Definition of Active:

  1. Work or activity in a particular place or in a particular way.

  2. Active form of the verb.

  3. Participate in or be prepared to participate in physically demanding activities.

  4. In marketing, if a person makes a purchase within a certain period of time, a consumer is considered active. For example, an active customer at a grocery store might be someone who bought groceries a week in advance. See also active account.

  5. Relevant or refers to a sound that assumes from the action of a verb that it comes from a person or thing that has come out logically (for example, the verb in a weapon kills the verb and we see it) ۔

  6. work (of one thing)

Synonyms of Active

Operative, On the go, Hyperactive, Vigorous, Chipper, Forceful, Punctilious, In operation, Motive, Efficacious, Middle, Reflexive, Spirited, Energetic, Conforming, Strong, Spanking, Quick, Energetic, Faithful, Working, Ongoing, Powerful, Operating, Frisky, Zesty, Dynamic, Aggressive, Mercurial, Going, Middle voice, Peppy, Living, Alive, Physical, Dynamic, In force, Hearty, Spry, True, Full of go, In practice, Functional, Full, Zestful, Compliant, In operation, Sporty, Diligent, In process, Vigorous, In play, Working, Impelling, Robust, Operating, Punctual, Lively, Motor, Lusty, Alert, Activist, Mobile, Zippy, Zingy, Practicing, Influential, Operational, Incisive, Rushing, Trenchant, Perky, Passive, Driving, Strenuous, Prompt, Occupied, Frisky, Nimble, Nimble, Agile, Propelling, In action, Wide-awake, Observant, At work, On the fire, Busy, Ready, Brisk, Expeditious, Quicksilver, Mobile, Bubbly, Assiduous, Industrious, Operative, Regardful, Militant, Flexible, Moving, Devout, Medio-passive, On the move, Functional, Duteous, Full of pep, Running, Going on, Vivacious, Acting, Operational, Stirring, Transitional, Propellant, Scrupulous, Keen, Full of life, Bubbly, Graceful, Vivid, Impetuous, Perky, Effective, Passive voice, Enterprising, Bouncy, Bouncing, Vibrant, Snappy, Spirited, Functioning, Kinetic, In force, Take-charge, Efficient, Activistic, Motivational, Devoted, In motion, Spry, Constant, Bouncy, Animated, Supple, Functioning, Mettlesome, Dutiful, Conscientious, Intense, Ebullient, Live, Pert, Zestful, Motile, Traveling, Vital, Take-over, In the works, Bustling, Lively, Potent, Smacking, Active voice, Acute, Inaction, In hand, Breezy, Loyal, Enthusiastic, Voice, In exercise, On foot, Effectual, Meticulous, Mindful, Agile, Live, Sprightly, Sprightly, Effervescent, Animated, Catty, Forcible, Go-go

How to use Active in a sentence?

  1. I have to change my lifestyle and be more active.
  2. The artist worked in the 1920s.
  3. The old factory lasted until 1960.
  4. By the way, they discussed a wide range of biases from news organizations, not just the choice between assets and liabilities.
  5. Don't think about the disorder, write in a dynamic voice, put each idea into your sentence and, finally, use the correct punctuation.

Meaning of Active & Active Definition