Isolation Tank an Emerging Therapy

Isolation tank is a tank of deprivation in which a person feels senselessness because of full darkness, soundproof area and enough water that a person can lay in its back. So all the external stimulation that a person can experience is blocked in other words it is about exploring many things doing nothing.

Yes it is true ,the isolation tank works very differently like it is about blanking yourself and relax.human mind is like a brain in which reboot your self spending one hour in is also called sensory let’s see some salient features of isolation tank.

Adventurous in nature

This method of mediation is adventurous in nature because you feel the hollowness,relaxing mode.when you see nothing you see so many things.when you feel numbness you actually feel more than normal after spending one hour in isolation if you are interested in adventure this is a new beginning for you.after sixty minutes you behave awkward,hollow and absent mind.

Soundproof tank and lighlessness

Just imagine you are in a place where you can’t even hear the sound of any kind,and not even a single ray of light you can a water fill tank what are your thoughts be??you will feel ancient or you may experience you are talking with means daily routine feelings take us away from peacefulness.

Meganisium sulphate (Epsom salt)

In the tank the solution of epsom salt and water is present that allows to float freely.This salt helps to experience weighlessness.High concentrated salt level also helps to stop drowning in the seas special.

The concept of REST( Restricted Environmental stimulation therapy)

The isolation tank is based upon theory of REST.again by changing environment totally we stimulate the senses by blanking yourself you attain peace and relaxation afterwards.a person love the tiny things that are in his disposal for example sunlight,breeze, fragrance.He oftenly wants to touch normal object which were quit ordinary for him before.

Feeling of floating decreases the concept of gravity

One can be surprised that for isolation tank a hollow room which is sound proof ,enough for isolation but around 4 feet water approximately enables a person to lay on his back so he feels floating over water and feels the gravity minimum,this stimulation also helps him to feel weigh less.this situation helps to get rid of any trauma or feel senselessness.

Feeling of hellucination

Hellucination is state of mind in which you don’t feel the basic five senses properly and heard the invisible sounds.whuch are product of your mind.oftenly you experience the noises,sounds,that no one hear or it is the broad form of hellucination.One can experience great things because our mind is a good creater and whenever all the other senses are senseless then your mind even work more creatively.


The concept of meditation got popularity in past few years and experts found that the meditation process relaxes your muscles and nerves,gives you internal peace and satisfaction,boost your creativity.on the same rule isolation tank provides a mediation place.when you came out of it you feel like newborn , everything is new for you.on lame things you might be happy.

You became exciting for nothing

As we told above that it is about doing nothing,this nothingness meets you to the something.this is the basic idea of this tank to explore your comes in our mind that this tank may be full of equipments and machinery contradictory it’s only a hollow tub with some feet you go in the tank for doing nothing.

Date with your self

Have you ever heard about dating with yourself??some people love to spent time with themselves.isolation makes them more vigilant and youthful.such people are not afraid off being alone rather they spend time according to their own moods and enjoy their habbits or reading , painting etc.this is a date with yourself in which no physical assistance of books ,novels,tv,radio etc is required.its about past, forgetting present and uncertain about future.

A modern dungeon

The feeling of tank is similar to dungeon in the ancient times in the vast castles, these underground cells or prisons cut off a person from while world. It’s a self chosen dungeon must say.

NASA trainee

NASA use the same technique of training to it’s astronauts , all of us know very well that astronauts use to spend time in rocket shuttle and the time is time less , feeling of gravity is very low, taste is a little. So this technique helps a lot to astronauts.

Water temperature

Now the question rose in mind that what will be the temperature of water??
Will it cold or hot? The ans is that it according to human body external temperature that is around 35°c.

■■■■■ in the tank

The visitor who use this tank, have to spend time of sixty minutes ■■■■■ in the tank.when the tank is open then they are allowed to wear clothes.

It is a Reprocessing process

The simplest definition of isolation tank is that it helps to start the process of reprocessing.By re processing we mean to restart the process in such a way that you refresh your mind and soul.and try to remove the impurities of thoughts from your mind make your mind pure.a newborn child like feeling.and after coming back from tank you are like a soul existing.

Last time advice

Many person that wanted to explore the tank and wanted to experience the feeling ,heard the sounds of ancient times,some people experience to meet with the people of 1950’s.some people got the last time advices as someone was told to be limited his is at the same time a complexed but simple process.

water level

Water level in the tub is around one feet in which a person can lay in its back easily moreover the Epsom salt also makes to feel float freely.

Changes of dimension in humans

It means to find out the better version of us in the way that you relate the past mistakes not to repeat in future .it is like a resolution that the mistakes that harm your life you are not intended to do it again.


In the tank you have the feeling of disorientation means that you are not familiar to that circumstances,you are divert from your living.


It means that one effect of this tank among so many effect is, that you feel young again. You feel that you have born again and all the things are new to you now. Now you can better enjoy your life, since you have gone through all the deprivation of light, people, senses, feelings etc
Supporters of REST therapy have these logics
Many people find that this therapy is extremely good for health and they give these logics.

Get rid from pain and anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety and pain of any kind in the body it’s time to take break and experience this tank,it will not cure the problems but it would rather feels you that life could be even automatically you come out of that phase.

Quick solution of depression and stress

All kind of depression are harmful for health but if you have continous depression phases and one after one your are passing isolation tank can help you a lot .for cure and quick relief from such traumas.

Creative break

Mostly painters,artist,actors and writer love to experience it, sometime a lack of creativity leads them to the depression.To enhance your creativity and soul satisfying it is like a pill.yet some insecurities are attached with this concept.

Criticism over isolation tank

Critics also critise this tank because of its less effectiveness.the critic say

1: Exaggerated benefits

Benefits of isolation tank is oftenly exaggerated because it’s least effect for the positive point of view.Rather demirits attached with this are more.Tze results are misleading and exaggerated to provoke the person through advertisement.

2: West Nile Virus

Critics also intimate about west Nile Virus.A man can easily be pray of it.So these tanks may have hidden areas where this mosquito can exist.
4:Scary experience

Most of the people find this experience a scary one because only a person with iron nerves can control himself and feel realx in such scary atmosphere.Just suppose about a closed place, with no sounds.

4:Low blood pressure

This tank may lower your blood pressure so if you are suffering from low blood pressure.Try not to experience it.


People oftenly say that it is like a spell bound on them.which is quite alarming for those who use their mind for creative works.Memory lost or hallucination for some time may lead to increase the problem in future.


Person that have phobia of dark and close place may severe attacks.So make sure before using are not watched for 60 minutes it means that if you are getting down,no one can rescue you at the moment.its a severe health hazard.

What does isolation tank cost??

If you want to buy your own isolation tank for investment point of view then it’s cost around $10,000 to $30,000 and if you want to just experience it. It would cost around $50 to $60 which is quite reasonable actually.


Now it’s time to summarize our article that is about isolation tank.This is a tank filled with Epsom salt and water solution where a person a lay on its back.This tank is used for isolation and meditation that helps a person to get rid of pain, anxiety,and depression.

A person lays in the tank ■■■■■ for sixty minutes and during these sixty minutes he has no contact with other people.this process is also called the REST therapy which is the abbreviation of restricted environmental stimulation therapy.which is quite beneficial for curing traumas and depression.

The external environmental changes are bound that a person can’t feel the senses of touch,voices,and darkness.
The room is dark enough that you can’t see anything from out side.

Basically it experiencing doing nothing to get means that you have to go date with yourself,try to explore about yourself .when you spend time with yourself ,you will definitely get a lot.Some people find it much healthy way to get rid of sad thoughts from mind.

You have to enter ■■■■■ in the tank so you may properly get into that atmosphere which is created to stimulate your inner senses.Thats why some people experience hollowness in the dark.And some heard sound of ancient times.

Hallucination feeling is one of the strongest feeling in the isolation tank.It is like mediation in water.Some find it dungeon.Another fact about this tank is that it is the procedure that is adopted by NASA to train it’s astronauts for space where they have to cop up with the timeless timings.

It is a Reprocessing process that brought the dimensional changes in human.One can have the feeling of disorientation too after using it.Floating in tank helps you to least the effects of means another sense is made limited through this method.

It has positive and negative effects too.On positive side we see that it is the cure of traumas, depression,sadness,pain,stress and anxiety.

But negative side we see that it’s benefits are oftenly exaggerated,the risks of west Nile virus, hallucination and nyctophobia.
Some people find it scary to closed in the tank with out contact of external atmospheric stimulation.

Cost of this tank if you want to buy your own,is $10,000 to $30,000 and to experience it is $50 to $60.


1:What does an isolation tank do? Ans:the REST therapy restricts the external stimulations,thats why you feel relax in the tank,and reboot yourself.

2:Can you drown in an isolation tank?
Ans:the water level is not so high to drown you,as well as epsom salt makes it easy to float in the tank to feel the sense of minimum gravity effect

3:How long can you stay in a sensory deprivation tank?
Ans:at first if you are new you can stay there for one hour but when you are use to it you can soend couple of hours.


At last we will conclude by saying that human nature is composed of emotions and their reactions.if we drag emotions out of a human,then a change cure such emotional changes isolation tank is introduced in which a person spends time of sixty minutes in complete isolation.This isolation helps him to cure the past negative psychological experiences and the feelings of sadness,and anxiety abolish.
Along with this a person also experience more feelings of hallucination, ■■■■■■■■■■■.
It is Reprocessing and rebooting process that initialize the positive change in human along with some risks.


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