Definition of Permit:

  1. Give authorization or consent to (someone) to do something.

  2. Alternative term for license.

  3. An official document giving someone authorization to do something.

Synonyms of Permit

Allow, Let, Authorize, Give someone authorization, Give someone leave, Give someone permission, Sanction, Grant, Grant someone the right, License, Empower, Enable, Entitle, Qualify, Authorization, Licence, Pass, Voucher, Ticket, Warrant, Document, Certification, OK, Accede to, Accept, Accord, Accord to, Accredit, Admit, Affirm, Agree to, Allow, Allowance, Amen, Approve, Approve of, Assent, Authenticate, Authority, Authorization, Authorize, Autograph, Be willing, Brook, Building permit, Certify, Condescend, Confirm, Connive at, Consent, Consent to, Consent to silently, Cosign, Countenance, Countersign, Deign, Dispense, Empower, Enable, Endorse, Enfranchise, Fishing license, Franchise, Give consent, Give leave, Give permission, Give the go-ahead, Give the imprimatur, Give the word, Give thumbs up, Go along with, Grant, Have, Have no objection, Hold with, Hunting license, Imprimatur, Initial, Leave, Let, License, Make possible, Nihil obstat, Nod, Nod assent, Not refuse, Notarize, Okay, Pass, Pass on, Pass upon, Passport, Ratify, Release, Rubber stamp, Sanction, Say amen to, Say aye, Say the word, Say yes, Seal, Second, Sign, Sign and seal, Subscribe to, Suffer, Sufferance, Support, Swear and affirm, Swear to, Take kindly to, Tolerate, Undersign, Underwrite, Validate, Visa, Vise, Vote affirmatively, Vote aye, Vouchsafe, Warrant, Wink at, Yield assent

How to use Permit in a sentence?

  1. He is only in Britain on a work permit.
  2. The law permits councils to monitor any factory emitting smoke.

Meaning of Permit & Permit Definition