Definition of Value:

  1. The relative degree of lightness or darkness of a particular color.

  2. The numerical amount denoted by an algebraic term; a magnitude, quantity, or number.

  3. Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.

  4. Estimate the monetary worth of (something).

  5. Accounting: The monetary worth of an asset, business entity, good sold, service rendered, or liability or obligation acquired.

  6. The meaning of a word or other linguistic unit.

  7. The relative duration of the sound signified by a note.

  8. A persons principles or standards of behavior; ones judgment of what is important in life.

  9. Economics: The worth of all the benefits and rights arising from ownership. Two types of economic value are (1) the utility of a good or service, and (2) power of a good or service to command other goods, services, or money, in voluntary exchange.

  10. Marketing: The extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer to meet his or her needs or wants, measured by customers willingness to pay for it. It commonly depends more on the customers perception of the worth of the product than on its intrinsic value.

  11. Mathematics: A magnitude or quantity represented by numbers.

  12. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Synonyms of Value

Merit, Worth, Usefulness, Use, Utility, Practicality, Advantage, Desirability, Benefit, Gain, Profit, Good, Service, Help, Helpfulness, Assistance, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Avail, Importance, Significance, Point, Sense, Evaluate, Assess, Estimate, Appraise, Assay, Rate, Price, Put a price on, Set a price on, Cost, Cost out, Cherished, Treasured, Dear, Prized, Favourite, Precious, Worth its weight in gold, Worth ones weight in gold, Munsell chroma, Accent, Accord respect to, Account, Admire, Adore, Advantage, Advantageousness, Affective meaning, Agreeableness, Apotheosize, Appraisal, Appraise, Appreciate, Apprize, Arrangement, Ascribe importance to, Assay, Assess, Assessment, Atmosphere, Auspiciousness, Avail, Balance, Barometer, Bearing, Behalf, Behoof, Beneficialness, Benefit, Benevolence, Benignity, Brightness, Brushwork, Calculate, Caliber, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Canon, Care for, Charge, Check, Check a parameter, Cherish, Chroma, Chromatic color, Chromaticity, Class, Cock, Cogency, Color, Color quality, Colorimetric quality, Coloring, Composition, Compute, Concern, Concernment, Connotation, Consequence, Consequentiality, Consideration, Convenience, Conversion factor, Cool color, Cost, Criterion, Dead band, Dearness, Defer to, Degree, Deify, Denotation, Desert, Design, Dial, Divide, Draftsmanship, Drift, Effect, Emphasis, Entertain respect for, Essence, Esteem, Estimate, Evaluate, Exalt, Excellence, Expedience, Expense, Extension, Extraordinary worth, Face, Face value, Fair-trade, Fairness, Fathom, Favor, Favorableness, Figure, Fineness, First-rateness, Force, Form an estimate, Gate, Gauge, Gist, Give an appreciation, Goodliness, Goodness, Grace, Graduate, Graduated scale, Grammatical meaning, Great price, Great value, Grouping, Guess, Healthiness, Helpfulness, Hero-worship, High order, High rank, Hold in esteem, Hold in reverence, Honor, Hue, Hydrant, Idea, Idolize, Impact, Implication, Import, Importance, Intension, Interest, Invaluableness, Kindness, Lexical meaning, Lightness, Line, Literal meaning, Look up to, Make an estimation, Make much of, Mark, Market value, Materiality, Meaning, Measure, Mensurate, Merit, Mete, Meter, Model, Moment, Net worth, Neutral color, Niceness, Norm, Note, Overtone, Pace, Painterliness, Par value, Parameter, Paramountcy, Pattern, Pennyworth, Percentage, Perspective, Pertinence, Petcock, Pith, Pleasantness, Plumb, Point, Practical consequence, Precedence, Preciousness, Preeminence, Price, Pricelessness, Primacy, Priority, Prize, Probe, Profit, Profitableness, Proportional band, Purity, Purport, Quality, Quantify, Quantity, Quantize, Quote a price, Range of meaning, Rank, Rate, Rate highly, Reading, Readout, Real meaning, Reckon, Reference, Referent, Regard, Relation, Relevance, Respect, Revere, Reverence, Rewardingness, Rule, Saturation, Scale, Scope, Self-importance, Semantic cluster, Semantic field, Sense, Service, Set at, Set point, Set store by, Shading, Shadow, Significance, Signification, Significatum, Signifie, Size, Size up, Skillfulness, Sound, Soundness, Span, Span of meaning, Spigot, Spirit, Standard, Stature, Step, Stopcock, Stress, Structural meaning, Substance, Sum, Sum and substance, Superiority, Supremacy, Survey, Symbolic meaning, Take a reading, Tap, Target values, Technique, Tenor, Test, Think highly of, Think much of, Think well of, Tint, Tone, Totality of associations, Touchstone, Transferred meaning, Treasure, Treatment, Triangulate, Type, Unadorned meaning, Undertone, Unworthy, Use, Usefulness, Validity, Valorize, Valuableness, Valuate, Valuation, Value received, Values, Valve, Venerate, Virtue, Virtuousness, Warm color, Weigh, Weight, Wholeness, Worship, Worth, Yardstick, Principles, Moral principles, Ethics, Moral code, Morals, Moral values, Standards, Moral standards, Code of behaviour, Rules of conduct, Standards of behaviour

How to use Value in a sentence?

  1. He placed a high value on loyalty, and only made friends with people who he thought exhibited it in all aspects.
  2. When giving away promotional items at events, I tell my staff to say that the items are a gift, rather than free, because calling them free lessens the value of the item to the consumers.
  3. She had come to value her privacy and independence.
  4. The artist has used adjacent color values as the landscape recedes.
  5. Your support is of great value.
  6. Marcie felt that she got good value from her economy car, because it had been inexpensive to purchase and was also cheap to run.
  7. Rhythmic values are quarter, eighth and half notes, and only the major finger pattern is used in the first chorale.
  8. The mean value of x.
  9. They internalize their parents rules and values.
  10. In either case, the reference to neat depends on its use earlier and on its value as a word.
  11. His estate was valued at $45,000.

Meaning of Value & Value Definition

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How To Define Value?

Value means, Value is the financial, material or estimated value of a good, good or service. Value is associated with many concepts, including shareholder value, company value, fair value and market value. Some terms are general business terms and others are formal terms used for accounting and auditing standards for reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Value is the financial, financial or estimated value of a good, good or service.
  • Value is associated with many concepts, including shareholder value, company value, fair value and market value.
  • Comparing ratings and ratings from one company to another can help identify investment opportunities.

Value means, How much money is valuable?

Meanings of Value

  1. Financial value of value (some)

  2. See (someone or something) important or useful that you really value.

  3. Consider that something deserves its meaning, value, or usefulness.

  4. A person's principles or behaviors determine what is important in life.

  5. A numerical quantity, denoted by an algebraic expression, quantity, quantity or number.

  6. The relative duration of the sound represented by a note.

  7. Relatively light lightness or darkness of a certain color.

Sentences of Value

  1. It is estimated to cost 45,000.

  2. He began to respect your privacy and freedom.

  3. Internalize your parents' principles and values.

  4. Rhythm values ​​are quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter notes, and the first course uses only the middle finger pattern.

  5. In any case, the reference to the order depends literally on its previous use and price.

  6. As the landscape unfolds, the artist uses neighboring color values.

Synonyms of Value

worth one's weight in gold


What is The Meaning of Value?

  • Value means, Value is the financial, material, or estimated value of a good or service. Value is associated with many concepts, including shareholder value, company value, fair value and market value. Some terms are general business terms and others are formal terms used for reporting accounting and auditing standards to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    • Value is the financial, material, or estimated value of a good or service.
    • Value is associated with many concepts, including shareholder value, company value, fair value and market value.
    • Comparing ratings and ratings from one company to another can help identify investment opportunities.

  • w is worth a lot of money.

Meanings of Value

  1. The fact is that something deserves its meaning, value or usefulness.

  2. Deciding what is important in a code of conduct or principle of life.

  3. A numerical quantity, denoted by an algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

  4. The relative duration of the accent indicated by the accent

  5. Seeing (someone or something) important or useful for having a good opinion.

Sentences of Value

  1. The artist uses neighboring color values ​​in low tide.

  2. Its estimated cost is 45 45,000.

Synonyms of Value

well thought of, put/set a price on, respected, hold in high regard, set (great) store by, hold in high esteem, worth its/one's weight in gold, hold dear, attach importance to, highly regarded, rate (highly), mileage, special, esteemed, have a high opinion of, appreciated, cost (out)


What is The Definition of Value?

  • Value means: Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he was a senior author at Investopedia and Capital Wire, and received an MA in Economics from New York University and a PhD in Philosophy in English Literature from The New School for Social Research.

    • Value is the financial, material, or estimated value of a good or service.
    • Value is associated with many concepts, including shareholder value, company value, fair value, and market value.
    • The process of calculating and assigning a price to a company or business is called valuation.
    • Comparing different ratings and ratings from one company to another can help identify investment opportunities.
    • Common types of value are market value, book value, goodwill and stock value.

Meanings of Value

  1. Deciding what is necessary in a code of conduct or standard of living.

  2. The relative duration of the tone indicated by the accent.

  3. Lighter or darker than a certain color.

  4. Think of (someone or something) as important or useful about which you have a good opinion.