss future plans with you,you might surprise the reason behind.But discussing future with you meant that you should be aware of his plans.And in a relationship he would definitely do prefer you in all his plans from this action you can easily judge his love.

Explain your behaviour in front of others

A lover is a good defender too, in any situation if you are behaving awkwardly, he would take care of your emotions and would give reasons of your such behaviour. In a relationship he will try to make you understand that he gets hurt from your such behaviour but he understands your situation and would never leave you in any situation.

Participate in your happiness

He is one who truly participates in your happiness. The little things you like, he would make them his likeness too.

Take care of your needs

Your needs are preferable for him in any case.The needs are not so big,it might a little tissue paper.its about right things on right time.

Things must me kept in view

You can be important for someone, it’s a great thing in it self but somethings should be keep in view

• Never let him go,if you trust on his love.

• The one who loves you is preferable than to whom you love.
• Let your soul feel the fragrance of love.
• Don’t play with someone emotions if you are not serious.
• Never let down him, because if loving you.
• Be polite,even if you don’t need.
• Don’t make haste.
• Value such persons.
• Take care of their self esteem.


Love is a beautiful heeling emotion that enables a person to get through thick and thin If a person secretly finds the love of anyone it’s a worth while feeling.we saw the thirty signs or symptoms that depicts the true love of a person.

A person that loves you would probably ignore you at first,he may keep silence in front of you.he may avoid direct eye contact and on contacting he would be confused and stares at you secretly.when you feel anonymous gifts and most social active person on your time line it may be a symptom of love.

If A Man meets you accidentally

Apparently he would meet with you accidently ,but these were pre planned.even if you blame them he would maintain silence ,so your feelings are not hurt.he is the person to wish you first.he would try to approach you through your friends be and plans with you,makes gifts for you by hand and even makes coffee for you.

He would even protect you in any situation either it is in your favour or not.he would let you feel that you are really important for him.for this he would discuss his future plans with you and would explain your awkward behavior in front of others and would make you understand the things that would be harmful for you in future.

1:How do you know if a man really loves you?
ans;you will be most important for him in any case,no matter.he would spare time for you to call,message,will keep in contact with you.

2:How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

ans;accidently and oftenly meets you,would approach you,will listen you in any case.

3:How do you test him to see if he cares?
Ans:tell him you are in trouble or not feeling well,he will definitly give positive response to you.


Love is a emotion that can go through thick and thin and in unfavorable circumstances.when a person loves with some one it depicts from his eyes and soul but a inner seeing eye can measure it’s value in beloved heart.loving someone is not bad at all but try to value a person that loves you,it is not a good behaviour to punish a person or let down his self esteem because of love.

Dont play with this pure emotion, every emotion is important but the most important is love,if it once ignored the impact lasts for life time.One who spares time for you and take cares of you is really value able.The person who don’t let the love to leave them are really admireable.True love is difficult to explain with words rather it is measured by your always happy with your loved ones.