Definition of Significant:

  1. A measure of a company's performance over its competitors.

  2. Big or big enough to get attention.

  3. Related or meaningful.

  4. It has a special meaning that indicates something.

Synonyms of Significant

Meaty, Symbological, Adducible, Peculiar, Superior, Consequential, Individual, Factual, Pithy, Symbolistic, Figural, Documented, Allegorical, Founded on, Prefigurative, Evidence, Connotational, Valuable, Suggestive, Full of meaning, Outstanding, Ideographic, Denotative, Denominative, Indicative, Forerunning, Meritorious, Facund, Conclusive, Compelling, Informative, Big-league, Full of point, Of consequence, Meaning, Symbolic, Admissible, Sound, Historic, Decisive, Meaningful, Substantive, Reliable, Indicating, Pregnant, Implicative, Referential, Certain, Important, In the limelight, Weighty, Attestive, Idiosyncratic, Intensional, Incontrovertible, Transferred, Substantial, Noteworthy, Critical, Implicit, Precursory, Premonitory, Relevant, Heavyweight, Determinative, Big, Cumulative, Cogent, Circumstantial, Mark, World-shaking, Interpretable, Presageful, Extended, Foreshowing, Absolute, Index, Grand, Probative, Great, Intuitive, Indisputable, Rich, Heavy with meaning, Valid, Presumptive, Forewarning, Remarkable, Augural, Documentary, Nuncupative, Pathognomonic, Authentic, Symptom, Significative, Sure, Telling, Damning, Irresistible, Signalizing, Prognostic, Naming, Momentous, Warning, Conspicuous, Outstanding, Diagnostic, Worthy of attention, Self-important, Hearsay, Emblematic, Token, Valued, Double-barreled, Notable, Based on, Typical, Final, Symptomatologic, Pointed, Evidential, Precursive, Prognosticative, Ex parte, Monitory, Prominent, Irrefutable, Eye-witness, Considerable, Metaphorical, Intelligible, Foretokening, Name, Associational, Convincing, To the front, Signifying, Symptomatic, Eloquent, Big-time, Evidentiary, High-powered, Important, Predictive, Overwhelming, Bigwig, Sententious, Connotative, Grounded on, Signal, Semiotic, Foreshadowing, Readable, Impressive, Forceful, Bigwigged, Definable, Demonstrative, Consequential, Preindicative, Extensional, Exhibitive, Powerful, Major, Of importance, Figurative, Indicatory, Representative, Attestative, Identifying, Material, Big-name, Denotational, Notable, Sign, Noteworthy, Semantic, Expressive, Firsthand, Full of substance, Earthshaking, Designative, Presaging

How to use Significant in a sentence?

  1. Significant increase in sales.
  2. The company knows that when these competing employees apply for jobs in companies, it is important to know what the future holds for the industry.
  3. Like accent, radiation and food groups were statistically important predictors.
  4. Senior Extraordinary Investigators are expected to find significant evidence of the supernatural during a search of the haunted house.
  5. Furniture companies have changed their sales and pricing methods, resulting in a significant increase in sales and overall acceptance of the industry.
  6. In times of stress, his dreams mean a lot.

Meaning of Significant & Significant Definition