Definition of Fact:

  1. An event, information or current fact, observed or known to have occurred and which is confirmed or confirmed in a way that is considered fact. See also assumptions, thumb rule and science.

  2. Something known or proven.

Synonyms of Fact

Occurrence, Cold fact, Indisputable fact, Grounds, Event, Naked fact, Points, Established fact, Authenticity, Eternal verities, Hard fact, Deed, Fact of experience, Good sooth, Self-evident fact, Occasion, Accepted fact, Historicity, Information, Ultimate truth, Indication, Genuineness, Turn of events, Unfallaciousness, Bare fact, Not guesswork, Article, Minutia, Relevant fact, Truthfulness, Premises, Factor, Provable fact, Hap, Fait accompli, Experience, Significant fact, Muniments, Minor detail, Token, Point, Conceded fact, Given fact, Brutal fact, Thing, Sooth, Mute witness, Incident, Circumstance, Indeed, Case, Matter, Phenomenon, Evidence, Data, Axiom, Manifestation, Documentation, Postulate, Certitude, Happening, Accomplishment, Proof, Detail, Really, Actuality, Aspect, Reason to believe, Truthfully, Instance, In truth, Count, Certainty, Reality, To be sure, Facts, Admitted fact, Low-down, Incidental, Episode, Unfalseness, Piece of evidence, Exhibit, Factuality, Factually, Particular, Sign, Trueness, Act, Truth, Salient fact, In reality, Particulars, Very truth, Certainty, Bald fact, The true, Demonstrable fact, Body of evidence, Matter of fact, Plain, Actually, Details, Not opinion, Adventure, Empirical fact, Unerroneousness, Sober fact, Actuality, Undeniable fact, Historical truth, Facet, Truly, Grounds for belief, Item, Symptom, Item of evidence, Basis for belief, Material grounds, Chain of evidence, Clue, Regard, Verity, Actual fact, Inescapable fact, The score, Happenstance, Items, The nitty-gritty, Reality, Stubborn fact, The case, Factors, Well-known fact, Positive fact, In fact, Datum, Minutiae, Observable, Mark, Respect, Simple fact, Absolute fact, Veracity, Element

How to use Fact in a sentence?

  1. Ignore some historical and economic facts.
  2. Our public speaking teachers asked us to choose the speaker we like and they wrote 2 interesting facts about it in our class diary.
  3. It is expected that John will be more than six feet tall to reach the item on the upper shelf of the kitchen.
  4. In mathematics, there are many facts about operations that cannot be discussed, while literature classes are realistic and reading can be open to personal interpretation.

Meaning of Fact & Fact Definition

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