Definition of Opportunity:

  1. Number of situations in which you can do something.

  2. A set of exploitative situations, the consequences of which are uncertain, requiring the use of resources and which is dangerous.

Synonyms of Opportunity

Bout, Opportune occasion, Prayer, Stepping-stone, Favourable occasion, Fate, Field day, Probability, Fortuity, Hope, Random sample, Favourable moment, Right set of circumstances, Squeak, Possibility, Say, Place, Round, Scope, Inning, Good luck, Indeterminacy, Lucky chance, Turn, Whatever comes, Appropriate moment, Fair field, Gamble, Time, Opportune moment, Opportunism, Appropriate time, Clear run, Good time, Serendipity, Luck, Time at bat, Turn, Uncertainty, Run of luck, Fortune, Destiny, Moment, Actuarial calculation, Window, Occasion, Adventitiousness, Leisure, Relief, Favourable time, Liberty, Clear stage, Uncertainty principle, Fair game, Suitable moment, Juncture, Chance, Casualness, Room, Fortuitousness, Law of averages, Space, Look-in, Suitable time, Option, Opening, Happenstance, Break, Opening, Shot, Golden opportunity, Run, Pass, Statistical probability, Risk, Good fortune, Slot, Chance, The breaks, Flukiness, Occasion, Accidentality, Go, Whack, Indeterminateness, Window of opportunity, Lot, Suitable occasion, Show, Problematicness, Moment, Go, A leg up, How they fall, Spell, Heedless hap, Opportune time, Moira, Time, Happy chance, Appropriate occasion, Hap, Theory of probability, Principle of indeterminacy, Innings

How to use Opportunity in a sentence?

  1. We can see more and more export opportunities.
  2. Kate is happy to have the opportunity to work for a large engineering company and is looking for a well-funded research position.
  3. Scholarships and grants allow many low-income students to go to colleges they cannot afford.
  4. With my passion for life, I create opportunities every day because I don't just want the ideal situation.

Meaning of Opportunity & Opportunity Definition

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