Feel Better

Feel Better means that a person is not feeling ill as he was before. Or something is not feeling painful as were before. Feel better is word used for that heeling, recovering, improving, reviving, rallying, recuperating and mending purposes.

1. What is the best way to feel better?

The best ways to feel better are following:

• Take a daily walk and really connect with nature.
• Sing any song with gusto.
• By eating nutritious food.
• Donate money or things or your time to any charity.
• Watch any stand-up comic video on you tube or any other website.
• Play with your family members or your pet.
• Write any encouraging letter to any person.
• Do a drawing, painting, or crafting.
• Read a poem or comic book or any poem.
• Listen to a music or dance.
• Spend time with your friendly family members.
• Listen or recite any Quran Surah.

:hearts: How can I feel better from stress?

• By doing daily exercise makes you free from stress, and it is also considered as anxiety reduction.
• Light a candle….
• You can also reduce your stress by reducing your caffeine intake.
• Write it down.
• Share from someone.
• Chew a bubble gum.
• Spend time with friends.
• Laugh.
• Pray from Allah Almighty.

2. What to say instead of I hope you feel better?

These are the well wishes words instead of hope you feel better:
• Feel better soon.
• Hoping you find new strength with each new day.
• Hope you find recovery soon.
• I hope with each new day you will find speedy recovery.
• Hope you find a good health.

:brown_square: When things make you feel good?

Comfort is something that makes you feel good even you are disappointed or sad. Comfort or consolation is a word used to compassionate someone. A consolation or compassionate prize is not good as the first prize, but it’s better than nothing.

:hearts: What is meant feeling better now?

The phrase ‘’feeling better now’’ is the short form of a long question which is that “Are you feeling better now?” This means that you are asking from someone that how he/she feels after that from whatever incident he faced before.

:brown_square: How do you say you are feeling better?

You say feeling better to someone in the following ways.
• I wish you all the best.
• I wish you the best of health.
• I hope your recovery goes smoothly step by step.
• I hope you are back to recovery by doing these things you love.
• I really can’t imagine how that feels.

:hearts: What do you say when you feel bad for someone?

“I can’t imagine from what disaster you are going through”. “I really feel bad for you”. “I should pray for you”. “My hurt really hurts for you”. “It makes me very sad”. “May Allah bless you with better health” All these consolation sentences you can say when you feel sad for someone.

:brown_square: What is the word for feeling good about yourself?

When you are proud of yourself, then you are satisfied with yourself. The word proud is also mean too much. When someone says that he/she is very pride then it means that he/she is very mean and ignorant. It’s also possible that you are feeling proud for someone else.

3. What are the actions you made to feel better in school?

• Remember your favorite picture.
• Take a walk.
• Start the day by doing your favorite activity. Or from listening your favorite song.
• If you have some stress full gossip then share it with your friend.
• Do kindness to a stranger.

:hearts: How can I fix myself emotionally?

• First of all, treat yourself kindly and respectfully. Do not criticize yourself.
• Recite Holy Quran. It will make you relax.
• Take care of yourself. It can make you mentally stable.
• Sit in a good company.
• Learn how to deal with stressful condition.
• Quite your mind.
• Set realistic goals.
• Break up the monotony by doing something special.

:brown_square: How do you make yourself feel better fast during sickness?

• When you are sick your body needs full immunity to fight with infection. So, first you relax your mind and take it easy.
• Go to bed early. Take rest. And watch some TV but not till at late night.
• Gargle with salt water.
• Take a sip of hot beverages.
• Have a spoon full of honey. It will make you sooth.

:hearts: How to make yourself feel better after crying?

  1. Concentrate on deep breathing. Take a deep breath for a long time as many times calmly and slowly or smoothly.
  2. Blink and move the eyes slowly and blinking back the tears.
  3. Relax your facial muscles.
  4. Get rid of the throat chunk or mass.
  5. Do some exercise to relax your mind and muscles

:brown_square: How to feel physically better after a binge?

You should feel better physically after a binge by following methods.
• You should go for a walk.
• You should take a sleep.
• Eat a healthy breakfast.
• Take juicy fruits to keep yourself hydrated.
• Try yoga.
• Fill up on veggies.
• Take regular meals.
• Start exercising.

:hearts: What does it mean to not feel better?

When someone says that he/she is not feeling good than it means that he/she is not feeling better as good as in normal condition. He/she is feeling good but not to a certain point level. He has some problem faced in circumstances. He has some tension in daily life.

:brown_square: How do you try to feel better to your sick family member?

• You should say some special consolation sentences to your sick family member.
• Ask them, how he/she is?
• Ask him that he/she tells you if he wants something.
• Spend good time with them.
• Recite Holy Quran besides them.
• Say supportive sentences to them.
• Don’t try to fix them.
• Leave a good hand written note for them.
• Give them ice cream.
• Do things which they like the most.

:hearts: What comforting sentences you want to say to sick person?

• Dawn will really come.
• Worrying would not do us any good.
• Let’s consider the positive thing.
• Do and recognize the challenge of your sickness.
• Things would not always be bad.
• Don’t give up.
• Do something to help others.

:writing_hand: Summary

Feel better means that a person is not feeling ill as he was before. Feel better is a word used for recovery purposes. You should feel better after painful disaster by taking regular exercise, regular meals, or do something which sooths your nerves. If your family member is sick then say some consolation sentences to make them feel better.

:sagittarius: Frequently Asked Questions

Feel better means a sensation in which person feel better than before. Feeling better means to get relieve from pain. Some people also ask following questions about the word feel better:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do I feel better at work?

There are 7 to 8 steps to feel better at work site;

  1. Organize your timetable for workspace.
  2. Say ‘’no’’ when you have to.
  3. Clarify your job description.
  4. Talk and turn to your co-workers.
  5. Take a break during work.
  6. Do exercise during or after work.
  7. Socialize yourself.
  8. More info.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What are the five most important things that make you feel better?

  1. Practice for daily gratitude.
  2. Sit in a company of positive people.
  3. Practice for regular act of kindness.
  4. Spend more time with your family and good friends.
  5. Invest in experiences, not in objects.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What things make you unhappy and prevent you from feeling better?

The things make you unhappy and prevent you from feeling better are follows;

• Chronic complaining could make you unhappy. Happy and successful persons could not make much complains.
• Negative addictions could make you unhappy.
• By regretting the past you feel unhappy.
• Worrying about the future.
• Being driven by fear.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How could I feel better in 2020?

The things that make you feel better in 2020 are following;

• Try to be more tolerant.
• Do the right thing, as the people in 2020 lie in experience of tit for tat.
• Keep your chin up.
• Be respectful of other people.
• Treasure the time together.
• Lower your personal expectation.
• Use the extra time on your hands constructively.
• If you are alone be sure to reach out to someone at least once a day.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What brings the most happiness in life?

People who spend their time with their family members and special relationships experience more happiness. Often we competes our busyness with our relationships, but most of the time busyness wins. Happiness or joy ness is a gift which your get through your close and important relationship, even in chronic busyness.

:white_flower: Conclusion

:small_blue_diamond: Feel better means that a person is not feeling ill as he was before. Feel better is the word used for soothing purposes. After some disaster you relax yourself by daily exercise, regular meals and Recitation of Holy Quran, etc.

:small_blue_diamond: You should be preventing yourself for feeling better by regretting future, or tense about future or negative addictions. You should say some consolation sentences to your sick family members or friends.

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