Best Life Advice

When you hear good advice, you should always do two things: Take it in and pass it on. It’s easy to find someone to tell you what you want to hear, but your true ally is one who tells you what you need to learn.

Excellent Pieces Of Advice That Most People Ignore

Give yourself an edge with these 25 gems of sage advice that most people ignore.

  1. Take time to know yourself. “Know thyself,” said Aristotle. When you know who you are, you can be wise about your goals, your dreams, your standards, your convictions. Knowing who you allow you to live your life with purpose and meaning.

  2. A narrow focus brings big results. The number one reason people give up so fast is that they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. But it’s a series of small wins that can give us the most significant success.

  3. Show up fully. Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t daydream about the future, but concentrate on showing up fully in the present moment.

  4. Don’t make assumptions. If you don’t know the situation fully, you can’t offer an informed opinion.

  5. Be patient and persistent. Life is not so much what you accomplish as what you overcome.

  6. In order to get, you have to give. If you support, guide, and lead others, if you make contributions to their lives, you will reap the best rewards.

  7. Luck comes from hard work. Luck happens when hard work and timing and talent intersect.

  8. Be your best at all times. You never know what the future will bring, so always make the best use of the present.

  9. Don’t try to impress everyone. The unhappiest people are those who care the most about what other people think.

  10. Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Sometimes the one thing you need for growth is the one thing you are most afraid to do.

  11. Listen to learn. Learn how to listen. You can’t learn anything when you’re talking.

  12. Life’s good, but it’s not fair. The delusion that life’s supposed to be fair is the source of much unhappiness.

  13. No task is beneath you. Don’t put yourself above anyone or anything; work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

  14. You can’t always get what you want. But, as the song says if you try you may find you get what you need.

  15. Don’t make decisions when you are angry or ecstatic. The best decisions are made with a clear conscious mind, not in the throes of any emotion–positive or negative.

  16. Don’t worry about what other people think. Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.

  17. Use adversity as an opportunity. Every loss leads to an opportunity, and every adversity leads to new possibilities.

  18. Do what is right, not what is easy. The strength of character leads us to do the right thing, even when there are easier options.

  19. Dreams remain dreams until you take action. Without action, an idea is just a dream.

  20. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

  21. When you quit, you fail. The surest way to lose at any endeavor is to quit. But fatigue, discomfort, and discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.

  22. Trust your instincts. What good is intuition if you let second-guessing drown it out? The worst enemy of success is self-doubt.

  23. Learn something new every day. Have the mindset of a student. Never think you are too old to ask questions or know too much to learn something new.

  24. Make what is valuable important. Instead of thinking about what is profitable, think about what is valuable. Invest in others and you will grow your portfolio.

  25. Believe in yourself. The way you see yourself is the way you will treat yourself, and the way you treat yourself is what you become.

Sometimes we get excellent advice but we forget to take it in. Take it in and pass it on.

The 7 Best Pieces of Advice for Living a Happy Life

If truth is relative to what you believe, then happiness is directly correlated to what you pursue.

Everyone is in search of how to live a happy life–when in reality, the search begins with you. Happiness is not “found.” It is realized.

It is already right here.

(For all of you rolling your eyes, read the above sentence again and take a big deep breath as you read it.)

1. Stay true to yourself.

So much unhappiness stems from making decisions that go against what you know in your core, your gut, to be right. Deep down, you don't want to do it--but you do it anyway. You listen to your head. You try to convince yourself the raise is worth it, or the risk is too great, or it's better to just stay put, to keep your head down.

Staying true to yourself is a challenge, yes. But effectively suppressing your true self is even more challenging.

2. Do what you love--not what you're told to love.

To spend time (especially a considerable amount of time) doing what you love takes work. Hard work. And the truth is, most people give up. They get a job to pay the bills and do what they love "on the side." Eventually, they lose motivation, fall into the comfort of routine, and give up the very thing they once valued the most. And for years, then, they look back in regret, almost basking in the statement, "I wish I could have...".

It might take a while for you to realize it, but at some point, you will. You will feel an immense sense of loss for not having stuck with the thing that once brought you true joy. Even if you never make it your career. Even if you only do it for yourself, still, do it. The fact that “doing something for yourself” is seen as a waste of time and energy is testament enough to our achievement-based society.

3. Create an environment that's right for you.

If you are an extrovert, don’t allow yourself to work a job that suppresses that part of you. If you are an introvert, don’t try to contort yourself to extroverted company culture. Your own happiness is a reflection of your day-to-day, the things you’re doing, and most importantly, how you are doing them.

Create your own environment. Put yourself in a place that will help you grow, not suppress your growth. Surround yourself with people who understand, or at least make the effort to understand you. There are always options. Do not settle for someplace that does not feed your core.

4. Choose your friends wisely.

You are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with--choose them wisely. If they complain a lot, you will inevitably complain a lot. If they are lazy, you will become lazy. If they are not actively improving themselves, you will not actively improve yourself--unless you leave the situation and find others who will reflect that part of you.

It is very difficult to remain in a state of happiness when you are surrounded by negativity.

5. Develop positive habits.

We as humans like to believe "happiness" is the destination wherein there is no more challenge. Everything is easy.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. We love challenges. We thrive off the challenge. We grow through challenges. We discover ourselves by being challenged. And it is not the thing itself, but your emotional state that decides whether or not that process of growing and being challenged is enjoyable, in the same way, a workout can be enjoyable or grueling and painful (in the same way a workout to someone out of shape can be grueling and painful).

The simple act of developing positive habits in itself brings a deeply “earned” happiness. We are happy because we have overcome ourselves.

6. Create certainty and leave room for uncertainty.

If everything in your life is planned out, then it's boring. If nothing in your life is planned out, then it's risky and uneasy.

Happiness is found somewhere in the middle. You want just enough certainty in your life to feel like you have ground to stand on, you’re not completely in danger, but you’ve left the window open for spontaneity to sneak in for a sleepover every now and then.

It’s the spontaneous adventures that bring extreme moments of joy. But they are best enjoyed when you know you have something safe to land on as well.

7. Be vulnerable.

Frightening, but there is unrivaled happiness that comes through acts of vulnerability. These moments confirm we are human. That we are imperfect. We open ourselves and, as if looking in the mirror for the first time, are able to step back and see who we are a bit more clearly--for better or worse. We accept ourselves and let others do the same.

Vulnerability is the secret. We as a society go to great lengths to hide who we are and create masks, personas, and images to portray the parts we know will receive approval–while banishing the rest to the shadows. But all our best work comes from being vulnerable. All our happiest moments and saddest realizations come from being vulnerable. All our deepest loves and greatest friendships come from being vulnerable. All our art, all our music, all our creativity comes from being vulnerable.

Vulnerability is the secret to happiness–and that is why I started this article with a breath. Happiness is not out there somewhere, waiting for you. Happiness is hidden within vulnerability, and vulnerability is hidden within you.

Life Changing Advice That You Must Follow

Only 24 hours, yet so much goes on in that time span. You go about your day, going through the boring and often dramatic events. How often do you stop to realize that each hour of your day is packed with life-changing wisdom? Sure, there are the big events that punch you in the gut. The lessons from those are hard to ignore, but there are also many mundane things that happen in a day that also has a lot to teach you if you become aware of them.

1. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and in yourself. Make the day meaningful.

Waking up every morning you are given another chance to think about your purpose in life. Before you get out of bed, take a moment to realize that you have been given the gift of a brand new day. How can you make it meaningful?

2. Breathe your way to a calmer, healthier, happier life.

Breathing. You do it all day but unless you’re a regular meditator, yogi, or tri-athlete, you probably don’t pay much attention to your breath. Yet, breathing is the source of life. Learning to breathe properly can relieve anxiety and stress, prevent illness, improve your sleep, help you manage your pain, lower high blood pressure, promote weight loss, and has many more benefits.

3. Start the chain reaction of positive tasking.

Make your bed. If you’re a neat person, making the bed is something that’s easy for you. But if you are the type of person who rushes out the door at the last minute, making the bed is the last thing you think about. It’s time to re-think that. There are many lessons in the making of your bed. Didn’t your mother tell you, “The way you make your bed is the way you sleep in it?” I never understood what that meant but I knew there was profound wisdom in it. I’m sure “sleep” was a metaphor for life. So listen to your mother, if you want to have a smooth life, make your bed.

4. Most things are not as bad as you think they are.

Washing the dishes. Did you know it takes only one minute to wash a pan, two knives, one fork, a cutting board, and a bowl? See for yourself. Time it. Instead of turning your back on that stack of dirty dishes in the sink, invest a minute, and wash them. You’ll feel so much better if you do. Don’t make things worse than they really are.

5. Smaller problems are much easier to manage than larger problems.

Not putting your things away. Piles are easy to accumulate. Clothing, paper, bathroom towels, whatever your piles maybe, your piles say a lot about you. It’s easy to accumulate piles in our private homes, no one sees them, but you should. Is that really how you want your life to be? One big stack of piles? It’s much easier to put away one towel, one t-shirt, or one-piece than it is to put away a huge stack of them. Take care of things when they are small.

6. Be considerate of others.

Arriving on time. You start out on schedule but soon things get in the way. The dog pukes, you can’t find your cell phone, and the baby needs a diaper change and before you realize it, you’re twenty minutes late. People are waiting for you either at a meeting, a restaurant, or at the airport. As they wait, the negative comments about your tardiness start. Is that how you want others to view you? Set aside extra time for things to go wrong because it is most likely they will.

7. Dress for success

Getting dressed. Every morning you have a small portion of time set aside to pick out how you want to present yourself for the rest of the day. This simple (or sometimes not so simple) task has a lot riding on it. As much as we don’t want to believe it, it’s true. People are judged by the way they look. It’s that first impression when you walk in the room that says, “Here I am.” Your clothes are your opportunity to make your personal statement. How do you want to present yourself to the world?

8. Start your day caring for your health.

Eating a healthy breakfast. You probably pop a pod into your coffee machine and grab a power bar as you are running out the door. It can’t be avoided; all the experts and studies say it is true. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It’s also the most time-consuming when you have the least amount of extra time. It can’t be denied, how you eat breakfast says a lot about you.

9. The power of habit can transform your life.

Brushing your teeth. You may not realize it but besides a fresh, minty mouth you have just engaged the power of habit, a pattern that shapes every aspect of your life. A pattern that you also have the power to transform many areas of your life. If you can brush your teeth every day at the same time, you can accomplish anything you want to.

10. Judge others favorably. You never know what battle they are fighting.

Driving, riding the train, or taking the bus. These are the times that someone will surely upset you. People will bump into you, cut you off, take the seat you were going to sit it, and not hold the door open for you. Transportation usually brings out the worst in people. This is your opportunity to not get bothered by other people’s bad manners. You are the one who will suffer. Your day will be ruined because they didn’t even notice they bumped into you, cut you off, or took the seat you were going to sit in.

11. Your moods are contagious. Share positive energy.

Walking into a room. Whenever you walk through the door of a meeting, your office, or home, you have the chance to determine how you want people to respond to you. The energy you give off is the energy that will come back to you. Moods are contagious. Bring positive energy into a room.

12. An organized life is a calmer life.

Time management. Stay on schedule when possible. It’s easy to become distracted by your devices. Our beeps go off all day. Facebook, Instagram, and Vines are magnets that draw you away from your tasks. Either shut them down when you’re working on something important or glance at them and then get back to work. Don’t get hooked by them. If you are knocked off your work track, get back on it.

13. Respect other people’s opinions even when they differ from your own.

Conflict. It’s rare that two people will agree on most topics. Conflict is everywhere. It happens at work, at home, with family and friends. Disagreeing isn’t the problem (although most people think it is). The problem is in not giving value to the opinions of others.

14. When you master your emotions, you master your life

Anger. This is one emotion that is sure to pop up sometime during the day. How you deal with your anger says a lot about who you are as a person. How well do you manage your emotions? Do you speak nasty to the waitress who messed up your lunch order? Do you have a harsh reaction if someone says something insulting to you? Anger can be a destructive emotion if not managed properly.

15. Love your body. Take good care of it.

Exercise. Going to the gym, yoga or spin class is a statement saying that you love yourself. You are saying, I care about my body and my health and I want to take the best care of myself that I possibly can.

16. A healthy social life is a pure happiness.

Social Activities. Lunchtime or dinnertime with friends or family is a soul-full intimate experience. It warms the heart. Take time to surround yourself with the warmth of family and friends. They are there to support you, encourage you, and love you no matter what.

17. Speech is a powerful tool.

Your words. Watch your words carefully. They can be daggers or cheerleaders. You can crush the spirit of someone or make them feel like they can conquer the world. Taste your words before you spit them out. Words are your thoughts coming to life. It’s your choice. Do you want to show that you are nice or nasty?

18. Your thoughts become what you are. What you think, you believe.

Your thoughts. All-day, it’s just you and your thoughts. Do you sound like your best friend or the high school bully? Negative thinking is an easy pattern to fall into. It is also a harmful one. Your thoughts are your reactions to everything that goes on in your life. Treat them with extreme caution. Negative thoughts damage your happiness.

19. Touch someone’s soul with your kindness

Random Acts of Kindness. It’s the little things in life that matter most. Hold a door, smile at people, buy someone a gift, and don’t forget to call your mother. Kindness touches the soul of another person. Everyone has a battle they are fighting. Your simple act of kindness soothes someone else’s pain. You have reached the highest level of your spiritual self. Your life has meaning.

20. Each day is filled with endless opportunities to show people how much you care, appreciate, and value them.

Show people, you love them Everyone knows how to tell someone “I love you” but do your actions match your words? Are you showing someone how much they are loved? The day is filled with many opportunities to cook someone you love their favorite meal, go out of your way to help someone in need, or simply being by the side of a crying friend.

Live awake and aware of the lessons of your day. They have a lot to tell you.

Funny Life Advice

  1. Keep Your Toes on Your Feet
  2. Jeans Are a Man’s Best Friend
  3. If You Hear Weird Noises in the Night, Simply Make Weirder Noises to Assert Dominance
  4. If someone is being mean and says mean stuff to you say, “Uno reverse card” and then walk away.
  5. After giving people advice always say, “I’m not sure it works tho” so they can’t say it ruined their life.
  6. If You Pour the Milk Before the Cereal, You’ll Never be Forced to Eat Dry Cereal
  7. To be Sure of Hitting the Target, Shoot First, and Call Whatever You Hit the Target
  8. Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
  9. Never Read the Words “COVID-19” to the Tune of the Song “Come on Eileen.”
  10. If you’re late, just say, “Sorry I’m late, I was at home sitting down.”


life advice is something that is needed by everyone. When you hear life advice, make sure to take it and pass it on. There’s no harm in following advice that can change your life and also someone’s life. Mostly, people don’t take life advice seriously, and afterward, they regret it in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is The Best Advice You Can Give?

A. The Best Advice You Can Give

  • People Want You to Listen, Not to Talk.

  • Don’t spam people with your words of wisdom.

  • Don’t Think or Judge. Just Listen.

  • If Someone Asks You for Advice:

  • Understand expectations. Clarify what they want from you. …

  • Listen first. …

  • Ask questions. …

  • Help frame the problem

Q. What is a piece of advice?

A. A ‘piece of advice’ is one single tip. E.g ‘buy your groceries from that shop, not this one, as it’s cheaper’. … E.g. Buy your groceries from that shop, not this one, as after 9 pm all of the meat and veg is heavily discounted’.

Q. How do you politely give advice?

A. Find out with these five simple ways to give advice politely.

  1. Use a modal verb. There are two modal verbs we often use for giving advice: ‘should’ and ‘ought to’. …

  2. Make it into a question. …

  3. Put yourself in the person’s position. …

  4. Make a suggestion. …

  5. Advise in a stronger way.

Q. Why is giving advice important?

A. Seeking and giving advice are central to effective leadership and decision making. … Those who give advice effectively wield soft influence—they shape important decisions while empowering others to act. As engaged listeners, they can also learn a lot from the problems that people bring them.

Q. Is it better to ask family or friends for advice?

A. Therefore, always ask for advice from friends and family. This is because sometimes there could be a better option for you out there that your family found before you did. Moreover, if you have friends or family members who have sold their homes for a good amount, ask them for advice too.

Q. Who gives good advice?

A. Counselor is the word that comes to mind - or advisor - a mentor is another possibility but a mentor does more than counsel.

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*life advise .
people give you many recommendations and suggestions about workplace, relationship and health these all are the life advises when you successfully apply these in your life you fly high and easily make your life better.
Relationship , health and workplace are the three main components of your life and its plays very major role in our lives. These things have very vast impact on our lives if one would affected all other get disturbed they are interlinked so in order to be succeed you must know about how to be champion in these departments so you can live a healthy and best life.
Here are some reliable advise for each portion by adopting these advises you must watch massive growth.
Health advise :
*Take care of your personal hygiene:
Its all about how you take care of your body. its include several practices to prevent your body from parasites and germs which cause diseased. Highly recommended practices are hand washing, bathing, brushing, nail cutting , hair wash etc… hygiene makes you feel good and satisfying about your appearance and same as others feel good to see you. its important to make a impactful personality. Hygiene also restrain germs and disease which are contagious when we follow sickness hygiene it does not impact others for example when you are not feeling well its your duty to avoid people , put hand on mouth or nose, don’t share utensils in short poor hygiene can damage your self esteem as well your health and others.
*develop habbit of Exercise :
Exercise is a therapy. It has uncountable health benifits it very complicated to explain the complete merits of physical workout. its essential to stay away from numerous disease its keep you fit, make you active and maintain you healthy. Physical workout includes walking, running, home chores , yoga, jogging , swimming , climbing stairs , playing sports are top options. its up to you which you choose to stay fit and happy.
*Expose yourself to nature.
when you expose yourself to nature it gives you emotional well being , reduces your stress level, decrease blood pressure and make strong immune system. Those people who are facing chronic illness and disabilities considered to get lost in nature. its a soul’s need and most importantly it contributes peace of mind which is to hard to find nowadays so visit nature and take pleasure.
*Curtail drugs.
Drugs are lethal its trap your life. we live only ones don’t spend it on drugs, drug can be anything smoking , alcohol. the plesure of certain drugs are contemporary but the outcomes of these actions are long lasting so be careful while adopting these habit it has a power to ruin you completely. Long term consequences include various health and mental issues, low self esteem, laziness , crime activities etc etc. if you are attracted of these take decision to curtail it for yourself.
Workplace advise :
*Persist professionalism:
whatever your post is , it matters when you show professionalism and do justice with it , late achieving tasks , delayed assignment or objectives , gossips , late comings. Avoid these attitudes its rediculous!!!
*Invest in learning :
Learning is a life long process same as you should learn at workplace. Always be curious to learn new things attend workshops and seminars , participate in learning and reflecting activities its make you more active and professional .
*welcome socializing :
Always be happy while interacting with others. socialization is very helpful for sharing problems , fun activities, knowing each other , reducing work pressure etc etc … it makes you humble person with good image.
*Don’t consider your colleague as a best friend.
its a harsh reality to accept the fact that colleagues are only colleagues they can’t be your best friend so don’t try to be over friendly with them. because clash of interests and such competititions don’t allow you both to be honest with each other. but it doesn’t mean you are enemies you must follow etiquettes to behave at workplace.
*Try to come out from comfort zone :
comfort zone is a place where everything is easy but also where nothing grows… try different and more difficult thing to achieve better. its your responsibility to challenge yourself and do better as compare to previous growth unless you are no likely promoted or perform well.
*Relationship advises:
*Don’t expect high from your partner :
In some cases unealistic expectations are the root cause of failed relationship because we expect those things which are impossible to acheived. Blind love is all about to always put your feet’s on sky and lost in a fantasy world which would not gonna stays longer. Real love should be deep and understandable which knows each other faults 9r grey areas on that basis you can expect genuine things otherwise it get failed after a time.
*Grant Respect :
Respect is the generous form of love its an amazing feeling it reflects you have something special for your partner no matter how circumstances are must give respect . Respect her decision about life, respect her/him hobbies, interest, perspectives. Never talk bullshit or abuse him/ her.
*Forgive easily :
humans are fallible. Two persons cannot be same, their thinking and values can’t be like each other but when we are in a relationship clashes must occur. At this stage we do fights and get anxious its common we supposed to forgive other because we can’t change people so we should accept them as the way they are.

  • Don’t bring another person to solve your problems : Its your relationship so its your duty to fix it. never complain about your partner to anyone it creates another problems.
    conclusion :
    when you follow all these advise you must watch changing in everything none can become perfect but chasing perfection we can be able to go forward from we were.