Definition of Opportunity:

  1. A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

  2. Exploitable set of circumstances with uncertain outcome, requiring commitment of resources and involving exposure to risk.

Synonyms of Opportunity

A leg up, Accidentality, Actuarial calculation, Adventitiousness, Bout, Break, Casualness, Chance, Clear stage, Destiny, Fair field, Fair game, Fate, Flukiness, Fortuitousness, Fortuity, Fortune, Gamble, Go, Good fortune, Good luck, Hap, Happenstance, Happy chance, Heedless hap, Hope, How they fall, Indeterminacy, Indeterminateness, Inning, Innings, Juncture, Law of averages, Leisure, Liberty, Look-in, Lot, Luck, Moira, Moment, Occasion, Opening, Opportunism, Pass, Place, Possibility, Prayer, Principle of indeterminacy, Probability, Problematicness, Random sample, Relief, Risk, Room, Round, Run of luck, Say, Scope, Serendipity, Shot, Show, Space, Spell, Squeak, Statistical probability, Stepping-stone, The breaks, Theory of probability, Time, Time at bat, Turn, Uncertainty, Uncertainty principle, Whack, Whatever comes, Chance, Lucky chance, Good time, Golden opportunity, Time, Occasion, Moment, Favourable moment, Favourable occasion, Favourable time, Right set of circumstances, Appropriate moment, Appropriate occasion, Appropriate time, Suitable moment, Suitable occasion, Suitable time, Opportune moment, Opportune occasion, Opportune time, Opening, Option, Window, Window of opportunity, Slot, Turn, Go, Run, Clear run, Field day

How to use Opportunity in a sentence?

  1. We may see increased opportunities for export.
  2. Kate was excited to be given the opportunity to work at the large engineering company, as she had been looking for a well-funded research position.
  3. Earning scholarships and grants allows many low-income students the opportunity to attend colleges they might not have been able to afford.
  4. I create an opportunity every day with my enthusiasm for life as I do not just wait for circumstances to be ideal.

Meaning of Opportunity & Opportunity Definition