Definition of Walk:

  1. Hotel industry term for the practice of lodging an arriving guest at another hotel (typically for one night), because the reserved accommodation cannot be made available to him or her due to overbooking or some other reason. Usually the erring hotel pays for the overnight expenses of the guest (called walked) plus taxi fare and charges for a one or two telephone calls to the walkeds home and/or office.

  2. Abandon or suddenly withdraw from a job, commitment, or situation.

  3. A part of a forest under one keeper.

  4. A route recommended or marked out for recreational walking.

  5. Be awarded first base after not swinging at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.

  6. An instance of being awarded (or allowing a batter to reach) first base after not swinging at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.

  7. Used to describe the way in which someone lives or behaves.

  8. Guide, accompany, or escort (someone) on foot.

  9. An unhurried rate of movement on foot.

  10. Move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.

  11. (of a ghost) be present and visible.

  12. An act of traveling or an excursion on foot.

Synonyms of Walk

Le Mans, Agora, Air lane, Air race, Airing, Alameda, Ambit, Amble, Ambulate, Amphitheater, Andante, Ankle, Area, Arena, Art, Athletic field, Auditorium, Automobile race, Background, Bailiwick, Bear garden, Beat, Beaten path, Beaten track, Berm, Bicycle path, Bicycle race, Boardwalk, Boat race, Border, Borderland, Bowl, Boxing ring, Bridle path, Bull ring, Business, Calling, Campus, Canvas, Career, Career building, Careerism, Catwalk, Champaign, Circle, Circuit, Circumambulate, Circus, Claudicate, Claudication, Cockpit, Coliseum, Colosseum, Constitutional, Contest of speed, Course, Craft, Crawl, Creep, Cross-country race, Cycle, Dash, Dead march, Demesne, Department, Derby, Discipline, Dog race, Dogtrot, Domain, Dominion, Drag, Drag along, Drag out, Drag race, Droop, Endurance race, Esplanade, Fastwalk, Field, Flight path, Floor, Flounce, Foot, Foot it, Foot pavement, Footpace, Footpath, Footrace, Footway, Forced march, Forum, Full circle, Funeral march, Gait, Gallop, Game, Garden path, Go dead slow, Go slow, Groove, Ground, Gym, Gymnasium, Hall, Handicraft, Heat, Hemisphere, Hike, Hiking trail, Hippodrome, Hitch, Hobble, Hoof, Hoof it, Hurdle race, Idle, Inch, Inch along, Itinerary, Jaunt, Jaywalk, Jog, Jog on, Jog trot, Jog-trot, Judicial circuit, Jurisdiction, Lap, Laze, Leg, Leg it, Leisurely gait, Lifework, Limp, Line, Line of business, Line of work, Lists, Locale, Lock step, Loop, Lumber, Lumbering pace, Lurch, Mall, Marathon, Marathon race, March, Marketplace, Mat, Match race, Metier, Milieu, Mince, Mincing steps, Mission, Mosey, Motorcycle race, Mush, Mystery, Number, Obstacle race, Occupation, Open forum, Orb, Orbit, Pace, Pad, Paddle, Palaestra, Pale, Parade, Parade ground, Path, Pathway, Pedestrianize, Perambulate, Peripatetic journey, Peripateticate, Peripateticism, Piaffer, Pit, Place, Platform, Plod, Poke, Poke along, Potato race, Practice, Prado, Prance, Precinct, Primrose path, Prize ring, Profession, Promenade, Province, Public square, Public walk, Purlieu, Pursuit, Race, Rack, Racket, Ramble, Range, Realm, Regatta, Relay, Relay race, Revolution, Ring, Road, Road race, Roll, Round, Round trip, Rounds, Route, Run, Runway, Rut, Sack race, Saunter, Scene, Scene of action, Scenery, Schlep, Scuttle, Sea lane, Setting, Shamble, Shortcut, Shuffle, Shuffle along, Sidewalk, Sidle, Single-foot, Site, Slink, Slither, Slog, Slouch, Slow march, Slow motion, Slowness, Specialization, Specialty, Speedway race, Sphere, Sprint, Sprint race, Squared circle, Stadium, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Stagger, Stagger along, Stalk, Step, Stock-car race, Stretch, Stride, Stroll, Strolling gait, Strut, Stump, Stump it, Subdiscipline, Swagger, Swing, Terrain, Territory, Theater, Three-legged race, Tilting ground, Tiltyard, Toddle, Toddle along, Torch race, Totter, Totter along, Tour, Towing path, Towpath, Track, Track race, Trade, Trade route, Trail, Traipse, Traject, Trajectory, Trajet, Tramp, Tread, Troop, Trot, Trottoir, Trudge, Turn, Velocity, Vocation, Waddle, Walk of life, Walking tour, Walkway, Work, Worm, Worm along, Wrestling ring, Yacht race, Accompany, Escort, Guide, Show, See, Convoy, Conduct, Usher, Marshal, Lead, Take, Attend, Chaperone, Steer, Herd, Shepherd, Stroll, Saunter, Amble, Promenade, Route, Beat, Round, Run, Circuit, Stroll, Saunter, Amble, Wend ones way, Trudge, Plod, Hike, Tramp, Trek, March, Stride, Troop, Patrol, Step out, Wander, Ramble, Tread, Prowl, Footslog, Promenade, Roam, Traipse

How to use Walk in a sentence?

  1. Helen hitches a ride to Ashley Walk with New Forest Verderer Anthony Pasmore.
  2. Its still three strikes youre out and four balls for a walk but so much of the fun is gone.
  3. He was too restless to sleep, so he went out for a walk.
  4. They crossed the field at a leisurely walk.
  5. I walked across the lawn.
  6. He walked her home to her door.
  7. There are picnic places and waymarked walks.

Meaning of Walk & Walk Definition