Who is Kevin Selleck

1- Full name Kevin Selleck
2-Height 1.8m
3- Birthday August 7, 1987
4-Nationality American
5-Career Actor and musician
6-Age 55

The child of the model, actress, and film maker who switched his career from volley ball to music and then movies.

Kevin Selleck

The early life of Kevin Selleck :cowboy_hat_face:

Born and brought up in the United States, Kevin Selleck is an American entertainer who got renowned in the era when he was doing his career job at Magnum, P.I. in addition to this, he is also the child star . his biological mother was a model and actress . Her name was Jacqueline Ray. Although in his early life, he went to a boarding school. Yet this young lad was being grown up in a well-organized actor. There were many ups and downs in his life. Although it is not known until now who is the biological father of the great actor of Hollywood. His mom married Hollywood star Tom Selleck. Tom Selleck adopted the child when he was only 19 years old.Kevin S. Shepard, called Celiac, was brought into the world in 1966 in the United States. He called himself American .


He came from a family of mixed identity. Her dad’s name is Sheppard, and her mom is Jacqueline Ray. Both were American celebrities. His mom’s success can be seen in a mesmerizing way .Her mom Ray work in Magnum, P.I. (1980) and Outlaws in Zeta (1980). Kevin started his career with first music and then movies. He was also accused of taking Drug.

Kevin Childhood

Kevin Selleck has a horrible childhood. His family separated their ways. After they separated, he began living with his mom. Moreover, when Kevin was 19 years old, his stepfather Tom Selleck, who was celebrity also, and filmmaker welcome him in his home. Tom additionally with more care raised Kevin. He does this in order to not separate the mother from his child . In addition to this, Kevin has a twin sister named Hannah Selleck. Kevin was gifted by nature with numerous relatives that were genius in their fields of jobs.

Kevin Close relatives

Her granddad, Bob Selleck, was a specialist of finance and who also was master of various fields. He shows his skills on the event held in 2001, in Los Angeles. His uncle Robert Selleck is also associated with the entertainment industry. when Kevin grew up, he moved to the University of Southern California and started playing volleyball like his stepfather. His stepfather was called Tom Selleck.

Kevin Selleck’s Career :dvd: :cd:

Kevin Selkirk started his life career with a music industry. He was also a member of group from American musical crew called Tonk. This band was formed in 1993. He played drums with other musicians Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Laurie, and Dan Rothschild. Kevin Selleck’s along with his group singers of group Tonk delivered their music in 1996. His album was called as Lemon Parade . This Lemon Parade got platinum nominations and also won the award. After Lemon Parade collection, they delivered a music video that you can watch on YouTube . The video is available to watch after in 1997.

Billboard Recognition

This Lemon Parade appeared at No. 11 on the Billboard Airplay Hot 100. In the same year in 1997. The Tom Selleck child fought with one of his group members in year 1997. After this short fight, Kevin left the band with no further notice. Kevin later chooses the movie career. After his partition from the band, he began working with different groups however it didn’t come as the correct decision for him. His decision to leave the band with his group mates. Kevin would be more or less famous like any other musician if he would continue his career.

Summary : Although Kevin faced many difficulties in his career. But still he don’t lose hope. He worked day in and day out for making name in the Hollywood . He is a talented star in Hollywood. He must be in list of Best Top 20 Composers if he had resumed his music career. No doubt his life will give us advice as worthy as some advice from Life Changing Books.

ROSE TO FAME: :anger:

But Kevin Selleck didn’t surrender under this situation of failure. He began making debut in the movie career. He showed up in the TV with PI. But soon the success came crawling to Kevin when he started his acting in a movie. Furthermore, a film Scream 2 that acquired him to get the fame he deserved from the very start of his career. Like the personality of Kevin Selleck . His film Scream 2 was also according to his career. The movie was filled with lots of thriller. This movie Scream 2 was released in 1997 and coordinated by Wes Craven and composed by Kevin Williamson.


While working in the movie industry , being the friendly with everyone. He made lots of friends that were having the same mentality as his. He also made some of the celebrities in the entertainment industry to fall in love with the games. He also played games with some of the famous celebrities including David Arquette, Lori Metcalf, and Jada Corinne Pinkett.


Net Worth Of Kevin :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

The whereabouts of Kevin Selleck have not yet been uncovered. Means it is still under the covers that how much he spent money. He was a volleyball player during his school days and joined American music industry with his band named Tonk . He joined music industry to keep himself away from playing volleyball. Besides leaving the music industry, he still makes a lot of cash from his music job. He also made some money from volleyball. But as he chose entertainment as his full-time career. So, he produced a lot of cash and money from his He worked I many Television dramas and in many films.


He chooses certain movies to work in only. Given his acting and music career, we can predict that indeed this actor have produced much money in his whole life. Although he was not poor from his childhood as his mother was a model. But still when his mother left him. Then he started taking decisions for the jobs. He also went to one of the boarding school in America.

Kevin Selleck Father :family_man_woman_girl_girl:

Additionally, as per rumors and some of his close friends, her stepfather Tom Selleck’s was also a rich person and his assets was worth 45 million dollars before 2019. Because Tom Selleck was an actor and also the producer. So, he took a commission from every scene played on his movie. He took a whopping sum of 150,000 dollars for every scene from every scene in the movie. But the compensation he took from his every movie was worth the work and scenes cinematography in the movie.


His mother that was a model was also a rich celebrity. It was said according to the sources that his mother holds huge money. The assets of his mother were also 1 dollar million. Tom Selleck acted in the Blue Blood film. Tom Selleck was also starred in Three Men and a Baby, Mr. Baseball, Las Vegas, and more.

Kevin Selleck mother sacndal:family_man_man_boy:

The mother of Kevin Selleck was once accused of abusing his son in law . He put charges on the person because he was abusing her own daughter. His mother was accused of killing her won daughter. The person was sent to jail for this horrendous act. His mother was said to be Heston Model

Annabelle Selleck; Welcomed Six Children :angel:t2:

Kevin Selleck better half is named as Annabelle Selleck. Kevin Selleck was a man with noble nature. He married his wife after his successful career. But he like many other celebrities have kept these details under the covers from media. There were no news reports on any media telling us that how he met his wife. Also, his wife also never came in news regarding this topic. Annabelle Selleck make sure not to make his personal life known to the media. Also, it is also not known that how the two people met each other. But there are resources that tells some news regarding this matter. As indicated by Radar Online, Selleck has six kids. But the names of his six children is still unknown. Also , maybe it is good for the whole family to be way from the news and any scandals.

Liquor Addiction of Selleck :blossom: :blossom:

When Kevin was 22 years of age, he experienced liquor addiction. But he was soon removed from this addiction by one of his close relatives. He went to a famous rehabilitation centre to recover from this alcohol addiction. Surely he must have taste all the Expensive Wine


  1. Age: Kevin Selleck is 53-years of age, starting at 2019.
  2. Kevin Selleck Height: He is 1.8 m tall
  3. His hair color is brown, and his eye color is black.
  4. He is not divorced.
  5. He is on Twitter only.
  6. Kevin don’t receive any award for his work.
  7. He released his first song in 1997.

Movies of kevin :soccer:

There are various movies in which kevin worked on. His movies include Scream 2, Magnum, P.I.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS :sparkles: :sparkles:

There are numerous untold stories that are left behind in the career of Kevin Selleck. Kevin Selleck left the showbiz career without any notice. He have some songs on Billboard

How did Kevin Selleck entered the music industry?

Kevin joined the music industry in 1996. He worked as a drummer in his band. But he soon left the job after he fought with one of his member.

Where did Kevin was sent to for drug addiction.

Kevin was sent to Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center . He was rumored to using drugs in 19 years of age. He was also diagnosed with DEPRESSION a silent KILLER disease.

In how many movies kevin selleck worked?

Kevin worked in 6 movies. Among them Scream 2 is the most famous movie.


Kevin was one of those Hollywood celebrities that makes his career in both music and movies industry. Kevin has given many Best Life Advice in his interviews. Kevin also appeared in many Cash awards in his whole career. No doubt, if Kevin still remained till now in music the definitely he will be in list of Best Talented Music Composers