Definition of Mistake:

  1. General: Can't find some solution. Often, they are used interchangeably with errors.

  2. Wrong or wrong decisions or actions.

  3. Law: Misunderstandings or misconceptions about important facts that can make it difficult to fulfill a valid contract. There are three main types: (1) Common mistakes: All parties make the same mistakes. (2) Common error: All parts are wrong or not understood. ()) Unilateral error: Only one part is guilty.

  4. Made a mistake.

Synonyms of Mistake

Torture, Make a mistake, Misinterpret, Misdeal, Squeeze, Get one wrong, Botch, Oversight, Blunder, Bevue, Make a miscue, Near-miss, Clumsy performance, Clerical error, Strain the sense, Misexpound, Failure, Indiscretion, Error, Bungle, Fluff, Misidentify, Faux pas, Misdeem, False step, Boner, Misrender, Miscite, Misconstrue, Misexplicate, Clanger, Fault, Stumble, Fallacy, Misconstrue, Miscount, Misunderstand, Misprint, Flaw, Flub, Bloomer, Gaffe, Misconception, Misstep, Error, Misunderstanding, Mistranslate, Misconceive, Misplay, Slip, Get wrong, Miscalculation, Erratum, Miss, Gloss, Sad work, Misunderstand, Misuse, Misconception, Miscalculation, Take amiss, Misapprehend, Faux pas, Faute, Gaffe, Pervert, Miscarriage, Muff, Misreport, Off day, Miscue, Misinterpretation, Take for, Boo-boo, Blunder, Miss, Put a wrong interpretation on, Corrigendum, Human error, Fault, Blooper, Slipup, Misstatement, Misquotation, Omission, Misunderstanding, Garble, Misjudge, Inaccuracy, Misinterpret, Misapply, Misread, Misreading, Mess, Misread, Slip, Get wrong, Boggle, Gaucherie, Trip, Hash, Typo, Bad job, Howler, Bobble, Foozle, Misexplain, Misquote, Contort, Typographical error, Wrench, Misjudgment, Goof, Twist the words, Misapprehension, Boob, Fumble, Misapprehension, Bonehead play, Misapprehend, Distort, Etourderie, Solecism, Misidentification

How to use Mistake in a sentence?

  1. The math teacher works with his students after school to determine where he has made mistakes when trying to solve equations.
  2. It was a mistake to come here.
  3. I found an error in the ad when I noticed that the convertible labeled car had only a sunroof.
  4. Because I was inexperienced, I was wrong about the nature of my relationship.
  5. I told them it was my fault and it would not happen again while I was working on it.

Meaning of Mistake & Mistake Definition