Thank God

Thank God is a phrase. You say this phrase when someone helps you and you say thanks to God for their fortune.

Thank God

There is an example that when James is riding a bike and is immediately safe from an accident then he looked up and said “Thank you God”. When Jennifer saw James saved, she responded that “Thank God”.

:heavy_check_mark: When we say Thank God?

When you are happy you say thank god. When you are safe from any bad happening, you say thank god. You say thank god when you and someone (which is important in your life) is safe from an accident. You say thank god when someone helps you.

:evergreen_tree: Is it correct to say thanks god?

If you are helped by any person you say “Thanks” or thank you to that person. But if we are pleased or happy then we should say “Thank God”. There is no‘s’ on thanks. If you say “Thanks God” then it is not correct because it sounds that you are talking directly to God.

:heavy_check_mark: What does it mean to Thank God?

We were made to pray from Allah Almighty. We were made to obey our God Allah Almighty. We were made to recognize the honor of our Allah. Allah Almighty is our creator and if we don’t obey our Allah then we are considered as ungrateful. If we don’t say thanks to Allah then it means that we are thankful to ourselves which seems wrong. When we leave say Thanks to god then it will distorts us spiritually. So in any case we always say “Thank God”.

:evergreen_tree: What can I say instead of thank god?

If you want to express thanks to a higher power and name it other than Thank God then you should say thank Allah, thank heavens, praise the lord, or lord have mercy, etc. you should also say “Thank Goodness” instead of thank god. Goodness also seems good in that happy situation. You can say Alhamdulillah, in Arabic when you receive any help from god.

:evergreen_tree: How do you Thank God for everything?

There are following ways by which you can say thanks to god:

  • You can say, dear God! Thank you for everything.
  • Thank you God for all these blessings that I take on daily basis.
  • Thank you for all these blessing lessons especially for hardness.
  • Thank you for all these hardship as every hardship is followed by ease.
  • Thank you for sending me people to love.
  • Thank you for whispering in my soul when I felt ■■■■ inside because of hardships.

Thank You

:heavy_check_mark: How do you thank god for prayer in Islam?

In Islam, we offer a special prayer to thank god for his blessings. When somebody goods befalls you, then it is a commendable act to thank Allah. You can express your feelings of gratitude by doing Sujdu ash-shukr. This is the prostration of thankful. Such sajdas require all type of Namaz (Salah) or ritual prayers. So in Islam, you can thank god by praying Namaz.

:evergreen_tree: How do you thank god for prayer in Christians?

In Christ Jesus, you could thank and praise god by saying that O god! Enthroned on high, in spite on any situation, you help me. By saying that Father! I am not worry about anything because I know you helped me in any case. You should say that I pray for peace to rule in my heart. You can also say that, oh Lord! Thanks for what you did, and what you are doing, and what you want to do in the near future.

:evergreen_tree: What is God’s unspeakable gift?

It is un-considerable and un-describable because what the God do is can’t be fully expounded. Paul refers to God’s unspeakable gift. What the God did, do and doing, is un-considerable, it is never be humanly understood and explained.

:evergreen_tree: How can I thank god for my life?

You can thank god for your life by following ways;

  • Thank God, for bless me with a beautiful life.
  • I am forever thankful and grateful to you for this blessed life.
  • Dear God, life is a blessing and all credit goes to you.
  • Thank God, as you have given me a countless blessing in every aspect of my life.

:evergreen_tree: How do you say thankful to God?

You are thankful to God by following manners:

  • Thank you god, for everything in my life.
  • Thank god, as it is really nice to wake up early in the morning, and to bless me a new day.
  • Thank god for this life and please forgive us if we do not love it enough.
  • Thank god, for giving me a new strength to enjoy my life and praise your majesty.

:heavy_check_mark: How will you express your thanks giving to God?

There are following ways by which you express thanks giving to god and praise the majesty of god:

  • Remember Him.
  • Recognize His hands.
  • Give thanks giving in prayers.
  • Keep a Gratitude journal.
  • Repent of sins.
  • Obey His commandments.
  • Serve and help others.
  • Express gratitude to others.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Choose to be humble.
  • Make a new goal.

:evergreen_tree: What are the prayers in Islam?

In Islam, there are five prayers which Muslims have to obey.

  • Fajr (observed at dawn).
  • Zuhr (observed at noon).
  • Asr (observed at late noon).
  • Maghrib (observed at dusk).
  • Isha (observed after sunset).

:evergreen_tree: How do you appreciate God’s blessings?

You can express your feeling of thanks in prayers and deeds, if you are grateful and thankful to Allah Almighty for your life’s blessings. Spend few moments for your God in late night and thanks for His blessings and your life, not for your any wish, for your deed, for your failure or for your success. If you failed in any situation of your life then it means there is a hidden secrete of Allah Almighty. As failures are the key to success.

:evergreen_tree: What is a good prayer?

A good prayer is as follows:

  • A good prayer is not for your own.
  • You should pray that God please give comfort me in my suffering.
  • You pray that lend skill to the hands of my healers.
  • Bless me with the means used for my cure.
  • Give me confidence in the power of your grace.
  • When I am in trouble, God please give me thought that I have my full trust in you.
  • You can pray anything from God of your own religion.

:scroll: Summary

Thank God is considered as the phrase which you say when you are in trouble and someone helps you, and you say thank god for lend me a help in trouble. You say thank god when you are safe from a trouble happening. We are made to pray from Allah and praise the majesty of Allah Almighty. So, in any situation we must say thank god. We thank god with the help of our prayers, etc.
saying Thanks to God

:aries: Frequently Asked Questions

Thank God is a phrase which we say to our creator for His blessings on us. Saying Thank is an expression of feeling grateful. Some people also ask following questions about thank god.

:one: What is a thank god song?

In 1955, on MGM records “Thank God” hymn was posthumous by Hank Williams and written by Fred Rose. Through a company Acuff-Rose rose published his songs and made a William’s records. “The Battle of Armageddon” is the Roy Acuff hymn. At KWKH, between August 1948 and May 1949 “thank God” was recorded, in Shreveport. Williams while reporting his song sing lonely with his guitar.

:two: Why we always say thanks to God?

God is our creator and we have to thankful to Him for His kind blessings. We should thank in all circumstances even, we are in trouble. Because, if we are in trouble then it means it is the blessing in disguise. And it may good for our life. We should also say thanks to Allah Almighty in good days of our life.

:three: Why do I thank god for my birthday?

I thank god for my birthday because He gave me the day to celebrate my happiness with good health. I pray from god that He may bestow all the blessings of health and joy to me. I thank to God that He made every day of my life so wonderful and beautiful as, this is done only by Him.

:four: How do you show gratitude in Islam?

When you wake up early in the morning then say thanks to Allah Almighty for getting up safe and recite Dua for waking up. Thanks to Him for being alive. During the day, always try to keep mind full of Allah Almighty and praise His majesty, and glorifying.

:five: How do you thank god messages?

You give thank message to god by saying that life is blissful and all credit goes to you. You say Thanks to god for all its favor. Thank you God for all the countless advises that you give me in every field or aspect of life. Thank is the little word for all these blessings and happiness that you give to me. Thank god for give me a long life to spend with your blessings and things that I have just because of you.

:radio_button: Conclusion

:small_blue_diamond:Thank god is the way to praise the majesty of our God. It is a phrase that we use to say when we are safe from any trouble or after some bad happening. We are thankful to our god for all His blessings on us.
:small_blue_diamond:We must say thank God because of our blessed life and countless happiness. In Islam, we thank god with the help of our prayers and Salah. We must lend some time to thank god. If we thank god then we have more blessing sand happiness from Allah.
:small_blue_diamond:We must pray from Allah that He keep us away from any trouble or un-grateful. If we find some failure or unhappiness then don’t be disappointed, because it may a blessing in disguise.

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