Definition of Priority:

  1. Established right to a certain higher degree, importance, precedence, or rank over others.

  2. The fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.

Synonyms of Priority

Prime concern, First concern, Most important consideration, Most pressing matter, Matter of greatest importance, Primary issue, Accent, Accomplishment, Antecedence, Antecedency, Anteposition, Anteriority, Arrangement, Ascendancy, Authority, Bold front, Brave face, Brave front, Concern, Concernment, Consequence, Consequentiality, Consideration, Deanship, Display, Dominion, Eminence, Emphasis, Excellence, Facade, Face, Facet, Facia, Favor, Fore, Forefront, Foregoing, Foreground, Forehand, Foreland, Forepart, Forequarter, Foreside, Foreword, Front, Front elevation, Front man, Front matter, Front page, Front position, Front view, Frontage, Frontal, Frontier, Frontispiece, Greatness, Head, Heading, High order, High rank, Immediacy, Import, Importance, Incomparability, Influence, Influentialness, Inimitability, Interest, Lap, Le pas, Lead, Leading, Majority, Mark, Materiality, Merit, Moment, Note, Obverse, One-upmanship, Order, Ordering, Paramountcy, Precedence, Precedency, Preceding, Precession, Precursor, Predominance, Predomination, Preeminence, Preface, Preference, Prefix, Prefixation, Prelude, Preponderance, Prepotence, Prepotency, Prerogative, Pressure, Prestige, Primacy, Privilege, Prominence, Proscenium, Prothesis, Rank, Right, Right-of-way, Self-importance, Seniority, Significance, Skill, Stature, Stress, Success, Superiority, Supremacy, The lead, Top priority, Transcendence, Transcendency, Urgency, Value, Van, Virtuosity, Weight, Weightiness, Window dressing, Worth

How to use Priority in a sentence?

  1. The safety of the country takes priority over any other matter.

Meaning of Priority & Priority Definition

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