Spiritual Therapy

The topic “Spiritual Healing” is known to many. However, different people understand this topic differently. In this article we will define what we mean by the term “spiritual healing” and discuss how it functions.

An introduction to spiritual healing

The entire article and its sections are based on life goals, one of which is spiritual growth. This also means that the goal is to help others, and not only on a physical level but also focuses on the spiritual development of a person.

Thus, the more we are determined to help others grow spiritually when we practice spiritual healing, the less we risk straying from our life goals. If spiritual healing is practiced with a conscious awareness of this lofty goal, then our ability to spiritually heal is unabated.

What is spiritual healing?

It is defined as the word “subtle body” or “spiritual space” as a world that is beyond the understanding of our 5 senses, mind and intellect. The subtle world is the invisible world of angels, ghosts, heavens, etc., which can only be perceived by our sixth sense.

Our spiritual research has shown that over 80% of problems in personal life have roots in the spiritual space. How different aspects of the spiritual space affect our life, we examined in the section: Spiritual causes of difficulties.

When the cause of a problem is in the spiritual heal, then it must be neutralized or cured by a method that is spiritually more powerful than the causes of this problem. This is a description of spiritual healing. It is also intended to use spiritual energy to overcome problems such as removing suffering and anguish (distress) caused by negative energies.

If someone suddenly received healing spiritual energy without having problems with negative energy or any other difficulties at that moment, then in this case the person simply receives additional benefits of positive energy.

Difference between symptom and cause of problem

It is very important to distinguish between “ symptoms ” in a person and their actual “root cause” . The best way to understand this is the following situation. Ivan decided to pour a bucket of water on the floor in Masha’s room, in her absence. Then he hides to watch Masha’s reaction upon her return. When Maria enters the room and sees the wet floor, she looks around and looks around for where the water on the floor could have come from, but she cannot understand anything.

Then she goes and wipes the floor. Ivan gleefully taunts Masha’s predicament. He is delighted that she does not know about the real cause of her problems - other than himself of course.

This is a typical case where a reason for the spiritual level, such as an attack from a ghost or negative energy (Ivan’s behavior), can cause problems in life. For example, heart problems (water on the floor). Due to the fact that we do not have the ability to see with our sixth sense to see or recognize a ghost, the search for the cause of chest pain is ineffective. Unfortunately, our research here is only limited to physical or psychological methods.

What does spiritual healing heal?

Based on the example above, we can assume that heart disease was actually caused by spiritual causes. If a heart problem caused by a spiritual cause is treated only medically (surgically), then you can only alleviate the suffering caused by a spiritual root cause. That is, when treating heart disease with surgery or medication, doctors can, at best, only cure the symptoms. Therefore, the problems will unfortunately, return again, since the root cause (for example, a ghost or a negative creature) has not been identified and has not been eliminated.

Spiritual healing is diagnosing and removing the spiritual root cause of an existing problem. In our example, this is to detect Ivan (a ghost) and prevent him from pouring water again (resulting in heart problems). Spiritual healing can also be used to prevent possible future problems.

Progressive means of spiritual healing can restore lost health. Therefore, in most cases, it is advisable to use additional physical measures (for example, medical treatment) to alleviate physical suffering. Because spiritual energy is very precious because it is extremely difficult to obtain in comparison with any other physical activity, such as medical treatment. To cure an illness using spiritual means will require spending a lot of priceless spiritual energy. The same result can be achieved with a comparatively low expenditure of energy at the physical level.


It is for this reason that the psychiatrist in Islamabad Psychiatric Clinic & Rehabilitation Center emphasizes that the appropriate level of energy must always be used to heal or correct a specific problem. So, for example, if a person suffers from eczema, the cause of the disease is at the spiritual level, then it must be treated at all three levels:

At the physical level - with medicines
On the psychological level - if depression appears due to eczema
On a spiritual level - the spiritual root cause must be healed by spiritual means