Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the only son of the late Hollywood legend Burton Reynolds and his mother was an entertainer called Loni Anderson. Following his dad, Quinton works in Hollywood, yet he isn’t pretty much popular among the media industry. Although there is not much know to the media about this child. We think that through our article you will know much in detail about the actor Quinton Anderson.

Quinton Anderson-a photographer

1- Full name Quinton Anderson Reynolds
2-Height 5’8” (1.87 metres)
3- Birthday August 31, 1988
4-Nationality American
5-famous for son of Burton Leon Reynolds Jr
6-Age 32 years
7-Marital status Single
8-Zodian sign Virgo
9-Mother Name Loni Anderson
10- Father Name Burton Leon Reynolds Jr
11-Sister name Deidra Hoffwan
12-Weight 77 kgs
12-Ethinicity American
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes black
15-hair color Brown
16-occupation cameraman
17-Net worth 3 million USD
18-Religion Christianity

One thing that is unique in Quinton from other people in the industry is that he is not in the media as much as his family. And also, do want his existence having the slightest bit of allure, charm, and media scandals throwing on his face. Quinton Anderson Reynolds do not act in the movies like his father as he is working as a camera assistant in his job. He worked in Hollywood. He makes the people came out as beautiful people infront of the camera. He is the one that play this role as a backstage cameraman and he has shown up his camera sills in many tv and movies. Some of the famous movies in which he has done his job is Origin of Evil, 100 Degree down Zero, Mercury, NCIS etc.


He has a nick name of Quinton, and he was born in America in the city of Florida. He was born on 31 august 1989. He is of white ethnicity and have an American nationality. He worked as a cameraman, an imaging expert in Hollywood . He is also the worker in the electrical department and the editorial department of Hollywood. His little family includes burton milo, Maxine hazel, Klaydon carl and Anderson. His parents are the famous actor and actress by the name of Burt Anderson and Loni Anderson. Her sister’s name is Deidra Anderson. He is not married yet. He has a height of 5’9” and in cm he is 177 cm .his shoe size is 12.he is the also the heaviest in his family and have weight of 75 kg and 165 lbs.


He was brought up in the world in America on a bright day of 31 august in 1988. He is famous for being the child of famous actor and actress . According to the media reports he was adopted at his birthday by the parents. His biological parents are not too public. His birthday was celebrated with great zeal by his adopted family. Onn Quinton Anderson Reynolds birthday his parents always bought him his favorite food as that was also the wish of quinton Anderson. Quinton Anderson Reynolds was born in august making him a Virgo person . And according to his sign he must be the clumsiest person in his family .

education of Quinton Anderson:

Quinton Anderson Reynolds have completed his matriculation from his hometown in Florida but for secondary education he moved to the New York. He went to all boy’s secondary school. His education was all his parents were worried o f. Him his educational life he chooses to study arts from California university. There is no further information on which educational degree he is having after the bachelors from the university. But it is quite evident from the social media of Quinton Anderson Reynolds that he is the fan of education. Quinton Anderson Reynolds also participated in a social media campaign that was focused to give free education to all the people in the world. He was also good in his studies . Instead of working in the art industry he has opted to which his educational background and is now working as a camera man assistant in the Hollywood movies.

Career Of Quinton Anderson:

The career of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is quite different from his parents . Why? Because he loves playing with the images as per his parents. He in his career also played with some of the scenes of the movies as an imaging expert and technician. He has shows case some amazing skills that Quinton Anderson Reynolds has learns n his career in the moves that are called zero degree below zero, high school professional and many more. Quinton Anderson Reynolds in his career also worked in the electrical and mechanical department of the industry of Hollywood. . Quinton Anderson Reynolds has shown his ,mechanical skill that he learnt in his career in the movies called Chrisman in Palm Springs, Starvation in Suburbia.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds dating:

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is never seen to be dating in his life. Although there is a social media account of Quinton Anderson Reynolds nut, he is never seen to be posting the dating life about his life. It seems that Quinton Anderson Reynolds wants to keep his dating life apart from the media. Also, it is rumored that due to the increase amount of media involvement in Quinton Anderson Reynolds life he has also lessen his social media use . Quinton Anderson Reynolds is of 32 year of age as of 2021 and we known it very well that Quinton Anderson Reynolds must be dating in his life. Due to Quinton Anderson’s parent involvement in his life, we are also sure that Quinton Anderson Reynolds dating life must be messed up. Also, there is no hint that was given by Quinton Anderson Reynolds Quinton Anderson Reynolds dating life by his parents when they released of dating of Quinton Anderson. He has always kept his dating life away from paparazzi. Also, on social media of Quinton Anderson Reynolds ahs never posted nothing about his dating life s. It seems like Quinton Anderson Reynolds never likes anyone t on vade the personal space . It seems that Quinton Anderson Reynolds single also there is no information of who is his girlfriend.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds total assets :

Quinton Anderson Reynolds total assets is assumed to be in very much great amount by the critics but to their disappointment the total assets amount of this star id is not much. It is rumored that the total assess pf Quinton Anderson Reynolds is 1 million USD. At first the media and the fans were expecting that the total assets amount of Quinton Anderson Reynolds must be great because of the fact that Quinton Anderson’s parents have total assets of 12cmillion USD, and his mother have an asset of 11 million USD . But this guess was in vain when the Quinton Anderson Reynolds father announced that Quinton Anderson Reynolds will not be getting a penny from the total assets of him. Being living n the big house of his dad , Quinton Anderson Reynolds have always lived a lavish life, in his life. He got the this much total assets by the help of his camera man work and some technical work. Although Quinton Anderson Reynolds have not got the total assets of his father instead, he got some money from his father on his ■■■■. It was rumored that half of the total assets of his father was given to the charity in Florida. It is of no doubt that the total asset of Quinton Anderson Reynolds must not be less than his father because of his excellent work and skills that he shows in the backstage . A special trust fund was given to Quinton Anderson Reynolds from his father total asset. Being the son of billionaire but still he have failed to achieve more than Jk rowling .

Quinton Anderson money

Quinton Anderson Reynolds social media:

Quinton Anderson Reynolds the social guy like his father . The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds also was a social person and have an active twitter account with 14k followers. Quinton Anderson Reynolds also uses the social media platform of Instagram, Facebook, and twitter . Although the social media account of Quinton Anderson Reynolds on Facebook is not known to many people and have only 780 friends but the social media account of Quinton Anderson Reynolds on twitter is quite popular and have at least 147 k followers on it , Quinton Anderson Reynolds also tweets about some his daily life and it seems like twitter is the social media platform that Quinton Anderson Reynolds likes the most . He on his twitter account also pots about the project he world on. He one time post on social media about his upcoming movie in which he was working backstage in the cameras field. His social media was known to people when on one fan site of Quinton Anderson’s father his twitter account was made public. Since then, there is a long list of people following Quinton Anderson Reynolds in his social media. He donot have active Facebook Profile

Quinton Anderson Reynolds age, parent, family, religion:

Quinton Anderson Reynolds age as of 2021 is 32 years. When Quinton Anderson Reynolds was 5 years of age, he was adopted by Quinton Anderson Reynolds non biological father that was an actor. Through out the ages , Quinton Anderson Reynolds was seen very less in the media and it seems that 32 years old Quinton Anderson Reynolds doesn’t really interact with the people that are from media. As Quinton Anderson Reynolds is all in the media industry and her sonly sister in not in the media. The parents of Quinton Anderson Reynolds tie the knot in 1988 soon after the marriage of Quinton Anderson’s parents his only sister came into their lives. But it seems that the parents of Quinton Anderson Reynolds have some misunderstanding between them in the start of 1990 as his parents got divorced in 1993. At the time of the divorce of parents of Quinton Anderson Reynolds he was only 7 years of age. Among the parents , his mother took the responsibility to take care of his remaining family as their dads left the family of Quinton Anderson. There were at least 3 grand parents of Quinton Anderson Reynolds as the parents of Quinton Anderson’s father did three marriages. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds was only wedded to his non biological mom that was liana Anderson. Quinton Anderson Reynolds told in one of his twitter posts that there is family get together in their family every ester morning and all the members in tehri family are strictly advised to took part in this party . Accruing to Quinton Anderson Reynolds his parents and especially his family is the precious assets of his life and he further says that being the smallest and the one that don’t work in the media industry in his whole family . He rarely gets time to meet his family. His grand mother according to him was the only one in his family that supported him when he was choosing his career of camera man. Since the death of Quinton Anderson’s father , there is not a single day that Quinton Anderson Reynolds haven’t missed is him . He says that his dad was only the family and parent to him but laos his best friend in all of the world. The relative that are close to Quinton Anderson Reynolds family are hooks Reynold , James, and Sara. Quinton Anderson Reynolds is also known to have good friend hip with his uncle who is James. He also is close to Reynold that is laos a n actor . There are nonchildren and non spouse of Quinton Anderson. Quinton Anderson Reynolds height in cm is 198 command in metres it is 1.98 m religion according to Quinton Anderson Reynolds is and important part in the family of his. And he says that he Quinton Anderson Reynolds and his family strictly follow the Christianity religion. There family is used to go to church every Sunday. Thought it seem s that Quinton Anderson Reynolds is a religious person, but his dada was not seen to be as much religious as him(Quinton Anderson)

Appearance of Quinton Anderson:

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is like his father got some aesthetic appearance . He has brown eyes and black hairs, and the bicep size of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is 13 . Although some media critics said that Quinton Anderson Reynolds looks very much similar o his dad although they are not related by the blood . They also have may facial features common in them. His appearance includes the ideal measurement is f his body that 40-35-43 niches. He has silky hair. He has cropped hair and adorable smile.

Sisters od Quinton Anderson- Deidra Hoffman:

the name of the sister of quinton is Deidra Hoffman . She, Deidra Hoffman is the only biological daughter of Reynolds Anderson jr. She is the mother of mckenzie Hoffman And Megan Hoffman and the name of the husband of Quinton is Chris Hoffman . Deidra Chris Hoffman is living nowadays in Michigan in America. The mother of quinton was an award wining Emmy actress. In 2009 the sister of Quinton Anderson Reynolds was diagnosed with auto immune disease. Deidra Hoffman was the daughter of Loni. Loni was first married to a real estate manger, but their marriage was a mess and they later broke the marriage before the birth of Deidra Hoffman. Deidra Hoffman is the daughter of loin and Bruce Hasselberg. The mother of Bruce Hasselberg worked in a university in University of Minnesota . She worked they’re as a professor in the university. Deidra has never talked about her profession in the media. In 1999, Deidra was found showing off her acting skills in one of the scenes of ‘Cozy Portrait,’ broadcasted on ‘Lifetime.’ Following her acting in this historical drama, in 2014, she played a side character in ‘The Doctors,’ an American sitcom .s he was also seen to showcase her acting in the ‘Jayne Marie Mansfield’ in the 1980 TV film ‘The Jayne Mansfield Story.’ Deidra is sensitive person since her birth and has consistently avoided the spotlight. Sources uncover that she tied the knot with Chris Hoffman. They dated for quite and then later they married after wo years. Deidra was rumored to get the treatment from her disease of multiple sclerosis. This disease makes the immune system of sister of Quinton Anderson Reynolds quite weak. . Loni was seen to support her child Deidra through out her whole treatment journey. She went with Deidra when she goes to the hospital for the treatment.
Deidra Hoffman was brought into the world in the year 1965 and her mother give her name of Dedra Kaye Hasselberg. Loni gives Deidra birth in Roseville, Minnesota, America. She lives in America since her birth. Her nationality is Caucasian-White, and her religion is the same as of her mother. She was the sweetest girl of her parent that were Bruce Hasselberg and Loni Anderson. Bruce Hasselberg was found ■■■■ in the hospital in September 2018 at the Jupiter Medical Center . He was considered ■■■■ by the doctors due to the heart disease.

Favorite things of Quinton Anderson:

According to Quinton Anderson, his favorite actor according to the looks is Daughter Sharon. He says that he has watched almost every movie of this actor. According to him the most favorite quality that he likes his way of eye movement that he does in his acting. He says that he likes the acting of sharbion on the most in his favorite film of “ miracle for heaven”. He further adds that her favorite actress in Amy kicker and the thing that Quinton Anderson Reynolds like of her is because of his smooth way of speaking in delivering dialogues in the movie of alias . . Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the fan of flowers and he says that among flowers he likes the purple colored rose the most. The reason behind the liking of this favorite flower is because purple symbolizes the harmony and peace. Quinton Anderson Reynolds favorite dish is the Italian pizza. He is the biggest fan of pork pizza. He says that on his vacation he eats at least 3 pizza in day. Quinton Anderson Reynolds is also a pet lover and the most favorite pet of him is the cat , he says that his act name is Leo and his favorite go to place is Greece . He further adds that his favorite hobbies to don in his free time sis the painting, sketching, swimming, and exercising. Quinton Anderson Reynolds says that his favorite book is harry potter and his favorite author is Paulo Coelho . Quinton Anderson Reynolds likes to watch horror movies. Also like the social media person that Quinton Anderson Reynolds is , he likes to interact with some pf the favorite people of his life.


  1. Quinton Anderson’s dad was the closest to him in all his family. His dad at first was the only one to provide to help in Household income.
  2. He in one of his interviews told that Quinton Anderson Reynolds is his one of the great accomplishments in his life. He says that after seeing his son he always Feel Better.
  3. In 1994, when the parents of Quinton Anderson Reynolds got divorced it was Quinton Anderson Reynolds that was left alone, and he supported his mom in those miserable days.
  4. According to the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds , she wants a person that can take care of Quinton Anderson Reynolds and for this reason his father also let her keep a nanny that took care of Quinton Anderson Reynolds when his mother was outside.
  5. He completed his education of matric from a famous school in Florid that was called Palm school and he was a great player of football and that is one of the reasons that he got football scholarship when he was completing his bachelor’s degree from California university.
  6. Quinton Anderson Reynolds has been serving the Holly Wood industry from 20 years.
  7. He makes all the people that appears on the TV beautiful due to his amazing cameras skills. He also is the owner of some Best Camcorder.
  8. He is the closest and also the best friend of lee Corso. Due to lee Corso great analysis on TV, he was also his fan.
  9. Quinton Anderson Reynolds social media account of twitter is the only account that is known by people . His account by the name of Quinton Anderson Reynolds on Instagram is not active. But he is rumored to know all the The Latest Social Media Trends You Should Know in 21st century.
  10. Quinton Anderson Reynolds has an athletic body, and he likes to do exercise and yoga in his free time.
  11. After the divorce of Quinton Anderson’s parents, they shifted to the east side of the Florida .
  12. It is also rumored that many awards that were won by Quinton Anderson’s parents were sold out when they were divorcing that also shows the hatred that Quinton Anderson’s parents were having at that time for each other. The awards were all sold in Las Vegas for pennies. Still there are much Best Life Advice you can get from their success.
  13. Due to the abusive behavior of the father of the Quinton Anderson Reynolds his mom was against him to go to his father to meet. Quinton Anderson’s father after the divorce lived in the west of Florida.
  14. It was depressing for Quinton Anderson Reynolds because his father doesn’t give him his money but instead make his niece that was called as LEE BROWN his future successor.
  15. Quinton Anderson Reynolds got a special fund from his father money.
  16. Quinton Anderson Reynolds was famous in the industry for his great camera skills, and he was also praised by his father to not use nay source in the industry of Holly Wood. Quinton Anderson Reynolds got his own name in the industry by working hard. His father called him greatest achievement. No doubt Grunt Work pays off.
  17. Quinton Anderson’s father was a fan of his own son. Quinton Anderson Reynolds was adopted by his father in 1988. The adoption news was reported by the Florida Newspaper also. His father brithday is included in Celebrities Birthdays
  18. Quinton Anderson Reynolds was seen to be close to his father in movie premier. Being the star kid always surrounded by cameras, Quinton Anderson Reynolds have paid a lot to keep his private life away from the fantasy world of media.
  19. It was the wish of Burt to keep his son away from his asset.
  20. The only wish of his late father was to have their won biological son, but that dint happens although he was in various relation ship with many different women in the world. But soon his wish was fulfilled when Quinton Anderson Reynolds was adopted.
  21. His father was diagnosed with Copd.

Reason of Quinton Anderson’s Parents’ Separation:

It was a very messy divorce by his parents done in 1993. The reason behind the divorce was that his (Quinton Anderson Reynolds ) Father BURT was caught in a cheating case and his mother was sick of his father erratic behavior. At the time of the divorce Quinton Anderson Reynolds parents sold their golden globe award also. Quinton Anderson Reynolds after his parent’s divorce was sued to go to the Florida to meet his father. Due to the abusive and vulgar actions of Burt his wife , that is the mom of Quinton Anderson Reynolds would send the nanny to take care of Quinton Anderson. No doubt Quinton Anderson Reynolds has tough time after the divorce of their parents. Some best Divorce attorney were hired by them. His parents also claim each other as Mistake.

Quinton Anderson divorce

Father Of Quinton Anderson:

Burt Reynolds was a voice over artist and actor. He showed his acting skills in many movies and dramas that are ■■■■■■ , deliverance etc. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is known in the Holly wood duet to his great acting skills. His father also took some lead roles in the moves. The nickname of his father was BURT and BUDDY. His father birth name was Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds was born on 11 February 1936. He was found ■■■■ in the hospital of Florida that was called as PALM BEACH COUNTY HOSPITAL . This hospital is in Florida and his father death was due to the heart attack. His father is laid in the Holly Forever Cemetery that is located in Florida. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds was only 82 years old when he died. The star of his father was Aquarius. His father was born in Michigan in America. His father was also found to study at the same school from which Quinton Anderson Reynolds have studies. His father took his matric degree from Palm high beach school. He was the closest companion of phi delta theta. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds was also a producer, writer , columnist, and singer. The mother of Quinton Anderson’s father name is Harriet Fournette and the father of Quinton Anderson’s father was Burton Milo Reynolds. Quinton Anderson Reynolds also has a sister, but her name is still unknown. The grand father of Burt Anderson is John Burton Reynolds and Effie May Thompson. The father of Quinton Anderson’s father was a man whose name was Erik Ritzer. The song that was released under Quinton Anderson’s father production was Mercury. The body of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is thin. The height of Quinton Anderson’s father is 5’11”. The weight of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is 80 kg. The ethnicity of Quinton Anderson’s father was Scottish and American . His parent was from Switzerland. The father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds has gray hairs and black eyes. According to his father, Quiton always slays in 90s Hip Hop Fashion.

Favorite Things Of Father Of Quinton Anderson Reynolds
1- Favorite actor Richard Griffiths
2- Favorite movie voila
3- Favorite actress Meryl Streep
4-Favorite color Black
5-Favorite cuisine Indian

|Girls that was dated by father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds |
| — | — |
|1- Farrah Fawcett|
|2- Asa Maynor|
|3- Lori Nelson |
|4- Dinah Shore |

| Movies in which father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds works|
| — | — |
|1- Dan August|
|2- Evening Shade |
|3- The Longest Yard|
|4- Starting Over|
|5- Boogie Nights|

| Awards of Quinton father|
| — | — |
|1- Best actor |
|2- Best supporting actor |
|3- Motion picture best supporting actor|
|4- Best cast|
|5- Outstanding actor|

| TV Commercials of Burt Reynold |
| — | — |
|British Petroleum|
|Kodak Max film|
| Miller Lite beer|

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many girls were dated by the father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds ?

The number of the girls that were being dated by the father of Quinton Anderson Reynolds are thirteen . Among all these 13 girlfriends of brut Reynold he only marries the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds whose name is loni Anderson. So if you dont know that How to Get a Girlfriend(GF)? then you must ask him.

2. Where is Quinton Anderson Reynolds now ?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is living with his family that include his sister and his mother in Florida . He is living his best life by following his dream that was of becoming a camera man.

3 Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds single now?

It appears that Quinton Anderson Reynolds is single as of 2021. Because he is not seen anywhere with his girlfriend. Also Quinton Anderson Reynolds has always been private about his relations.

4 What are the names of grand parents of Quinton Anderson Reynold?

5 Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds the biological son of Burt Reynolds?

No, Burt Reynolds donot have any biological son. He adopted Quinton Anderson Reynolds in 1988. The news of the adoption was made public by the post made by Palm Beach.

6 How many marriages did Quinton Anderson Reynolds mother did?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds mother did 4 marriages. She was married to Bruce hasselberg in 1994, she then marry Bob Flick in 2008, Ross Bickel in 1994 and from 1974 - 1981 .She then married Burt Reynolds in 1994.

7 Who is the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds ?

The mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds is Loni Anderson. Loni is the actress . She is known in the media industry for her role in CBC as a receptionist.

8 What is the net worth of Quinton Anderson Reynolds mother?

Loni Anderson, the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds have total net worth of about 55 Million dollars.

9 Where is Loni Anderson, the mother of Quinton Anderson Reynolds ?

Loni anderson is however away from holly wood movies but she is still making her presence known in charity events and movie premiers.

10 What is the birth name of Loni Anderson? In how many movies did Loni worked in?

The birth name of Loni Anderson is Loni Kaye Anderson. Loni worked in 8 movies. The movies in which she worked are Nevada Smith, Stroker ace, The lonely guy , Munchie, A night at Roxberry, 3 ninjaas and all dogs go to heaven


Quinton Anderson Reynolds being the adopted son of his father was never seen to get the advantage by his father ‘s name. Quinton Anderson Reynolds is a secret person like his sister, and he do not show his activity that he does in his life through social media. Quinton Anderson Reynolds was once seen to accompany his dad in the red carpet.


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