How to Tell Someone You Love Them?

How to tell someone you love them? There are two types of love: romantic and platonic. Before starting smashy bump time, tell your partner you love them. You say the same thing to your pets. Very different situations, but both proper usage of the phrase "I love you."

How to tell someone you love them?

Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

Following are some important ways to tell someone you love them:

1. Show That You Love Them

:small_blue_diamond: While this article covers everything you need to know how to tell someone you love them, actions are frequently more powerful than words. It’s simple to tell someone you love them, but it’s more meaningful to show it through your actions every day.

:small_blue_diamond: Making a man feel important is the best way a woman can show him she loves him. And asking for his assistance is a simple way to do so. Because men get a kick out of resolving women’s issues, if you need something fixed, or if your computer is acting up, or if you have an issue in life and need some counsel, seek out your man.

:small_blue_diamond: A man desires to be indispensable. And he wants to be the first person you call when you’re in desperate need of assistance. Requesting your man’s assistance may appear simple, but it serves to ignite something deep within him—something essential in a long-term, loving relationship.

:small_blue_diamond: Feeling necessary to a woman frequently distinguishes “like” from “love” for a male. Don’t get me wrong: your partner admires your strength and ability to be self-sufficient. However, he still wishes to be wanted and valuable rather than disposable.

:small_blue_diamond: Simply put, males have a biological drive to feel needed, significant, and capable of providing for the woman they love.

:small_blue_diamond: How can you get him to act on this instinct? And instill in him a feeling of purpose and meaning? You don’t have to play the “damsel in distress” or pretend to be someone you aren’t. You don’t have to compromise your independence or strength in any manner.

:small_blue_diamond: You only need to show your partner what you require and let him fulfill it naturally.

2. Find a Private Space

:small_blue_diamond: Erika Ettin, an online dating counselor, advises being extremely clear about what you’re going to say: “You don’t want to muster all of your courage only to be unclear.” That’s why we recommend performing it in a quiet environment where you can concentrate clearly and without being distracted.

:small_blue_diamond: Now, if you’re considering doing it before or after some bedroom passion, you might want to reconsider.

:small_blue_diamond: They have something to say about saying I love you before or after sex in a paper titled, “Let’s Get Serious: Communicating Commitment in Romantic Relationships.”

:small_blue_diamond: When two people are engaged in the act of passion, words have a more significant impact. It’s a combination of emotional and bodily satisfaction. When lovers look into each other’s eyes in the heat of the moment, there is a certain intensity to their gazes.

:small_blue_diamond: Similarly, the cuddle after the act is highly soothing. So, if you time your “I love you” exactly so, it could become one of their most memorable moments. You do, after all, have other possibilities.

:small_blue_diamond: If you don’t want to go the physical intimacy route, you can say it somewhere where the two of you can be alone. It takes respect and flexibility to learn how to tell someone you love them.

:small_blue_diamond: You don’t have to love someone back just because you expressed your sentiments. They have complete freedom to speak whatever they wish. So, how does this relate to location? You want them to give you an honest answer, so that’s why.

:small_blue_diamond: When you state she’s with a bunch of friends or family, they’ll hear about your feelings as well, even though it should just be one recipient.

3. Be Sure of Your Feelings

:small_blue_diamond: If you don’t love someone in the first place, you shouldn’t express your affection. It may seem strange, but it does happen. People who toy with other people’s feelings do so for various reasons, including boredom and a desire to get laid.

:small_blue_diamond: Some "guys say “I love you” when they mean “I think you’re wonderful,” according to Fredric Neuman M.D. in Psychology Today. “Right now, I’m so pleased to be next to you and with you,” or “right now, I’m so happy to be next to you and with you.”

:small_blue_diamond: “They may not feel that way a few hours later” after they’ve said it. That is not the type of person you should be. If you tell your partner that you love them when it’s not true or you don’t have good intentions, you’re unjust to them.

:small_blue_diamond: Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a psychologist, told Bustle that it’s crucial to slow down early in a relationship to figure out what you’re experiencing. After all, it’s simple to mix up love with infatuation or happiness.

4. Don’t Wait Too Long — Do It

:small_blue_diamond: It’s not only a question of how but also when. You can’t just take your time, even if you’re sure of your affections for someone. This is where a lot of folks go wrong. Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity. It’s up to you to make it happen; else, you’ll sabotage your chances.

:small_blue_diamond: Because putting things off will only make you more stressed. When you have all the confidence before, you’ll transform it into a vast, overwhelming problem. It’s critical to avoid worrying about how they will react. Instead, relationship expert Susan Golicic recommends thinking of love as a gift and telling someone you love them as just that.

:small_blue_diamond: So, if you’re 100% certain that your feelings are correct, tell them. They aren’t going to wait indefinitely. They may grow tired of the relationship if weeks, months, or even years pass without expressing how you truly feel.

:small_blue_diamond: Furthermore, they may feel exploited, mainly if they’ve already expressed their feelings. It’s entirely up to you to take action and bring things to fruition. Stop second-guessing yourself and declare your love for them.

5. Do you love them for who they are?

:small_blue_diamond: It’s crucial to consider a few things before telling someone you love them. Do you appreciate them for who they are? Or have you created an idealized version of them and their relationship?

:small_blue_diamond: Westerners have been preoccupied with the concept of “romantic love” from a young age. We watch television shows and films about beautiful couples who live happily ever after. We, of course, desire it for ourselves.

6. Say It Directly if It’s The First Time

:small_blue_diamond: On Snapchat, Messenger, or Twitter, who wants to receive love confession? It simply lacks the attraction of hearing someone say it directly to you.

:small_blue_diamond: It’s more genuine. Bustle spoke with Greg Vovos, an In-House Senior Writer at American Greetings. “Your loving partner wants to know how you genuinely feel about them more than anything else.”

:small_blue_diamond: As a result, the more genuine your message, the better. Isn’t there any pressure?" It’s a better recall than simply reading an email since it includes a feeling of location and time. You are with that unique someone at that particular time in your life.

:small_blue_diamond: You also get to observe how they react in real-time. This also permits you to adjust to changing circumstances. You’re doing a terrific job if they’re smiling and teary-eyed.

:small_blue_diamond: But what if they’re becoming irritated? Perhaps you should rephrase your message or take a new approach. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, however, it’s a different matter.

:small_blue_diamond: Even then, attempt to make it a phone or video call; sending a text makes you appear to be unprepared to put up any effort.

7. Get Creative Whenever Possible

:small_blue_diamond: It’s both easy and challenging. When you’re learning how to tell someone you love them, it’s the same thing. Saying “I love you” every day in a real manner is enough to make your partner love you even more.

:small_blue_diamond: Just because love doesn’t necessitate constant experimentation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Without revealing anything, it nevertheless captures the sensation of love. So, now and then, try to change things up. Make the most of your skills and resources to make your partner feel cherished.


You undoubtedly want to tell someone you love them whether it’s a passionate sort of love or a platonic familial non-naked kind of love. It can be a terrifying thought, so terrifying that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to achieve it. At the very least, not without assistance.

How to tell someone you love them without scaring them

When we speak the L-word, our main concern isn’t that the recipient won’t say it back; hearing it would make them flee. This is why telling a romantic partner can be a particularly nerve-wracking experience.

Without question, saying “I love you” for the first time is a terrifying prospect. You’d probably prefer it if your S/O or video gaming equipment remained after you said it. Here’s how you go about doing it:

1. Make sure you genuinely adore them

One of the most powerful emotions is love. It isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Your lover will notice if you aren’t entirely confident. Take the time to understand your own emotions (and realize that they don’t merely love or infatuation).

2. Choose a suitable time

Nobody enjoys being taken off guard. Dropping the ILY for the first time (for example) to prevent someone from leaving the room during an argument isn’t country.

3. Don’t put any pressure on them to respond

It doesn’t imply they’re ready to say it just because you’re ready to say it. You shouldn’t expect a reciprocal response. If and when they’re ready, they’ll say it. Plus, just because they don’t say it aloud doesn’t mean they don’t think you’re unique. They could be one of the many people who aren’t very excellent at expressing affection.

4. Don’t over-dramatize the situation

You know someone well if you love them. If you’re worried, they’ll become frightened; there’s a good likelihood they don’t deal well with emotional situations. Make it a fun and casual occasion. If they’re not the type to respond well to drama or intensity, it’s not a brilliant idea to add it.

5. Don’t say it too soon

Love is a powerful emotion, and it usually takes time to develop that kind of bond (despite popular ideas about love at first sight). For many people, insisting on cramming the word “love” into romantic relationships too soon is a red flag—just something to think about.

6. Inform them in private

It’s an intimate moment when someone tells you they love you for the first time. It’s also possible to become overwhelmed. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, having an audience multiplies your anxiety by a factor of a hundred. If you’re worried about activating the recipient’s fight-or-flight response, don’t make public declarations of love.

7. Don’t grab or hold them when you say it

The notion that is physically sweeping someone off their feet to proclaim your love is Grade-A romantic gold dates back to the early days of Hollywood. The problem is, it isn’t. Many people may feel confined and anxious as a result of it. Respect personal space until you have confirmation that your message has been received.

8. Don’t say anything if you know they’re not ready to hear it.

It’s never easy to predict how they’ll react, but if you think it’s more likely to be misunderstood than not, you might want to hold off. When you declare “I love you” for the first time, you’re always taking a risk.

9. Relax as much as possible.

If you’re terrified like a deer in headlights, it’ll be difficult for them to relax about the issue. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Taking steps to remain as calm as possible, on the other hand, is a fantastic strategy to reduce the likelihood of a worst-case situation.

10. Don’t try to bark the message in dog speak.

They can’t understand you, no matter how much you think they can. It’ll merely frighten them. Person-to-person communication is excellent.


Tell your loved ones you love them in as natural a manner as possible. “I love you,” remark looking them in the eyes. You don’t have to be dramatic or embarrassing; say what’s on your mind. When you inform them, you can choose the ideal occasion, but try not to think about it too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to how to tell someone you love them.

1. What are some of the ways that men display their love?

Affection can range from holding hands to making love. Some guys find it easiest to express their sentiments when they are in love. That’s because they feel as if they’ve loved you after being intimate with you, and they often do. For him, love is addressing her wants while also meeting his own.

2. Is it true that I love my partner?

Ask yourself if you can accept your lover for who he is to see if you genuinely love him. Do you adore his personality, his style of life, and all of his flaws? If you can envision yourself making an effort to express affection to this guy despite his imperfections, it’s a positive sign you care for him.

3. What Is It Like to Fall in Love at First Sight?

According to Dubrow, “love at first sight” refers to a feeling of instant connection with another person. It’s that sensation you get when you don’t want a moment to finish since you’ve never felt anything like it before with another person.

4. What types of affection do men prefer?

Hugs, kisses, smiles, and explicit expressions of thanks, admiration, and affection are common ways for men to feel loved by the women in their lives. Men, frequently to a greater extent than women, feel loved and connected through sexuality.

5. Do you have a crush, or are you in love?

“Your sentiments don’t diminish with time but develop stronger and deeper,” explains Irina Fierstein, LCSW, as an indication that this is more than an infatuation. So, if you’ve been feeling this way about your special someone for a long time, it’s very likely that you’re in love with them.

6. I’m not sure if I love him or if I’m just tired of him.

When two people fall in love, they usually do it healthily, but if your partner seems to be going much faster than you, they could just be attached, not in love. If not, you can find someone who loves you for who you are rather than just being linked to you.

7. Is it a red flag to declare I love you too soon?

It’s a red flag if you declare your love for someone too soon. This is especially true if you have never slept together before, as he may be telling you that he loves you merely to get you into bed with him, so be wary of being coerced into doing something you are not comfortable with.

8. Is it okay if I tell him I love him first?

All I could say was that he said it first, and that felt like an appropriate answer. It is not proper romantic etiquette to announce your love for someone simply because he has expressed his feelings for you. It’s generally best not to say anything in response. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight to be true love.

9. Is it real to fall in love?

We experience feel-good chemicals when we fall in love, which puts us in a pleasant frame of mind. In reality, scientists have established that falling in love is a genuine experience. This hormone is responsible for feelings of attraction toward your significant other.

10. Who is the first to fall in love?

According to a new study, males fall in love faster than women, and the explanation for this could be biological. Men reported falling in love and expressing their feelings first.


It’s terrifying to tell someone you love them for the first time, but there are plenty of methods to do it that don’t require you to look your S/O in the eyes. Speaking of which, there is a slew of ways to convert the phrase “I love you” into a horror movie line. As a result, don’t do them.

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How to tell someone you love them? First, an essential thing is to know the meaning of the phrase ‘I love you. It means different in different contexts. After analyzing it, then simply tell your partner that you have feelings for him or her.

how to tell someone that you love them

What is Love?

:small_orange_diamond: If we try to simply define the term “love” then it can be said that love is a force driven by nature and everyone in this world whether they are animal or human beings demand love from its owner and partner respectively. Love is an expression that is diversified more than you ever think.

:small_orange_diamond: Love can be invited by you but it is not a feeling that needs dictation from you, it expresses itself whenever it needs to be expressed. Neither you can turn it on by yourself for someone nor can you turn it off intentionally. It comes by itself and is gone if not valued.

:small_orange_diamond: Marriages either are arranged or love needs love to carry on. Love marriages often last longer as it already has found his love and value. The problem arises in arranged marriages and is a very common issue these days because as it has already been written that it is driven by nature, not by yourself. Most of the couples fail to develop a love bond between them and get divorced.

:small_orange_diamond: It doesn’t matter that how much we want someone to love us, we can never give orders or command to this feeling to get active. It works in the same way of working of wind, rain, sunshine, movement of stars and moons that they always give its service to us but never is in our control.

Nature of Love

:small_orange_diamond: Love is the most amazing feeling but it demands its value. It gives its best to someone who makes it his priority and abandons the other one who does not even try to find its worth. It is beyond our thoughts and control. It happens like a strike of lightning and makes your life way brighter than it already was. But it only stays if you fulfill its demands.

:small_orange_diamond: Love cannot be traded, it neither could be sold nor bought. You cannot force someone to have feelings for you and in the same way, you cannot hide from love if you like someone. It cannot be imprisoned, it is inherently free. It is never under the command of someone and it never be.

:small_orange_diamond: If we say that love has its own rules and regulations then it will not be wrong. Yes, it does have its own laws. It cannot be manipulated or imprisoned. Love in itself is a very beautiful and pure feeling. It will not say directly or indirectly by using words that now it needs something. You just have to understand its nature. It honors and respects the other one’s soul.

What is True Love?

:small_orange_diamond: Everyone in their lives demands and desires love from the one who is their partner. One cannot ask for love from anyone. It is only demanded once or in very rare cases twice. But nowadays love is a game that everyone plays. It has lost its true worth and meaning and today we listen to almost everyone that they love someone. But how do you that the love you claim is true or not?

:small_orange_diamond: True love is the feeling that everyone is not blessed with. Most of us don’t even find true love in our entire life. True love is more than a simple feeling of attraction that you feel for someone, it is beyond every sensation. It is something that makes you please every time you claim it or say it to someone. It is what it is.

:small_orange_diamond: True love is about sincerity. Not everyone who says that they love someone has their dedication and passion in it. It is a true and sincere desire for the well-being of the other person that you are in love with. It is not impatient and violent. It is something that is kind and to be proud of. It is not about jealousy and bragging. It is not selfish and does not want you to do wrong with anyone.

:small_orange_diamond: The most beautiful definition of true love is that it never quits. It never abandons you. It never gets tired of you and never wants to leave you on your own. It always stands side by side with you whether you need it or not. It never wants to get rid of you. It never stops trusting you and never loses its belief in you.


Love is very fragile and vast. Sometimes we forgot to look after and care for other one. We often forgot to think about our partner and only do what makes us happy. And that is not love because true love demands to put your partner before you. That is what true love is about.

Difference between love and True Love?

:small_orange_diamond: Most of us do not understand the difference between love and true love. It is categorized into mere love and true love. There is a huge difference between them and sometimes it gets very tricky to understand that your love or feelings about someone is true or not. But one thing that is not questionable is that these are not the same.

:small_orange_diamond: The love everyone talks about is mere love and it is just love. This happens when you met someone, you find them attractive at very first sight and you think you love them. This is not true love. It can be said that this is the force of attraction everyone feels when they meet new persons in their surroundings.

:small_orange_diamond: The main difference is that you can feel that the love you once had for them is not now anymore. You can think of breaking up with them after which you feel sorrow or sense of pain for about a week or a month and then you get normal with the passage of time and you are ready to love someone again.

:small_orange_diamond: But true love is something that you cannot even think of leaving them, you cannot leave them for a second. You don’t think about the imperfections and flaws they have but only positive things about them. Regardless of the fact that they love you or not, you never stop caring for them, what you ever do is love them and keep it forever.

Feelings of being loved

:small_orange_diamond: Dating makes you realize what you look like, you tend to worry when your body is not in shape, it is a feeling of happiness, trying to look good to someone, trying to be nice to someone to be with someone but if you are in true love you don’t “try”, you don’t have to try, it all comes out in the heart, true love takes years to develop a godly sense of self-worth.

:small_orange_diamond: True love means loyalty, honesty, total devotion to this one person for the rest of your life, for a person you that don’t even bother to think about you and you devoted yourself to make them happy. For the sake of life. Love can let go, go on, find new love, but true love means devotion, you can be willing to sacrifice even your life for that special person.

:small_orange_diamond: But that special person won’t let you down because you bring back your feelings in every way where true love really exists you don’t need the feeling of dressing up and feeling unsecure to look indifferent, words lose meaning, butterflies.


Good physical relationships are important but not mandatory. If your partner wants you to be close, it may be more romantic than true love. If you say no to getting pregnant and there is no change in your partner’s behavior, that may be a sign of true love.

Ways to make someone think that you love them

If you like someone and don’t have the courage to tell them your feelings then the following are some pretty simple steps that you can follow and let other people think about you:

1. Know everything about your partner

Before thinking of proposing to someone, you must have to know about everything about that particular person. What he or she likes, about family, education etc. these are the common things you should know before proposing them.

2. Be their best friend

The issue of whether your feelings are answered or are not far better than simply speculating on the facts. Therefore, you need to be friends with him first, for that girl will know exactly what your attitude is and how you treat your friend.

3. Do not force her Feelings

If you have told her about your feelings and she has not responded in a way that you were thinking, then it’s time for you to be patient. Do not ever think of making her pressurized about you and give her the time she needs.

4. Always show a good attitude

The most impressive thing about the next person or the soulmate we all wish to have is the element of respect in them. The way they talk and treat you is the most important step to impress anyone so, never forget to work on your behavior and attitude.

5. Don’t be too aggressive

Regardless of the love you feel about the next person, you should always manage to be calm and supportive. If you show your anger to them then it’s your downfall.

6. Make sure it’s love

Do not forget to think about the feelings you have for anyone, think it twice, and consider your love deeply. If you find it’s true then go for it but if you have doubts then it clearly means that this is not the perfect time to do anything.

Frequently asked questions:

How to tell someone that you love them is the most asked question:

1. How can you define love?

Love cannot be defined by words. It is an expression, feeling, or a force driven by nature.

2. What does the word “crush” mean?

It can simply be defined as the pre-stage of a relationship. You like somebody but are not in a relationship with her, then he or she is your crush.

3. Is trust important in a relationship?

Trust is the building block of a relationship, every single relationship must have trust between them which makes them closer. Without trust, you would not be able to love someone the way you should do it.

4. How to realize that you love somebody?

You will notice some signs that are as follows:

  • Your thoughts revolve around them all the time

  • You feel safe with them

  • The way it excites you

  • Want to spend every moment with them etc.

5. How can someone cheat in a relationship?

A new report found that about 45 percent of men and 35 percent of women have admitted that they are dating someone else while being in a relationship with somebody. Yes, according to an Independent report, flirting is the most common form of cheating and is said to be because people do not think that they are doing something wrong.


Talking about how to tell someone you love them we can say that love is everything that we all needs in every situation, because it is something that gives your life meaning and more worthy.