DIY Bath Bombs

Using bath ■■■■ is great fun and joy in summers,some bath ■■■■■ are equally relaxing and nourishing in winters too as they are composed of many essential oil,fragrances, extracts and vitamin c.

That gives a soothing and nourishment to our body like spa and massages.
Bath ■■■■■ are composed of baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, tartaric acid different oils according to your choice along with benefits of corn starch that make our skin flaw less and smooth and sleek.

Why don’t try making bath ■■■■■ at home?

Making bath ■■■■■ is a great fun and creative work to do moreover they save our time and cost.In markets they are costly as a common one cannot afford it the contradiction they are easy to make in home with specific colour and market you take one 5$ to 10$ but in home spending same amount you can make a dozen of them without so much hassle and fatigue.

Rather it’s a fun to experience different kinds of even if you are expert enough you can sell them at home level.mostly things that are necessary to make these ■■■■■ are at your disposal and in kitchen just you have to put them out from your drawer and make it.

Things that can make our bath ■■■■■ a real bathing pleasure…

No doubt most of the things that we will use in making of these bath ■■■■■ are easily found in hime but to give them luxurious look you have to buy some of products.
making such steps more easy we can say that the amount of 10 $ that you will spend on buying them can be used to buy some bathing related luxurious products that will benefit you for a long time in other words it is one time activity to buy them and they will be useful for a long time when ever you will make it.

For this purpose you have to buy some fruits and herbs extracts that are your favorite and essential oils that are not expensive at all.some color pigments and also shimmer of different kind that will make bath ■■■■■ a fairy land thing.and some fragrances or fragrant beans.

Lush company is very popular in making bathing bomz and other soap relevant things such as conditioner bar,shampoo bar,body scrub, fragrant soaps etc,we will try to make our bath ■■■■■ as they do.

Making of bath ■■■■■

For making of it you simply need things as below

  1. Water and citric acid mixture
  2. Baking soda
  3. Epsom salt
  4. Corn starch
  5. Alcohol
  6. Essential oil of any kind
  7. Mold


Pour baking soda and corn starch along with epsom salt in a bowl mix it well then add coconut oil, color of your choice and knead them with the mixture of citric acid and water.pour the mixture of citric acid and water in the spray bottle so the excessive amount couldn’t be added.mix them but don’t make soft dough,it should be dry enough to hold a sheep with the help of hand.mix quickly the citric acid and baking soda mixture because if all fizzyness gone the bath ■■■■ will not be in luxurious look.add coconut oil or oil of your choice few drops.

Why bath ■■■■■ are fizzy?

Bath ■■■■■ always hold property of fizzyness because two ingredients in this citric acid and baking soda make carbon dioxide on mixing the mixture gives fizzy look when they mix together.its not harmful at all and leave the gas easily on using this ■■■■■ in bathing tub.

Some DIY ideas to make bath ■■■■■ special and unique

Here we will present some ideas of it. with a little different you can make it very special or very special occasion. Above the method we showed was making basic bath ■■■■ on the rule of fizziness but now we will customize them according to occasions and requirements.

Galaxy star bath ■■■■

For making of this you will take all the things that we showed above along with all these things you will take a mold of Easter egg and in the mixture you will separate them in two places then in mixture one you will add purple color and in other one you will add pink color and some silver shimmer to look really starry.

then in mold in half you will take purple color and in second half the pink color and then unite them by closing mold and when it gets shape spray silver shimmer on the surface your galaxy star ■■■■ is ready to use.

Golden nest bath ■■■■■

For making this simply add golden color in the mixture and lot of gold shimmer along with the essential oils you will get pure good best bath ■■■■. when ever you will put this in bath tub while water becomes the golden water enjoy the luxurious joy feeling.

Rose queen bath ■■■■

Simply add red pigments which is stain less in the mixture and add finally chopped rose petals in the center and then mold them along with rose oil or rose extract to feel really beauty of rose.when you will put in water the tub will filled with rose smell and rose petals on the surface and you will really feel like rose queen.

Bath ■■■■ with lavender extracts

Levander with it’s enchanting smell and dark purple color give everlasting impact that why they are always a choice whenever we go to buy these. For this purpose you have to take lavender extracts and petals .

Take light purple color in the mixture and in the center of the ■■■■ add the petals of levender and coat the ■■■■ with the dark purple shimmer. After putting it in bath tub the smell of levender will spread and leave the soft romantic impact.

Minty menthol bath ■■■■■

They are equally superb in winters and summers summer they left the cooling and refreshing effect and in winters in hot water they give us easy breathing effect and soothing.for making such bath ■■■■■ you will take the same mixture above and add light blue colour some mint leaves in center and mint extracts in the mixture and coat them with little blue soap carvings.

Bubbly fizz bath ■■■■■

This is very unique bath ■■■■ the twist in this is in the mixture you will add baby shampoo and you will crush some soap carvings in the middle and it would be difinitly fizzy in the presence of baking soda and citric acid simply add different colours and decorate the surface with little soap shapes.when you will put this in tub along with fizzyness the bubbles will also make giving you a real jacuzzi feeling.the carvings of soap will melt easily giving a bubbly and fizzy effect.

Herbal bath ■■■■■

Although the ingredients that we use in bath ■■■■■ are really nourishing for our skin as the baking soda makes body sleek, citric acid makes shiny and corn starch smoothest the skin, yet herbal bath ■■■■■ are easy to make at home too. Just take almond oil and vitamin E in the mixture and add some turmeric all work good together and give you a healthy look.

Bursting fragrance bath ■■■■■

Such bath ■■■■■ are full with so much fragrance that leave a royal look of paris and remind us of the ancient princess that use to lay in the fragrance tub in order to adorn themselves.for this you have to take fragrant beans and some fragrant sardines along with essential oils in the mixture put and shape it.along with fizzyness the beautiful smells fill your innerslf with joy.

Arabian vanilla oud bath ■■■■■

Vanilla oud is a unique smell of arabia,in arabia fragrance is really a life style there homes , clothing ,car everything has a specific choice of versatile smell is vanilla oud.oud is a smell that is very unique.for making this bath ■■■■■ simply add extract of vanilla oud in the mixture and then shape it you will feel the difference.such holding and unique smell makes to happy internally.

Orange bath ■■■■■

Simply add orange peel and extracts in the mixture or finally crush the orange peel and add in mixture it woul give aroma and will scrub effect the body.its a vitamin c rich ■■■■.other thing I want to mention is that take two halves of orange and use them as mold it will surprise you.

Metallic pleasure bath ■■■■■

Such bath ■■■■■ are really beautiful to see that why we will add golden and silver shimmer and soap carvings to making this simply add gold and silver color in the haves of mold them unite them and sprinkle golden and silver soap carvings and fragrant essential oils too. if you are experiencing difficulty in molding and shaping these bath ■■■■■ try to add some liquid alcohol to shape them well.

Bath ■■■■■ according to shape…

Earlier we discussed the bath ■■■■■ diy according to texture and decorative qualities and nourshing qualities.but theses ■■■■■ can also be made with different shapes we only use the shape of Easter egg but you can shape them as of square,a rough round,TNT shape,moon or sun shape ,cup cake is also a very famous shape.

Bath ■■■■ along with surprise

A fun point of these bath ■■■■■ are that it can be used as a surprise gift. for example some little ring or Jewell item. simply in the center wrap your gift in small packet and mold the bath ■■■■ after giving fizziness your gift will be appear having a great time to enjoy with your loved ones.
DIY bath ■■■■■ along with candles and decorations will make your bathing experience unforgettable.

If you’re giving surprise to your wife or loved ones DIY bath ■■■■■ and candles and decorations will give most romantic feeling on special occasions and the romantic gift in the bath ■■■■■ will amaze your partner.

Effects of bath ■■■■■

It’s a very little but pleasure able thing to do it has certain effects on you that we will discuss below.

Fun and creativity

Making bath ■■■■■ is a great thing to do using your creativity , excitement level will arouse when you will use your hand made things. While mixing different pigments and shimmers it would be an ASMR feeling, here I want to remember karina garcia who used one thousand bath ■■■■■ to excite herself and had a great experience.

Stress free

Bathing always makes us fresh and changes our mood and mood will be extra ordinary fine when you will use bath ■■■■■ the fizzyness will ■■■■ away your bad mood surprisingly and different colors will brighten your day. You feel feel a sense of relaxation.

Replacement of spa

It’s close to spa and can be said a replacement of spa because it also includes the different nourishing things in the tub and you have to stay in tub more then 30 minutes all the goodness of the ingredients will give you benefits.


The basic purpose when they were introduce me first was to nourishment of your skin and body, other fancy items were introduce later to beautify the products. So all ingredients gives nourishment.

According to your skin type

One very important effect of bath ■■■■■ is that when you made it by DIY you can chose the ingredients according to your choice .for example rough skin holding people would surely chose coconut oil and almond oil on the other hand oily skin can be controlled by us sing jojoba oil.

Summary: Above we discussed the DIY process of bath ■■■■■ very detailed and we showed to make bath ■■■■■ by using simple ingredients at home and you can make your bath ■■■■■ according to your choice using different fragrances, essential oils, pigments, shimmers, and extracts. This process gives you happiness and inner satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

when you use your home made things keeping in mind that you saved a lot by restricting your self of buying expensive bath ■■■■■. they can be shaped easily according to your wish along with surprise for your dear ones and easy way to make them really happy.