Definition of Drug:

  1. Natural or synthetic substances (when introduced into living beings) that affect their function or structure and are used to diagnose, relieve, treat or prevent or eradicate disease. . It is also called medicine or forensic medicine. However, legal or medical drugs (such as amphetamines) can be dangerous and addictive if used legally.

  2. Habits that form stimulants or drugs (such as alcohol, marijuana, nicotine or cocoa beans or poppy derivatives) that cause feelings of happiness, excitement or happiness. Addiction or dependence is the result of permanent or excessive use of this substance (which is called substance abuse or addiction). After that, any attempt to stop the use will result in some reactions (called withdrawal symptoms), such as sweating, vomiting and tremors, which will stop when the use continues. It is also called an illicit drug if its manufacture and / or use is prohibited.

    Whether the substance is legal or illegal, it has nothing to do with intoxication or potential harm: alcohol and nicotine, which are addictive and dangerous, are legal in most countries. Because taxes create important jobs or public revenue.

  3. Medicines or other substances with a physical effect when injected or introduced into the body.

  4. Medication to make you numb or deaf.

Synonyms of Drug

Amphetamine, Sedate, Sleeping pill, Give narcotics to, Medicament, Lead item, Chloroform, Strychnine, Medical drug, Proprietary, Put to sleep, Paralyze, Drops, Soporific, Treatment, Article of merchandise, Bismuth, Narcotize, Dope, Rock to sleep, Lincture, Hop, Stun, Opiate, Tea, Dull, Give opiates to, Methedrine, Blunt, Aloes, Staple, Narcotic, Staple item, Ethical drug, Balm, Specific, Cocoa, Pain-killer, Put under, Seconds, Antidepressant, Hallucinogenic, Knockout drop, Vegetable remedies, Linctus, Herbs, Physic, Elixir, Anesthetic, Numb, Hypnotize, Benzedrine, Cure, Simple, Ergot, Tisane, Patent medicine, Dose, Anesthetize, Balsam, Kola nut, Mixture, Knock stiff, Standard article, Panacea, Lay out, Obtund, Materia medica, Proprietary name, Poison, Bedaze, Kola, Leader, Kayo, Vendible, Pharmacon, Stimulant, Feature, Sassafras, Coffee, Analgesic, Nonprescription drug, Methamphetamine hydrochloride, Dexedrine, Anoint, Medication, Salve, Stupefy, Medicinal, Anaesthetize, Medicine, Product, Powder, Give an anaesthetic to, Coldcock, Downer, Amphetamine sulphate, Prescription drug, Besot, Magnetize, Belladonna, Treat, Cocaine, Sedative, Pharmaceutical, Upper, Tranquilizer, Commodity, Simples, Give drugs to, Benzoin, Quinine, Poison, Medication, Proprietary medicine, Theraputant, Item, Generic name, Inhalant, Knock unconscious, Syrup, Medicament, Knock out, Officinal, Entrance, Dextroamphetamine sulfate, Benumb, Oil, Article of commerce, Deaden, Medicine, Hypnotic, Colocynth, Cure-all, Trance, Etherize, Psychedelic, Narcotize, Chocolate, Knock senseless, Remedy, Medicate, Desensitize, Desoxyephedrine, Mickey Finn, Sal ammoniac, Mesmerize, Caffeine, Medicinal herbs, Dexamyl, Special, KO, Ammonium carbonate, Adrenalin, Electuary, Embrocate, Loss leader, Lull to sleep, Ware, Palsy, Preparation, Freeze, Article

How to use Drug in a sentence?

  1. The drug surprised its makers because, instead of curing breast cancer as planned, it turned the cancer into healthy cells.
  2. Researchers have recently discovered that the feeling of love is actually a chemical reaction in the brain, which is equivalent to the effects of drugs.
  3. They are given anesthesia to calm them down.
  4. A new drug for people with Parkinson's.
  5. It is believed that the latest antibiotics on the market are the next best in the world and doctors around the world can change the way they treat different infections.

Meaning of Drug & Drug Definition

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